The Uchiha Heir

Chapter One


Moonlight streamed through her window and hit her companion that lay in her bed oblivious to everything. Sakura sighed softly as the light caressed his pale face illuminating it so that he looked like an angel. He was beautiful with his ebony tresses and long eyelashes. His back was well formed and strong. Any girl would die to be in her position. To have Uchiha Sasuke in their bed every night….

Well, Sakura was no longer 'any girl'. If she had known what being the chosen one to beget the Uchiha heir meant, she would have turned the job down with no hesitation but hindsight is 20-20.

It wasn't as if Sasuke wasn't a wonderful lover. He was. The man could make her toes curl with no problem. It was just that her expectations had been a little high but she supposed that was an issue she often had.

To Sakura, having the Uchiha heir meant starting a family, settling down, getting married. Apparently Uchiha Sasuke had different ideas.


Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura were having ramen as per usual when Ino approached them excitedly. While at first the blond had been a little upset that Sakura had captured the Uchiha she soon was glad that if anyone landed him that it was Sakura. Just the thought of some random 'fangirl' landing the Uchiha was enough to make her livid.

However that wasn't the case so she was able to be happy for her rival. With a smile and a toss of her hair she asked the question that she knew had been on everyone's mind because it had certainly been on hers.

"Sakura! Sasuke! Have you guys set a wedding date?"

Sakura blushed and looked shyly at Sasuke. The whole situation was sort of new to her and she found herself following his lead—even though logically she knew that he had about the same amount of experience with weddings and such as she did. Sakura folded her hands in her lap and tried her best to keep from giggling because she was so giddy.

"Why would we do that?" Ino looked at Sasuke dumbfounded although she wasn't the only one.

"...Because you want her to have your child." Ino offered.

"And I need a wedding to do that because…?" The trio looked at Sasuke as if he had grown another head. It didn't take long for Sakura to realize he was serious. His eyes were cold and void of any emotion-more so than usual. It was a sign that he had made up his mind and nothing anyone said would be able to change it. He never had any intention of ever marrying her.

Sakura stood up abruptly catching her chair before it toppled to the floor.

"If you'll excuse me." Sakura quickly exited the area and found herself taking in deep breaths in order to maintain a calm facade.

Hold back your tears Sakura.

Wait till you're home and alone.

She whispered these thoughts to herself repeatedly. The last thing anyone wanted to see was some insane pink haired kunoichi wailing throughout the streets of Kohona. Stranger things had happened but nothing with her name attached to it and she wanted to keep it that way.

Thoughts of her despair were waylaid when she realized that she was being followed. She stiffened and slowed dreading what was to come. Sakura turned around to see which of her friends decided to be a good friend and not leave her alone.

Sakura was surprised, yet glad, that it was Sasuke who came after her. Her heart was relieved. He would soon tell her that he wasn't really serious about what he had said earlier and that he had every intention of marrying her. It was just a joke-a bad one-but a joke nonetheless.

He was silent a moment watching her very probably seeing that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve. When he started to speak a smile almost formed on Sakura's lips until she heard his words.

"Sakura, I apologize if I've mislead you, but I thought you realized I had no intention of marrying you. I really can't imagine us being together like that for the rest of our lives; however a child between the two of us is another thing. He will be a strong shinobi, the likes of which the village has not seen in ages. I picked you Sakura, because I knew you would be able to handle a situation like this without putting undo pressure on me. Was I right?"

Sakura stared into Sasuke's eyes and knew she could deny him nothing. She loved him. She always would. One day he would realize that and he would marry her.

That was hope once again springing eternal.

She smiled at him even though her heart was still hurting and she had the sinking feeling she was deluding herself. "Yes Sasuke. You were right. I will give you a son." He nodded his head and turned and walked away.

It had been six months and she had yet to conceive. Tsunade checked them both out and they were both as fertile as ever, yet no child had come but Sasuke was not one to give up. He visited her every night and loved her until neither one of them could move. He was passionate and hot at night but when morning came he was cold and distant. To make it all so bad he never once kissed her on the lips.

She felt cheap. She felt like a whore-the Uchiha baby making, whore machine. Was this really the way he was going to treat her for the rest of their lives? The future mother of his child? She didn't want to do this anymore, but she wouldn't go back on her word. She would give him a son even if it meant he killed her emotionally.

Sakura asked herself was she really willing to give up all of herself for this man who didn't love her? Was she to abandon all that she was and get nothing in return?

She never had fun anymore. She never received male attention. She was the Uchiha whore. Who would dare even try to make friendly conversation with her? Few people actually. She was so lonely and she wanted more than what Sasuke was willing to give her. The kunoichi knew that because of her promise to Sasuke she could not have a full relationship. She could not be intimate with anyone else, but maybe just maybe she could get what she needed from a man and not go mad in this tedious process of baby making with Uchiha Sasuke.