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To say Harry showed up with a bang was an under statement to say the least. Appearing in the center of the busy city, followed by a giant sonic boom and shock wave that sent everything in a ten meter circle flying. Tile, booths of meats, vegetable's, herbs, jewellery, and one unfortunate cat flew threw the air, crashing into building, falling into fountains, and causing just plain chaos. Then as the dust settled and the people drew closer to see what had caused this mess a small boy stood, hair as black as a ravens wing, eyes that same green as the killing curse, skin pall and sunken. A very scary image to the Atlantians, but none the less they approached him. When they were close to him, He spoke using what little power he had left in his tiny body. "Hail! I am Harry of the house of Potter, I have come to raise the mighty Atlantis!" With that the darkness consumed him.

------ ------ ------ ------

"Well then when is he going to wake up if you can't wake him!" said an angry voice male voice.

"I did not say I couldn't wake him up, I said I wouldn't wake him up. His magical core is still refilling. Anthony I will not wake him." whispered a quieter voice female voice.

"what do you mean it's still refilling?! He has been asleep for almost a month! That more then long enough! Priscilla, I can NOT afford to wait any longer!" growled the angrier voice who's name seem to be Anthony.

'A MONTH! I've been out for a month!' thought Harry

"For one of us it is a long time. This boy's magical core is more then ten times larger then even the most powerful man here! I sure he spoke the truth when he said he could raise Atlantis if only by pure power, but this boy, this Harry is truly THE heir of the throne! SO HE NEEDS MORE TIME!" Finally yelled Priscilla.

"uggghhh" Groaned Harry, his muscles screaming at him as they moved for the first time in a month. Opening his eyes, Harry let out a yelp as harsh beams of bright light assaulted his weak eyes.

"MY LORD!" Shouted Anthony running to Harry's side. "My lord, My name is Anthony. I am your chief adviser, I am the man who has been running Atlantis since the last king lead us."

As Harry's sight came slowly back to him he looked Anthony up and down. One word stood out when Harry looked at him. Power. He stood just over 2 meters tall, he had a lean strong build. Sleek black hair that flowed down his back like a midnight river. His eyes were a smooth milk chocolate brown. His face was sharply angled, with a pointed nose and chin.

"well meet, chief adviser. I hope everything is well." whispered Harry is voice harsh and weak sounding.

"good! Now that you have meet Him will you PLEASE! Leave my patient ALONE?!" Demanded Priscilla. Priscilla Harry noted look very much like Madam Pomfrey. With a voice just as harsh to who so ever was foolish enough to disturb her patients.

"Yes, of course. I'm sorry, good day to you both. I will talk to you more when you are well My lord." Said the most displeased Anthony.

"Of course." Harry whispered.

With that Anthony left, giving the healer a nod as he left.

"Here my lord, drink this." Said Priscilla, holding a sleeping potion if Harry was seeing right.

After another week Harry was back in top form. In the following weeks Harry learned the names of all adviser's. Heads of all the different department. He also made it a point to walk around Atlantis and meet and talk to everyone he could. He made friends with everyone he met. He even met his best friend.

"NOOOOOO! GUYS!! STOP IT!!!" Shouted the little girl as a gang of six much bigger boy tossed the girls cloth doll around.

Harry hearing the shouts went to the girls rescue. He was wearing a hooded cloak because he didn't want to be seen. "Stop this now and give her back her doll!" Said Harry trying to look powerful... it didn't really work. He was only six and it didn't help he was small for his age.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Barked out the biggest and clear leader of the gang. "what are you going to do about it... little person!" Shouted the boy smirking at his OH SO clever insult.

"Ooph" Grunted Harry as the giant brute shoved him to the ground and knocking off his hood in the act.

OH NO! My lord! I'm SOOOO sorry! Guys, lets go!" shouted the brute as he and his gang ran.

"Oh no, I don't think so." Muttered Harry. With a wave of the hand all six boy were hanging upside down in the air. Crying.

Shaking his head Harry walked over to where the little girl lay sobbing clutching her doll as if her life depended on it. "Hello, what's your name? I'm Harry." Said Harry smiling, holding out a hand to the girl.

"H-h-h-hi, I-I'm Am-Amelia." sobbed the girl looking up at Harry.

"hey, lets go to my house and get you cleaned up?" Asked Harry.

"S-sure." Mumbled the Amelia as she stood up taking Harry's hand.

Off they went hand and hand. Starting a friendship that would last forever. Of course harry send some guards to get the boys down. Just a little later... like the next morning.