Chapter Sixteen


Naruto bumped into Sasuke as he was running away from his home.

"Watch it, loser."

Naruto had a wild, disturbed look in his eye.

"Sorry bastard. Sakura was looking for you." Naruto then took off into a full fledged run.
Sasuke frowned. Something was wrong. Naruto just apologized to him. Sasuke picked up his pace. Sakura wasn't in labor was she? Naruto wouldn't just leave her. Would he? Sasuke threw open the door and ran into their house.

"Sakura!" He yelled. He barged into their bedroom to find her staring in the mirror. She beamed when she noticed his presence. He sighed in relief, grateful that she was okay.

"I've been looking for you."

"Naruto told me." She glared at the mention of Naruto's name.

"You saw Naruto huh?"


"You know all I did was ask him a few simple questions, and he ran out of here like the hounds of hell were on his heels."


"Anyway, since he wouldn't answer I'll ask you." Sakura turned, and faced Sasuke. "Does this make me look fat?"

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, and stared at her incredulously.

"Sakura, you're nine months pregnant."


"And everything makes you look fat." Sakura took a menacing step towards him, but he continued on regardless. "I don't know why you care anyway. You're beautiful regardless."

She gave him that look that always told him she had his heart in the palm of her hands.

"You're a good husband Sasuke."


"Did you see the things I bought for the baby?"

Sasuke looked at the bed, and saw all the pink and frilly things she had bought.

"Sakura I told you not to buy all that girly stuff. We're having a son."

"Just because you want a son doesn't mean we're going to have one. Besides I'm certain it's a girl."

"I know it's a boy."

"And how do you know that O great and wonderful Uchiha?"

Sasuke activated his Sharingan. "I looked." He said smugly.

Sakura's mouth dropped open as she stared at him outraged.


Alternate Epilouge.

A year and a half later

"Must you keep that thing? You know I hate it." Sakura glanced briefly at Sasuke then continued putting on her necklace.

"Yes I will continue to wear it. It's to remind me and you."

"Of what an ass Gaara is?" Sakura chuckled at his jealously.

"No to remind us that there's always somewhere else I can be. So you'd better keep your act together beloved." Sakura paused then continued. "Not only that it reminds me how close I came to not being with you here today."

"Whatever." Sasuke said because he knew how close he came to losing the woman before him and he never intended to make that mistake again.

A shrill cry made both turn, and look at the door.

"It's your turn Sasuke. You'd better hurry before he wakes the other one up."

"Hn." Sasuke stood up, and headed to the nursery to get his bawling son. As soon as he picked him up the crying ceased.

"Tch. Spoiled by Sakura no doubt." Sasuke looked down into the deep green eyes of his son, and smiled. He ran his hand lightly over the ebony tresses on his head grateful that neither of his sons had pink hair.

Three months after Sakura had lost their last child she got pregnant again. They had twins, and got married shortly after she told him she was pregnant. It was a small ceremony. They limited it to the rookie seven, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Shizune.

Sakura joined Sasuke in the nursery. She peered down at her son.

"Why aren't you sleeping Naoto? Are you trying to wake your brother up?" Sakura asked her 9 month old son. