Chapter 1: "What do you mean, who am I?"

Author's Note: While rereading my Dimensional Gender-Bender story it got me thinking...what would happen if one of the characters from the dimension Chance and Jake visited came to their world. A few stories are doing that but with the Dark SWAT Kats universe. This story will be based on the dimension where the sexes were switched. Hope you like it EDIT: Since some found this hurried a bit, I altered the end. Hope its better received.


It was turning out to be a fairly routine day. Paperwork, meetings, and the occasional call out that were quickly taken care of by her enforcers, and not that pesky pair of vigilantes. She thought she might actually be getting off on time and perhaps check out that new club. She really needed a little down time.

The omegas had been giving the city a hard time over the past couple of months. Add in the weird visit from an alternate world's SWAT Kats and it had been a troublesome time for all. Though she had to admit, with two pairs of vigilantes out there they had been able to bring in two very powerful omegas so that they now had a bit of a break allowing her to even think about a night out.

As she was putting her desk in order and looking forward to leaving on time, her plans were ruined again by an urgent call from Pumadyne. Sighing in defeat, she summoned her nephew and headed for the chopper pad.

Arriving at Pumadyne within minutes of the call, Commander Feral stepped out of her chopper and, followed by her nephew, hurried for the entrance. They were met by the director of the facility, Dr. Dan Ferson.

"What's the problem?" She asked without preamble.

"Our research lab for quantum theory was broken into. The culprit seems to have got away but left chaos in their wake." Dr. Ferson said grimly as he led them to a heavily secured elevator. He gestured for them to enter.

"What kind of damage was done?" Feral asked pulling out a notepad from her coat.

"Mainly, computers crashed, files stolen, that sort of thing. Thankfully the Quantum Accelerator wasn't disturbed." Dr. Ferson told her.

Her eyebrows furrowed. "A quantum what?"

"Quantum Accelerator. It's an experiment to prove there are other universes and dimensions with worlds very like our own." He explained briefly. "We know they exist since Dark Kat uses the principle to send her minions where she wants them through dimensional black holes. But what we're trying to do here is to provide further proof on the subject."

"I could have provided you that!" Feral snorted in disgusted amusement. "We recently had visitors from another dimension."

Dr. Ferson looked at her in shock. "And you never told anyone???" He blurted in annoyance.

"Didn't think of it at the time. Had no dealings with them. If you want to know anything more about them ask the SWAT Kats." Feral said dismissively. "Now let's see the damage." She told him as they left the elevator and he led them to a very thick door.

Still frowning angrily, Dr. Ferson keyed in a code and stepped back. The thick door very slowly opened enough for them to gain entry.

When she stepped into the huge room, all she saw was a big ring of metal standing to one side of the room. Thick cables ran from it to a computer/work room behind a shield wall. Dr. Ferson led them to the control room and pointed out the damages and had his scientists explain what had been done.

"And you are certain no damages were done to your project?" Feral asked pointing to the huge ring.

"We haven't activated it since this happened, perhaps we should." The head scientist of the project mused.

"Might as well, Thomas. Are we safe enough standing here?" Dr. Ferson asked.

"Yes sir! Give me ten minutes to warm Quantum Accelerator up." Dr. Thomas said as he began the sequence to start up the device.

Feral and her nephew watched as an eerie swirl of energy with lightning flashing through could be seen in the portal. They could feel their fur rise from the static energy the machine produced.

"Well everything seems alright!" Dr. Thomas declared in relief as he prepared to shut it down.

In that next instance, all hell broke out. Amongst the scientist was one who was not who he pretended to be. He had managed to insinuate himself onto the project and now all his plans were falling apart. He needed to get out of here before Feral did a more thorough background check on them all. He pulled out a strange looking device that resembled a simple flashlight with a heavier than a normal barrel.

