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Kunoichi Sleepover

Chapter 1: Ino's Party


Ino had given Sabrina an invite and off she left, the invite stated something

about a party;

You're invited to Ino Yamanka's Slumber Party!

DATE: Sun. Dec. 25. 07/Mon. Dec. 26. 07

TIME: 5pm-1pm

OCCASION: Christmas of course!

CALL: 905-509-InoY.(4669)

Hope you can come!

' Sunday, that's tomorrow,' thought Sabrina,"Better tell Sasuke, otherwise

he'll freak out..."

And off she went, back to the Uchiha resitance.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm back!" informed Sabrina," Where are you?"

"In the bathroom, you better not come in, like last time!"cried the Uchiha.

' Just one time, I didn't know he was in there, taking a bath and he's talking about

it like hell! ' thought Sabrina, irritated.

"Well, just to let you know, I'm going to Ino's house at 5pm tomorrow and

coming back the next day!" said Sabrina, and left to call Ino, and to get ready.


Chapter 2: The sleepover begins!