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She didn't understand how it happened. For her of all people to have have it end this way. It wasn't just, that a kind woman like her died because of him. Him, the one who wanted nothing to do with anyone until her. Him, the last of his Clan. The Avenger. The mystery. Sasuke Uchiha.

To Sasuke, no one really mattered. Of course he cared about his comrades, at a point of time. But once giving the opportunity of power, he took it, and left anyone behind. Sasuke was gentle, back before the incident that changed his life. He loved his life, with his mother, father, and older brother, whom he looked up to. Itachi Uchiah was the pride of the Uchiha Clan, leading the ANBUs. Until one day, he turned his back, and slaughtered them all, except Sasuke.

Now this is Sasuke, a man who would betray his friends, home, and life for revenge. His raven black hair spiked backward, onyx eyes hard with faint emotions. He was no longer that gentle boy, but instead a man who was ruthless and kept to himself. He served under Lord Orochimaru, one of the tree Sannins that also betrayed the Lead Village, Konoha. Now he was on a mission. Orochimaru wanted Konoha to suffer, and he knew how.

"I want you to kidnap the Hyuuga Heiress, Hinata, I think it was." Orochimaru had told him the night before.

"You want me to what?" Sasuke growled, startled by the task he was assigned.

"Have her here by noon, three days from now. Kabuto will be waiting here, and I'll give you further instructions.

That's what Sasuke was doing now, jumping from tree to tree of the Konoha forest. He wasn't in disguise. She'd come whether she liked it or not, once he cornered her. He remembered the indigo-haired goddess, her lavender tinted eyes always laid on his former comrade, Naruto. She was always quiet, and it make him sick when she blushed and stuttered. Rolling his eyes, he was now at the outskirts of the village.

"Hurry up, Shino!" Called the voice of the village idiot, Naruto. Sasuke couldn't help but bring his eyes down to them. Naruto, Kiba, Shino, and (unconcious) HInata. Shino was carrying the fragile shinobi, she was dead by the looks of it.

Quickly transforming into Tsunade, the Fifth, He hopped in front of them. "I'll take her, you two go back to my office and have Shizune and Sakura-chan check your injuries."

"B-But. . .Granny Tsunade. . ." Naruto whined, but stopped when a hand was placed on his shoulder, Shino's cold hand.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama." Shino said, Naruto nodded, reassured. Shino, now gaining full grip on Hinata (after holding her wait with one hand, to put the other on Naruto) slipped her into Sasuke's arms.

"Arigato." She said quietly, and the three boys fled.

Perfect, that didn't take long at all. Orochimaru-sama will be pleased. He thought to himself, but felt remorse. The person in his arms, which he could destroy in an instant, laid helpless as consciousness refused to take hold of her. One phrase came to mind. Hinata-hime.

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