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The Caged Bird


The room was cold. There was a wooden table and a chair. A small bed with a metalframe and a thin worn down mattress was placed in a corner. There were no windows, just a steel door which was locked on the outside. The door could only be opened by a select few. A small candle placed on top of the table was the only source of light. The occupant of this room was a small girl, about eight years old. Her hands and feet were bound with ropes made of chakra and near impossible to break. Even in the dim lighting, it was obvious she would grow up to be quite a beauty.

The door opened. And shut. Now there were two occupants in this room. The man had long, black hair which was tied at the end. He was wearing a Konoha forehead protector but it had a large scratch through the middle. He had a long black robe on with red cloud patterns on it. But his eyes… His eyes were blood-red. It had a black pinwheel pattern in the middle of each eye. The infamous Mangekyo Sharingan. And she was staring at its owner, Uchiha Itachi.

Itachi looked down cold and impassive at the little girl. He knelt down locking his gaze onto hers. The girl struggled but it was futile. There was no way she could escape the Mangekyo Sharingan of his. The girl found herself tied onto a cross. There was a red moon hanging in the sky flooding the illusion with a blood red light. The Uchiha was staring impassively at her with a katana blade in his hand. Whatever he said to her was lost in her ears as she realized the situation at hand. Then, the screaming began.

A few moments later, Uchiha Itachi stepped back out of the room. Kisame, his partener, was waiting beside the door. "You used Mangekyo Sharingan on a little girl? That's very cruel of you," Kisame said with a smirk. "Since when did you start to care about others?" Itachi said coldly. "Heh, true enough," Kisame acknowledged. "Is she dead? I wanted to cut off a limb or two…" "What do you want?" Itachi snapped. "Well… the boss says he wants to see you right now. He's in basement 2," Kisame told him lightly. Itachi turned around and walked down the empty corridor leaving his blue friend behind.

-------------Basement 2----------------

"Well?" a shadowed figure impatiently asked Itachi. "It seems she doesn't have it," he replied without a trace of emotion. "I suppose you and Kisame will have to go retrieve her sister." "And what about the search for the Bijuu?" Itachi asked. "Why? Are you worried that you will not get yours?" the leader retorted mockingly. Itachi gave the leader a cold, malicious stare. "Her power is a great asset to our plans," the leader continued staring right back at Itachi. "It is essential that you and Kisame find her and bring her back alive." "And what should I do with the little girl?" Itatchi inquired. "Keep her alive. She may be of some use to us," the leader said dismissively. The shadowed figure disappeared and Itachi walked out of the door to alert Kisame of their new mission.

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