It took a few swifts moments before Sephiroth could allow himself to fully comprehend the extent of Kadaj's display of appreciation, but once the notion of what was to come reached the depth of his mind, he encouraged the two young men to act on their desires. Kadaj and Sephiroth shared the same creator, Jenova's little army if she could have produced more of the Soliders, but the one winged angel was the most powerful one. A particular feature they shared was the fact that they were both as sinister as desirable. Indeed, Kadaj, with his slim body, the cat-like movements and the sweet smile was ever so seductive. No one, not even the good fighting against him, could deny the fact that Kadaj had the warmest, charming beam when he was in the right mood. The little silver haired warrior loved to seduce and after invading his body, Sephiroth had ravaged the mind of this lovely fiend, reading and indulging in all his dirty fantasies long after the youthful heart had stopped beating. The warlord knew about Tifa, and even about the darkest dreams of him offering fulfilment to this cadet. Indeed, fiendish little cutie had been fantasizing about Sephiroth's strong hands all over that slim body, and a busy mouth buried between those pale, creamy thighs. Well, well, well, they would now have the chance to take their past in to completely new levels adn perhaps give some of the fantasies a chance to take flight into reality.

Cloud released a few moans of delight as the strong explorative hands of Kadaj snuck inside the tight trousers to tease a flaccid member into a throbbing frenzy. Cloud placed his arms around the neck of Kadaj, holding on to and pulling close the dominant part, as excitement weakened his knees. Kadaj had an excellent touch that shot little electric impulses through the little blond, and those swaying hip-movements were even more exiting to feel than to watch. Of course, no one could walk with such graceful cat-like elegance as Kadaj, and that talent was now revealing it's full potential as hips rotated and ground against each other. Cloud was almost beside himself of exitement.

"Feel me Kadaj," the young blond groaned; eyes wet and feverish with desire.

Kadaj bit the cadet on the back of his neck, smiling as he explained boldly; "I feel a pretty big piece of you in my hands right now…you want me to feel more of it?"

Cloud turned around, rubbing his engorged penis against he firm palm of his peer, panting; "Taste me."

The silver haired youngster lifted a gaze to catch the viewing pleasure in Sephiroth; a silent confirmation that his plans of gratitude were encouraged. He directed Cloud to the bed next to Sephiroth and removed every bit of clothing from the young body. He was kissing and caressing the naked skin exposed to the slightly cool air, but deliberately avoided to as much as graze the penis resting along the flat stomach. Kadaj turned to Sephiroth asking for directions.

"He likes to be fellated," Sephiroth responded with his voice choked with excitement, but he quickly regained control and pulled Cloud into his arms whilst leaning against the bedpost. The blond young man lay along the bed with his back against Sephiroth and his legs forced against his chest by the powerful grip of the lord. Cloud felt his groin and rear being vulnerably exposed to the maximum. It was a bit embarrassing to be so openly uncovered, but at the same time extremely exciting. Sephiroth was holding him down whilst Kadaj was receiving orders to do whatever his heart desired.

"Cloud has a little fetish for being sucked and use your hands too….he likes to be spoiled with caresses," Sephiroth explained whilst tightening his grip on the lovely youngster.

In an agonizingly teasing preparation, Cloud observed as Kadaj removed his clothes and crawled close to the blond like a big cat. His movements were as graceful as that of Sephiroth and at that moment it was evident they shared some common past.

Kadaj licked his lips and covered the pulsating member beneath his face with a blanket of hot breath, making Cloud frustrated and releasing slight whimpers of impatience. He wanted to feel the moist of that lovely mouth, surrounding his shaft and stimulating him with long, slow strokes.