He fired it on the scientists at the console and the enforcers. He managed to knock out the scientists but missed the pair of enforcers. Lt. Feral had dropped to the floor and now used that position to knock the impostor off his feet. His weapon discharged at the ceiling bringing down tiles and debris.

Commander Feral managed to jerk out of the way by stepping outside the shielded area. Unfortunately, that was the wrong move to make as she felt the energies from the portal try to pull her in. Quickly trying to step back behind the barrier she was hit by someone trying to leave.

He had finally managed to knock Lt. Feral out with his weapon as they wrestled on the floor. Jumping to his feet he rushed out of the protective area and into Commander Feral. His forward motion sent them both toward the seething energies of the portal which sucked them in.


They didn't even have time to scream before they landed rather brutally on the other side. A group of scientists standing behind a similar protective shield, gaped at the entrance of the pair.

"Who the heck are they and how did they get here?" Dr. Sahara said in shock to no one in particular.

"I don't know sir, but we better shut the portal down before anything else decides to come through," A worried technician said.

"Check the spacial coordinates before you do. We may have to send these two back!" Dr. Sahara warned. The tech nodded and made a note then initiated shut down of the portal.

Minutes later the device was dark and the room silent. Feral got slowly to her feet as did the impostor. Dr. Sahara came around the shield and confronted them as his techs contacted security.

"Might I ask who you are?" He asked.

Shaking her ringing head, Feral blinked in confusion. She looked around quickly then back at the scientist in front of her it looked like she had never left so his question was odd. The impostor frowned, looked around but kept silent.

"What do you mean, who am I?" She demanded. "I was here the whole time when this creep shoved me through that thing."

"I'm sorry ma'am, but you just came through our portal and we've never seen you before though you are wearing an enforcer uniform." Dr. Sahara said in surprise as he took a good look at their unexpected visitors.

The door to the lab opened and a group of security officers rushed in.

"Sir, what happened here?" The leader asked briskly eyeing the two strangers.

"We seem to have unexpected guests that have arrived through our just opened portal. I was asking the female who she was." He told them.

Feral looked horrified and whipped around to look at the now dark portal. "Kat's Alive! We're in another dimension?" She asked turning back and demanding an answer from the scientist.

"Apparently, ma'am." Dr. Sahara acknowledged the truth of the matter.

She stood there stunned, her mind reeling then she had a sinking feeling, "Uhm, you wouldn't happen to have a male Commander Feral here, would you?"

Looking surprised the security officer answered, "Yes we do!"

"Oh God! What were the odds I would end up in the other SWAT Kat's realm?" She asked of no one in particular.

"Excuse me?" Dr. Sahara asked puzzled.

"About a month ago, some male SWAT Kats came into my dimension. I didn't interact with them much but my SWAT Kats, who are female by the way, apparently helped them return to... I'm guessing...that could be here? Uhm... that's if your SWAT Kats are male? I think I'm getting a headache." She said in resignation.

"By what you're saying, do I take it you are a female version of Commander Feral?" Dr. Sahara asked cautiously in growing excitement.

"Yeah, that would be right. My name is Ulera Feral, Chief Enforcer of Megakat City." She said flatly.

"That is amazing!" Dr. Sahara said jubilantly then toned himself down when he saw the flash of irritation in her gold eyes. "Ahhh...excuse me Commander. I know this is terrible for you but it's an incredible scientific breakthrough for us and in answer to your question, we do have male SWAT Kats. They could be the ones you met or you could be in yet another dimension. There's no way to know for sure until we ask our SWAT Kats." He told her.

"I'm not sure it really matters and I'm glad you think this is such a breakthrough." She said blandly. "But excuse me if I say, I don't really care and would like to go home, please."

"I don't!" The impostor shouted, having been momentarily forgotten by everyone during the excitement, and barreled through the startled security team. He fired his peculiar weapon at the ones trying to stop him. The chase was on with the impostor knocking out Kats and creating chaos in his wake.

