Chapter 8: The Trap is Sprung

Dimension X...

"Dr. Tomas there's some disturbance from the portal," One of the technicians shouted.

The lead scientist of the project quickly checked his readouts. "It looks like that other portal may have been activated. Call Lt. Feral immediately." He barked.

"Yes sir!"

It took about fifteen minutes for Lt. Feral to arrive. He came into the lab at a run.

"What's happening?" He demanded.

"We're getting spikes of energy from the portal. We can only assume it might have to do with the other portal where Commander Feral has gone. All we can do is wait and see. You wanted to be notified if anything unusual occurred." Dr. Tomas explained.

"You're right, I did. Thank you! So it's a waiting game. I'll get my guards ready and we'll see if we get lucky." Lt. Feral said grimly as he turned and gathered his enforcers.

Dimension Y...

Benson gave a brief bark of pleasure at seeing his home. He wasted no time heading for the portal but before he could get close enough so the portal could suck him in, Felina jumped from behind the scientists.

"Halt! You are under arrest!" She shouted. Her uncle and Ulera ran in from the door. Felina had sent them a signal letting them know the trap was sprung.

Tamora and Benson scowled angrily. They were surrounded too quickly and Felina had blocked the male spy from the portal with her laser pistol pointed right at his head.

The end was anticlimactic. Benson was searched thoroughly and the microdot was found as was the one on Tamora. As Feral placed pawcuffs on his female prisoner, Ulera did the same to her male one.

Once her prisoner was secured and the microdot in her pocket, she gave Ulysses a final glance.

"Goodbye Ulysses and you too Felina. It was a pleasure meeting you. Take care!" She said warmly.

"You too Ulera!" Feral said with a sad smile.

Ulera gripped her prisoner and stepped forward feeling the portal pull her forward hard.

It was still a shock the second time around but this time her nephew was there to catch her. His guards quickly grabbed the prisoner who nearly spilled face first to the floor.

She turned to look through the portal a moment longer and saw Ulysses for a brief second before the portal snapped close. She sighed in regret.

"It's so good to have you back, Auntie." Lt. Feral said in relief.

She smiled wanly, "It's good to be back! So glad you kept this thing open so I could."

"I knew if there was anyway possible you would find your way back, Auntie." Brett said quietly.

"And you were right. My male double and your female one were a great help ensuring I would." Ulera said.

"That must have been really weird. I can't wait for you to tell me all about it!" He said excitedly.

"Yeah, it was weird alright but also very profitable. We've got new weapons plans from their world. Should help us get the drop on our omegas." She said pleased.

"Really, this I've got to hear!" Brett said, eyes wide with surprise.

"Take me to headquarters and I'll tell you all about it." Ulera said with a tired sigh.

Dimension Y...

Ulysses Feral stared through the portal and saw Ulera glance back at him for a moment before the scene closed down. He sighed inwardly then pulled himself together.

There was a mess to clear up and Hard Drive to capture.

As he made his way back up to the main floor he received a report that the SWAT Kats had managed to capture Hard Drive and that he was on his way to Enforcer Headquarters cells right now.

Feral sighed in relief. 'Well that's a break. Wonder if they used one of their new toys to get him?' He thought idly. He shrugged and began to give orders to get an investigation going on what damage Hard Drive had done then finally left for headquarters himself.

"You miss her, Uncle?" Felina asked as she piloted them back.

"Yes, she was really something and I enjoyed her company." He admitted quietly.

"I hope you find someone like that sometime soon Uncle. It's not good to be alone all the time." Felina said worriedly.

"I doubt I could find someone like that again, Felina. She's a hard act to follow." He said regretfully.

She had nothing to say to that.

Dimension X...some weeks later...

Ulera sighed in disgust at the mess made by Dark Kat yet again. She wished that damned wizard would take one of her own portals and vanish permanently.

As that annoying pair, Fire and Ice prepared to get back aboard their jet to leave, she shouted to them to wait a moment.

They paused and looked back at her in surprise.

"What's up Commander?" Fire asked, frowning.

"Just wanted to pass on something and I hadn't had the opportunity to until now." Ulera said with a snort. "That pair of male doubles from another dimension asked me to tell you they got home okay and to thank you again."

"Oh, well thanks Commander. Must have been some trip. How was your meeting with your double?" Ice asked curiously.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" Ulera said with smirk as she turned and left them gaping behind her. 'Man, I sure do miss him.' She sighed to herself as she returned to her duties.