Sephiroth could feel the tiny body in his arms trembling as the very tip of Kadaj's tongue circled the wet glans and he smiled with the delight of seeing the two men playing. The blond warrior swayed his hips and wiggled his body to be released, but even though Sephiroth had suffered an ordeal, he was still far stronger than the lad and thus, Cloud had to accept his blissful torture. Kadaj enclosed the shaft and took the entire penis into his hot mouth. Cloud felt as if the earth stopped swirling through space and pressed his back against Sephiroth as a deep moan escaped his throat. Kadaj's was generous in his actions and whilst one hand was stimulating the panting boy's throbbing penis, the other was holding and softly massaging the tender testicles to boost the emotions. His long fringe was gently brushing against Cloud's skin, softly tickling the body with each downward stroke of the mouth.

"Take it easy, Kadaj," Cloud moaned whilst embedding his nails into his own thighs to control the galloping feelings.

"Why?" Kadaj smiled as he intentionally sped up his movements; moaning tentatively as if it was he who was close to spending his seed.

"Please…ahh," Cloud begged through clenched teeth.

Sephiroth nodded at Kadaj to stop teasing his little lover, but he didn't count on being so overwhelmed by the two. However, he did welcome the "thankful" mood Kadaj was in and Cloud being devoid of sex for a while. Sephiroth invited the two lovers into his arms, his mouth oscillating between either the intruding tongue of Kadaj or the sucking lips of Cloud. Two pairs of arms were coiling around him, weaving his body into a web of caresses and cheeky, indecent nips at sensitive places. Sephiroth closed his eyes and allowed for his body to just feel, but at the unfamiliar sensations of a prodding digit near his entrance, he tensed his bottom and exclaimed with surprise; "Whose hand is that?"

Both boys stopped with an equally stunned expression denying the notion of any audacious behaviour. The warlord took them into view with a peer, but as the busy hands and lips began to spoil his body with pleasure, he once again relaxed and engaged in the game.

Kadaj moved further up to attend his face and head, fingers digging deep into that silvery mane as lips merged, whilst Cloud found a playground between the creamy thighs. The towering lord released his groans into the wanting mouth of Kadaj as sensation from his stimulated groin drugged his brain with bliss. He couldn't deny that his guilt over abusing Kadaj's body that lead to the young man's death, was now adding a delicious flavour to this moment. Sephiroth's kisses were flowing into Kadaj, cosseting him with excitement as the hands that once robbed him of life were now tingling his skin and invading sacred places.

Kadaj stole a sudden intake of breath as a finger slipped inside his cave. It was slightly stingy because the digit was not lubricated, but as the tip of the finger started pressing against the prostate, Kadaj lifted one leg to offer easier access to Sephiroth. He buried his face in the curve of the neck of the warlord and nuzzled it whilst indulging in the pleasure generated by the busy finger inside him.

From his position between Sephiroth's legs, Cloud could see every delicious indecency going on between his lover and Kadaj. He smiled as he witnessed his juvenile friend climbing onto Sephiroth's hand, groaning for more of that sweetness the lord could offer. To get attention for his idea, Cloud playfully bit down on Sephiroth's pulsating penis, making the lord snap back into reality as the pain shot through him.


Both silver haired sweethearts were gazing down on the giggling blond.

"You have almost forgotten me," Cloud claimed jokingly, touching himself to emphasize his abandonment as he continued. "I'm very forgiving though…and I have the perfect idea how you can make it up to me."

Cloud lubricated himself and lay down behind the great lord. For a few swift seconds he froze as he saw the scars from the terrible wound on his back. His fingertips travelled over the scapula and kissed the tender muscles. With each kiss, his body snuggled closer to Sephiroth until he could feel his member finding its path in between the crevice of the cheeks of the firm rear. Cloud took a firm hold of Sephiroth's leg and pulled it up, exposing the genitals to Kadaj's services whilst enabling a complete access inside that tight portal.

Sephiroth clenched his teeth as Cloud was slowly inching his way inside his lover. He had never been taken before and the dominance was only on his part, but being in the mercy of someone else had its pleasurable advantages. He was breathing his groans of encouragement against Kadaj's hips positioned strategically in front of his face. Sephiroth reached over the firm hips and filled his palms with the round muscles of the juvenile buttocks and pulled it closer until a weeping member was resting inside his mouth. Every muscle inside his mouth came alive to offer the silver haired juvenile all the pleasure he could muster.

