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The beginning: Kings Cross.

"Harry," Said the voice of a old man.

'Where am I?' thought Harry, 'Am I dead? Where is that voice coming from?'

"Harry dear, wake up please." This voice was a females voice It was oddly familiar.

"Hey kiddo, rise and shine." 'Was, was that... Sirius?'

"Come on son, your mums getting nervous." 'Son? That must mean...'


"Easy lily, James is just saying that cause he more nervous then you are." Said Sirius with his bark like laughter?

"What! I am not nervous! Why would I be nervous?! I'm not nervous, I'm just meeting my son for the first time in SIXTEEN YEARS!" Nearly shouted James.

"Oh, of course not. Your not fidgeting like a five year old ether." said Sirius his voice laced with sarcasm

"Oh, why I'm going too..."

"Knock it off you to, NOW!" Said Lily. Harry could just a imagine his mum standing there with her hand on her hip just like Ron Mum would do. Harry opened his eyes looking at his Father and Godfather stepping back from one enraged redhead. Seeing this Harry had to let out a chuckle.

"Harry! Are you all right?" Said the Lily spinning around and running over to him. kneeling just inched from said boys face. Harry nodded trying (and failing)to sit up.

"Come on love, Give the kid some room to breath" Said James. coming into view as lily pulled her head back. Standing next to James was Sirius, grinning like the madman he was.

"Dad, Sirius is that really you?" asked harry.

"Nope, I'm Sirius And thats James" barked Sirius in a dog like manner

"Sirius! Be..." started James

"...Serious!" Finished Sirius "That not like me is it?"

"Um can somebody tell me what the bloody hell,


"Sorry mum. What Am I doing here?"

"I think I answer that Harry." Came the voice of Harry's past mentor. "You are at a crossroad. Harry, you may choose to return to your time and defeat Tom. Or, you may choose to pass on and live with you parents again. The choice is yours, and yours alone."

"Um, uh, What?" Stuttered Harry.

"Please Albus, Or Harry, you could choose to train with the greatest masters of all time. Both magical and muggle." Tempted Lily. "Then go back in time to just after the third task and Tom rebirth."

"Okay, how long would it take?" Asked Harry.

"Well, time is slower here then in your world so about six years." Guessed Lily

"That means the marauders will teach you all the important stuff." Said a Grinning Sirius

"Only after his lessons. After his lesson you can corrupt my poor boy all you want." Said Lily with a little sniff

"So I can choose to go back and finish off Tom. Snuff it, Or learn tons of useful stuff both magic and muggle. Also staying with my Mum, Dad, Godfather, and Mentor slash Grandfather. Let me think... Du! Of course I'm going to pick you guys!

"Great, now if you up off the floor we will introduce you to some of your teachers." Said Dumbledore eyes twinkling like mad.

"Hey Dad, Sirius Give me a hand will you?" Asked Harry holding out his hands.

"I don't know Prongs, he has two already do we need to give him ares?"

"Shut it, I'm serious help me up!"

"No your not! I'm Sirius!"

"Shut it Padfoot."

"Okay." Winded Sirius grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him up

"Thanks," muttered harry but as Sirius turned away muttered "You stupid mutt."

"Okay, now can we get out of here. Kings cross is great metaphorically and all but can we at least go to the great hall? Or the Gryffindore common room? Better yet Potter palace! Suggested James

"wait, Wait, Wait, did you say Palace like a castle?" Asked Harry in awe.

"You could say that." Said a amused James

"Like as big as Hogwarts?" Harry asked


"Well how big is it?" Wondered Harry.

"Come on James, just tell him." said the annoyed redhead

"Lets just say It's bigger then Hogwarts. Safer too." Said James with a pointed glare at Dumbledore.

"WOW! Thats big. One question, why do we have a castle?" Questioned Harry

"Well, it was the think back then to have a castle when you had a small country to rule over." Said James sarcasm and amusement laced in his voice

"Country?" Said Harry in a very small voice.

"Ya! Ever heard of Atlantis? No? Well you have now." Said Sirius with a grin.

"Atlantis?" Whispered Harry.

"Ya! and your the rightful king!" Shouted Sirius trying to make up for Harry's quietness.

"King?" Whispered Harry, it was barely heard by anyone.

"Shut it Padfoot! Harry, the potter family is a very, very, very Ancient and powerful family. We are the richest family in the world period. Harry we make the Malfoys look like homeless people. Because of that many powerful people have become you ancestors. Harry you will need to become king of Atlantis but being a king is nothing to some of the powers you have or will have, and the just massive magical energy you will have." James said

"But, I don't have massive magical energy or super powers." Winded Harry

"No, you have them your just not able to connect to them because of the lock I put on them. I'm sorry Harry. It's my fault if I had unlocked your true powers in your forth year when Tom came back none of this would have happened. For this I am truly sorry My dear boy. You called me a Mentor and Grandfather and I have done nothing that deserves your respect and honor." Said Dumbledore eyes shining with unshed tears, voice cracking. Looking older then ever.

Harry then did something no one thought he would do including himself. He walked up to the old headmaster and hugged him. After a the headmaster got over his surprise he hugged the young man back. After a moment Harry stepped back "Everyone make mistakes Sir. In just four years I have made more mistakes then I can count. From small mistakes like eating to much for breakfast before a game to huge mistakes like running blindly to the department of mysteries the end of fifth year. It's to bad you did not tell me. A army of a small country could have been useful, and having more power and energy would have been helpful against Tom without a doubt. We all make mistakes, sir. Whats done is done now we have to move on." Finished Harry. Looking around he saw that everyone was looking at him with the same look of awe on there faces.

"Okay! Who are you and what have you done with Harry! The Harry I know two years ago was winy, angry, loud, dim-witted, rude.." Sirius Listed

"OKAY! I get it so I have grown up! Being at war with a evil madman will do that to you!"

"Thank you, Harry you've helped me a lot just know. Thank you." Whispered Dumbledore

"Your welcome, Sir." Replied Harry

"Away with this 'Sir' Harry. Call me Albus from now on." said Albus Smiling

"Sure pro.. I mean Albus." Replied Harry grinning even more then the old professor.

"Now that that finished, lets go meet some of your new teachers and get out of this place" Said James, being the first to get over the shock of what had just happened between the headmaster and harry.

"of course." Said Albus. With a wave of the professors hand they where gone.

End of chapter one.

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