A/N note: Okay, I was just really bored and into a Ron/Monkey Fist shipper and since there's hardly any…well, I made one. Lol, did I mention I was really bored? XD This is just a one-shot in two or three chapters!

It's slash between Ronald Stoppable and Monkey Fist so if you don't like it…Why the fuck did you click on the link in the first place?

Summary: 18 year old Ron roams around by himself, thinking over his life and choices. His family disowned him and his friends ditched him; why? Because he's gay. He's just about to attempt suicide when someone saves him, a villain by the name of Monty Fiske. This shows just how much sexual tension and angst is between them.

Ronald Stoppable sang "Happy Birthday" to himself. It was his eighteenth year on this Earth and he couldn't be more miserable. In fact, he almost wished he wasn't alive to see his eighteenth year alive…almost.

He now had dirty blond hair that reached to mid-ear length. Normally it was spiked but the rain, which was totally unpredicted, washed it away. His eyes were still the old same dark chocolate brown, very deep and pensive at times. They were darker at this time, however. It was as though a dark tint came over them, making them almost onyx.

His skin was once a healthy tan and a beautiful glow, but not anymore. Recently it turned pale with the occasional black and blue bruises on his sides. He ignored the pain of walking too, for his ankle was broken, or so he suspected. Perhaps it was just twisted, but who knew. He had no money to see a doctor and he was too paranoid; what if the doctor knew what he was?

It all started two days ago…


"So Ron…wanna to go to the Senior Prom together?" Kim smiled nervously, her green eyes sparkling with mischief. It was only a few hours until said dance. It started at eight o'clock officially and it was already four in the afternoon!

Ron gulped mentally, "Uhh…uhh…s-sure." He gave a grin which, from Kim's view, looked nervous. In reality however, his grin was full of fear and displeasure. Lucky for him, Kim never could really nail down facial expressions.

Recently his attention strayed from Kim. Well, not only Kim but girls in general. His interests were now turned on…guys. He couldn't help but feel something, a very small something, when Felix became his best friend. It was amazing how much they had in common, how they could talk for hours and hours on end. At first he thought it was a simple friendship but…something deep inside his heart said it was more.

And now that 'small interest' had turned into a huge thing. A few nights ago he had been online, trying to research his history paper. Next thing he knew, he was talking on a chat room and receiving all these links from guys. These links happened to be all about sex…gay sex. It stunned Ronald at how much he liked it.

So the nights passed by and he stayed awake through them, searching and gaping at the websites he found. Kim had noticed the bags and shadows under his eyes, but said nothing. She must have assumed he was up playing some video game.

Several hours passed and it was finally midnight; the prom was over. Ron managed to get through the gathering by sipping punch and faking a 'romantic interest' in Kim. She was more of a best friend to him, even a sister. The idea of being in love with her…it made his stomach churn in disgust and disapproval. But for now, knowing how manipulated the girl can be at times, he played along.

The songs were good and fast, thank goodness for him! There were only two songs that were slow enough and meant for holding your date in your arms; the first, Kim was talking to her parents about coming home and the second…well, he wasn't that lucky. He had to slow dance with the girl he knew since Pre-K and pretended to like it.

Later that night, she expected…well, what do you expect on your Senior Prom night? She expected him to touch her, to kiss her, to claim her as his. And yet…he couldn't. He made up several excuses, saying he thought of her as a sister, that he was tired…none worked.

She went home upset and pissed off to say the least. He thought it was nothing, just a girl thing. He thought that she'd get over it and accept that he didn't feel that way about her…that she'd keep their friendship. Oh boy was he wrong!

The next day, he arrived home from a solo trip to Beuno Nacho. In his pocket was a satisfied naked mole rat and on his face was a smile, thinking about the day to come. His birthday was tomorrow but it was very unfortunate that he would not spend it with his family. Why?

Because Kim had persuaded Wade to search Ron's internet history while looking through his e-mail. Because she thought he had a girlfriend online or something and instead, found out he did not have a girlfriend. In fact, he did not have or like any girl at all. From the sites she saw he went on, he was gay. Kim had shown it to his Jewish parents and next thing he knew, he was getting things thrown at him.

(End of Flashback)

So now he walked in the rain, near tears. In his pocket was still the naked mole rat commonly referred to as Rufus. He was loyal to his master, no matter what gender he preferred.

Ron was not 18 years old and instead of celebrating it, celebrating coming into adulthood…he sulked. It wasn't that he missed his family, he was just injured, figuratively and physically, by the way they treated him, the way they reacted. And his best friend…Kim Possible…he knew she was manipulative but this was just too damn cold. And all because he didn't sleep with her!

Leaning on a bridge as it started to drizzle, the blond haired man sighed, "The old saying's right…Hell have no fury like a woman scorned." It was a gentle whisper mostly to himself, to point out his situation. He had been roaming the city for a day now wearing only his usual brown baggy pants and a red shirt. He stood on the bridge, tempted to throw himself off but stopped because of Rufus, alone.

As the reader can see…the last thing he expected was a reply.

"Ah yes, that's why you learn to either avoid them or please them." A very cultured voice said behind him. It was a voice that was very familiar and yet one he hadn't heard in over two years. It was British, English…it held class and sophistication in it.

"Monkey Fist…" He spoke quietly as if talking aloud would shatter the stalker behind him. He didn't turn around for he feared he'd see a ghost…or get hurt. Whatever came first.

This time, the voice sounded just a little closer. "If it isn't the Imposter…Ron Stoppable. Where's that annoying little red head?" There was a sneer at the end, making the man close his eyes. The way he hunched his shoulders gave Monty the signal that they weren't at best of terms right now.

"Obviously not here, Fist." He stated with venom, using his rage on someone.

There was a chuckle from right behind him, a smile he could sense. He even felt the villain's body touch his lightly. "Good, less trouble for me to do this…!" Suddenly Ron felt something hit the back of his head. As he found himself spiraling into darkness, he could see an outline of a shadow above him.