Cloud closed his eyes and relished the sensation of a tight entrance drawing him deeper as Sephiroth began pushing his rear against his young lover. The cave was hot and wet inside, the muscles smoothly aligning against the entire shaft like a mouth, stimulating with slight massaging motions. Cloud was helplessly pulled into the depth of their lovemaking, grabbing a firm hold of Sephiroth as he pushed and plummeted inside the muscular body. The smell of Sephiroth's skin was growing increasingly strong as the pent up heat pushed seductive pheromones out of the pale body. Cloud licked the sweat pouring down the broad back in front of him, indulging in the appealing effect of that aphrodisiac only his beloved lord could exude.

Kadaj was attending every delicious feature of Sephiroth's penis and groin. It was filling his mouth to the limit, but he swallowed it like a hungry predator. His tongue dug inside the weeping slit, then circled around the entire top before he engulfed it entirely, repeated it over and over until Sephiroth's mutual actions were getting eager.

"You have a very delightful talent, Kadaj," Sephiroth groaned. "If I known about this I would have possessed your body for more than just using it as a vessel, little brother."

Kadaj purred almost like a cat at the thought of having Sephiroth deep inside him, but that would have to wait for another occasion. The lord was already pushing the cadet to heights close to a climax as his mouth massaged the swollen penis and nuzzled the contracting groin; brushing his cheeks against it.

From his position Kadaj could enjoy the sight of Cloud taking Sephiroth and with a generous caress, Kadaj spurred the emotions of the blond by giving him a little attention. Cloud seemed quite small in comparison to Seiphorth, but Kadaj could imagine the lord felt this frantic intrusion quite vividly as he had never been taken before. Kadaj was sure of that, for Sephiroth had been very tight and yes, it had been his hand prodding at the warm entrance previously.

Feelings were pushed to new heights. Cloud began pumping harder, plunging into Sephiroth as the curious hands of Kadaj as well as the spasmodic cave of his lover was pushing him closer to an impending orgasm. The silver haired young man in turn was reaching his bliss as thick fingers dug inside his portal and a busy mouth sucked the essence out of him. Sephiroth felt his body coming alive from a dormant state as the every little cell in his being trembled with the electric impulses that washed over his soul as his fulfilment unfolded.

Three enemies were uniting in a furnace of elation that sprung from emotions scooped from all aspects of life, reflecting off their past but transforming into a maelstrom of heat that stained the sheets with sweat, tears and essence. Sephiroth was swallowing his shame as the creamy fluid of frustration exploded out of Kadaj. Cloud reached past Sephiroth and held the two men close to his own body until the orgasm rocking his body ebbed out. He could hardly breathe as the overwhelming emotions washed over his body, but is gave him even more pleasure feeling Sephiroth finally relaxing in his arms and releasing the last remnants of his fulfilment with a deep sigh.

Kadaj turned around and snuck closer to the massive body now trapped between him and Cloud.

The sun had reached its highest peak on the sky, but neither of the three men felt the desire to get out of bed. With their heads resting on the shoulders of Sephiroth, the young men fell asleep. The former warlord was staring at the ceiling and thoughts were harbouring his brain. Just how much of his past was erased by that purgatory he had suffered through?

He closed his eyes and concentrated. There was a familiar burning sensation in his arms and turned towards the side where Kadaj was sleeping. His lifted his arm, pulling the lad closer. It all seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary…until the thought of loosing Cloud shot an arrow of energy through his limbs and his veins came alive with the life force that glowed through his skin. He placed his hand on Kadaj's skin and realized he was still able to break the surface of the body and possess it like a vessel. Fear was beginning to settle within, when suddenly, he saw Aeris on his inner canvas.

"You can never deny what you are, son of Jenova. But by embracing it, you can control it. You will have to learn not to fear yourself, brother."

The words seeded a flower of comfort within that would slowly begin to bloom. Sephiroth closed his eyes and fell asleep, feeling perfectly safe and believing in a possible future.