Unfortunately for his pursuers, the impostor knew his way around Pumadyne very well and though he was in another dimension, he found nothing that different. Using his escape plan he'd set into motion months before, he eluded his chasers and managed to make it outside. He took one of the security vehicles that routinely left their keys in the ignition and raced to the gate. He pushed the sedan to nearly top speed and plowed it through the security gate and raced off, quickly disappearing before anyone could mount a pursuit.

Standing near the ruined gate, displaced Commander Ulera Feral clenched her fists in futile anger. "Crud!" She said, seething inside. She turned to the head of security and snarled, "I can't go back now until I catch that creep and take him back for justice on my world."

"We're very sorry, Commander. We'll get a hold of our Commander and have him put out an APB for the guy. You'd better wait here until he arrives so that you can give him a description." The head security guy told her unhappily.

"Oh sure! It's not like I have anywhere else to go!" She snarled bitterly as she reluctantly followed the security leader back to his office.

She dropped into a chair in the rather cramped office and brooded. 'What a day this is turning out to be,' she thought bitterly.

In very little time, Commander Ulysses Feral arrived at Pumadyne. Dr. Sahara had met him at the door and briefed him on what had happened. His eyes narrowed in disbelief until he stepped into the security office and stared in shock at his near double.

The sound of a deep voice and then the appearance of a huge, powerful looking tom made Ulera jump to her feet. She and Ulysses stared at each other in shock.

'Wow! What a hunk!' Was her first coherent thought her next was, "Is that how I look as a male?'

'Kat's Alive! Is that what I look like as a she-kat?' His mind fumbled in amazement as he began to accept that maybe Dr. Sahara wasn't a loon after all. Just when he thought this city just couldn't get any weirder something like this has to happen.

"Uhm, Hi! Names Ulera. I hear we are in the same business." She said inanely, her voice going husky and sticking her paw out to shake his.

He blinked a little trying to get his mind back on track as he reached out to shake her paw. It was surprisingly firm and strong. He said gruffly, "Pleased to meet you. Sorry you're in this mess! Let me get a report of what happened then I can take you to Enforcer Headquarters and we'll get a search going for your missing criminal."

"Certainly," She said aloud but in her head she said, 'Don't hurry on my account' Her body tightening at the way he moved. 'Ohh, I really shouldn't be thinking such things at a time like this but, I haven't had a tom as fine as that in a looong while.' She thought hotly then sighed in resignation. 'Get your mind out of the bedroom and back on planning how I'm going to catch that creep and take him back.' She chided herself.

Some twenty minutes later, Ulysses Feral was leading his female double out the doors and to his sedan.

"Are you hungry?" He asked politely.

"Yes! It was quitting time when all this mess happened. Come to think of it...what is the time of day here?" She asked noticing for the first time how light it was out the windshield.

"It's shy of lunch time. This is going to mess with your body clock a bit." He said ruefully.

"Something always does." She sighed.

"Isn't that the truth," He agreed, grinning in commiseration. He quickly navigated them through the midday traffic and arrived at Enforcer Headquarters some ten minutes later.

He escorted her to his office garnering stunned and bewildered looks from his enforcers as they crossed the lobby to the elevator. At his door he gestured her in.

She looked around and for the first time saw the differences between their worlds. His office was rather stark with few pieces of furniture beyond his imposing desk on a pedestal. In her office, she had a similar desk but had a conversation area to one side and many plants plus an aquarium.

"I'll order us lunch. Is a roasted tuna sandwich and milk alright with you?" Feral asked as he made for his desk phone.

"Sounds good, thank you!" She said heading for the huge windows. The view was exactly like her own and that was just creepy. She bet he was as skeptical as she when it came to things like other dimensions, unfortunately, they now knew it was indeed possible. She would have been happier not having her face rubbed into it not once but twice now. She sighed and went to sit in one of his chairs, preparing herself to give him her report on the incident.