Patrick Gates frowned inwardly as he strode up the stairs of his home. He could hear muffled talking and laughter, and knew it was issuing from the bedroom of his oldest son, Thomas Jefferson Gates, but Patrick knew that Thomas was not the lone cause of the noise. His younger son, Benjamin Franklin Gates, was also, doubtlessly involved. Patrick crossed the landing and knocked sharply upon Thomas's bedroom door. He almost laughed out loud as he heard a sudden hush fall from within the room, before entering. He instantly spotted the two boys, his sons, perched on Thomas's bed together, their faces showing identical looks of worry and fear. They looked similar to a deer that had been caught in a spotlight.

"What are you two doing still up?" Patrick asked. Thomas nervously licked his lips.

"We were just talking about stuff, dad." Ben nodded to back up his older brother. Patrick had to hide his smile as he looked at the pair. Although they looked very similar, they were different in other aspects. Ben, aged 10 at the time, was very caught up in the idea of the templar treasure, addicted to the tale he had been told by his Grandfather, whereas Thomas, 15 years old, was happy to read about such things, but take them as what they were in Patrick's point of view, fiction. Patrick could envision both of his son's future careers. Thomas would become either a historian, or a literature teacher, as he enjoyed reading and analyzing books, while Ben would, despite his father's pleas, would go on to become a treasure hunter.

"This 'stuff,' doesn't involve sleeping, does it?" Patrick asked. Both boys shook their heads.

"Then it can wait perfectly well until morning, alright. Ben, go back to your room. I'll be around soon to make sure you're in bed." Patrick told them. Ben slowly slid off the bed and walked past his father towards his own room, while Thomas slid underneath his covers, pausing to gaze at a photograph he had of he and his girlfriend on his bedside table.

"Goodnight, Dad." He muttered, gazing at the photo. Patrick groaned inwardly and rolled his eyes, closing the door behind him as he left. He hurried into Ben's room creaked open the door, only to find that Ben had already fallen asleep. Patrick could tell, from the whimsical little smile on his son's face that he was dreaming of the treasure.

"It was only ever a dream, son" he whispered

Patrick Gates stretched out comfortably in his reclining chair, his eyes roving his living room. Rare antiques, paintings, and photographs lined the walls. He stretched his back slightly. Six months had passed since Ben had found the treasure, and the media storm had only now begun to fade.

A long time had passed since that night, all those years ago, when Patrick had discovered the boys up until late at night discussing 'stuff,' and many things had changed since then. Ben had, of course, devoted his entire life to finding the treasure, and upon finding it, had been giving talks, and traveling with exhibitions about the treasure ever since, as well as buying a very nice house, and seeing a certain Dr. Chase consistently as well. Thomas, on the other hand, had majored in Literature at College, and had been offered a job in Australia teaching the subject upon his graduating at the top of his class, which he readily accepted. With him went his girlfriend, amazingly the same girl as the one that Thomas had been seeing all those years ago. They were married one year later, and Patrick had received two grandchildren from their union. Currently, Thomas was working at a university in southern Australia. Patrick enjoyed receiving phone calls from his son, and made a point of going to see him at least once every two years, and he doted upon his grandchildren, Patrick and Nicole. Patrick's gaze fell upon a recent photograph of the pair. Patrick was four years older than Nicole, but they usually ignored the age difference. Patrick sighed and got up, glancing at the tall grandfather clock. It was almost midnight, and he knew he should get to bed.

It was at about 1:00 that morning when Patrick Gates awoke to hear his phone ringing. Muttering about the inconvenience of telemarketers, he groggily reached out and picked up the receiver of his phone.

"Hello?" he spoke into the receiver.

"Ah, is this Mr. Patrick Gates?"

"Yes, who is calling please?"

"My name is Senior Detective John Cage of the Victoria Police Force in Australia." Upon hearing this, Patrick sat up slightly.

"Is this about Thomas?" he asked. He could hear the man sigh down the phone.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Gates, but there has been an accident."

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