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"Well Mr. Stoppable…" Monty was smirking smugly, he could tell without looking. "If you enjoyed that, then you'll just love what I'm planning to do next."

Ron felt his breath hitch from nervousness. He felt his heart skip a beat at the mere thought of what the man was planning to do. The hairs on the back of his neck rose from the mental images he got. He felt a shiver go down his spine at how Monkey Fist's voice sounded.

And he loved it all.

Long time ago, he would have retched at the thought of being kissed, of being turned on by a man. He would have screamed and fainted at the thought of being fucked by a monkey looking man. How odd it is that his opinion, his taste, his opinions and interests have changed so much. Now he's yearning for all of it to happen.

Watching the former famous archeologist take off his fluffy looking robe, Ron felt like he was going to pass out. The man's skin was a healthy tan and, despite his obsession with monkeys, did not have carpet-hair. On his chest was hair but it was normal. His stomach was flat, attractive to him. Below that, Ron felt himself grow hard once more. A hairy, yet not carpet-hairy, member stood out erect.

Subconsciously, Ron had bit his lips, even licked them! He was anxious to what was going to happen. He felt nervous but oh so damn happy about what was going to happen.

His eyes were so glued on the very thick looking erection that he failed to see Monty's smug grin. On the head of it were pre-cum. It surprised the old sidekick when he felt the desire to lick it slowly, to taste the pre-cum. That's when realization hit Ronald.

Three things; the first was that he was going to be fucked. After all, he thought bitterly, the phrase 'made love to' didn't sound right when it was for the quest of power.

Second thing; He was going to be fucked by his arch foe. An enemy that he's known since the age of 14. This was an enemy who was totally in love with monkeys, the one thing Ron hated and feared. Oh the irony!

Third and last thing; he liked Monty. Not like as in friend or acquaintance, but liked-liked. It all made since in a way, how he was never able to really hurt Monty. He…dare he think it…loved him. And that didn't bother him in the least.

That brought up the most agonizing question; did Monty love him back? Part of him doubted it, saying that this was only for the Mystical Monkey Power. The other part however…it was very possible, he argued with himself.

"Ronald…" Monty's very refined voice reached him through his thoughts. Looking up, he felt his face heat up. "Nervous?"

He gulped and nodded ever so slightly, his eyes huge with amazement. How would that fit into him? He couldn't take his gaze off Monty's cock. Part of him felt nervous and scared but the other part…

Monty's lips claimed his, severing any thoughts. His tongue slid into Ron's mouth, fighting for dominance. As if to put up a fight, Ron sucked on the man's tongue and smirked inwardly when he heard a pleasured groan.

While he was distracted by the intangible kiss, Monkey Fist let his fingers wrap around the once-more-hardness of Ron Stoppable. A muffled moan escaped from the blond boy, his hips arching up for a second time release. The smug Englishman pulled away and bit at his neck.

Instead of chopping, to be blunt, down on Stoppable's neck, he was gentle. One would think that he would intentionally hurt the young man considering how many times his plans were foiled. But Monty was never a very predictable man. He was being gentle, kind…as though he were an old lover. Or perhaps…just perhaps, he was in love.

Ronald had no time in thinking about this for he felt his whole body just freeze. His eyes became as big as saucers and his mouth dropped slightly at the site before him. Monty had grasped himself with lube in his hand, moving his slick hand up and down.

The monkey man's head was tilted back, his lips parted ever so slightly. He looked like he was in bliss as he moved his hand up and down on his member at a faster rate. Harsh breathing escaped him as he squeezed the head softly. "Oh…Ronald…" He whispered, stunning the boy on the bed. "Oh…you'll love what you're going to feel, Ronald." His eyes, those piercing blue eyes, opened and were now staring a hole through him. Blushing once more, he gulped down his fear and nodded slowly.

Monty straddled Ron's hips and smiled warmly. He could see the young man was nervous, scared. But, as always with men and almost any living reproductive creature, arousal overcame fear. And anyway, Monty thought to himself, he was planning on making Ron's first time memorable and good, great even. Yes he sounded conceited, but it was true.

Licking his neck down to his nipples, he bit them soft yet hard enough to elite a whimper. Monkey Fist smirked as he sat up, their mouths connected once more. Distracting the boy with kisses and bites on the neck, as well as sucking on his earlobe, Monty shoved his legs apart.

Ron jumped and let out a whimpering moan when he felt Monty's finger slid into him. Monkey Fist grinned, feeling just how tight the young man was. He felt himself grow harder at the thought of entering him. Biting his lip, he forced himself to have some control, sliding another finger inside him.

"So tight…" He mused tauntingly, watching Ron's face turn red once more.

As he stretched the young boy out, Monkey Fist wore a very surprised look on his face. Why? Because Ron was now panting his name. Not "Monty" or "Monkey Fist" or even "Fiske". "Montgomery" kept leaving his mouth in a whisper.

"Please…Please…just fuck me already!" Ron cried out finally, arching his back in a begging manner.

A low chuckle escaped Monty as he grabbed the young man's hips, positioning himself at the entrance. "Hurry up!" Ron nearly shouted, shocking the older man. Never would he have expected such a…command.
Sarcastically, knowing just how painful it would be, he said, "As you wish." He thrust himself into Ron slowly yet powerful enough just to make the boy regret ordering him. A hiss of pain echoed in the room.

He should have just tore the blond up, he should have just moved immediately for his own pleasure. That was how the plan worked after all, that he would be dominate and have all the power. And yet…Monty couldn't do it. For whatever reason, he stayed still to allow the boy to get used to it all.

"…Montgomery…move…" Ron whispered softly, his brown eyes staring up at the man.

Without a single hint of hesitation, Monkey Fist moved back and watched the boy squirm. With a smirk, he shoved himself back in and listened to Ron shout in bliss. Obviously he had just hit the young man's 'pleasure spot.' "Know what that was, Ronald?" Monty couldn't help but whisper while thrusting into the boy at a steady pace.

Panting was his answer, was his respond. Ron was already sweating, moaning and whimpering every time Fiske's thrust hit his prostate. He managed to move his hips up, matching the monkey man's thrusts and shoves.

Never in his entire life would Ronald would have guessed how…how…good this felt. How….fulfilling! How…close he was to cumming. And it was all thanks to his old arch-enemy.

"Montgomery!" Ron shouted, unable to stop just how ragged his voice sounded. His climax was shorter than the first but tense, pleasing. Monty shuddered at the feel of Ron's muscles tightening around his cock.

Gasping loudly, Monty cried out the boy's name, "Ronald!" He felt his blue eyes start to roll in the back of his head.

He fell next to the ex-side kick, gasping softly for air. Subconsciously he wrapped an arm around the boy's waist, smiling softly when he snuggled into his embrace. How two enemies went from hating each other to loving each other, it was just amazing.

Monkey Fist felt the mystical powers grow in him, become bigger and better. Ron felt exhausted and, quite literally, drained. As they slowly fell into a slumber, they both wondered if the other felt the same way they did about each other. If they loved one another.

Ron thought if this whole thing was just to get the power.

Monty thought if this whole thing was just to get the power.

Both wondered if it was, then why did the word 'love' enter their minds?

The end. Yeah, I got lazy but it took me days to write that lemon lol. I might do a sequel, MAYBE. If so, the idea will probably be like…Ron's life stuck with Monty being a 'prisoner'. Both refuse to confess their feelings and…yeah. I dunno. Review please.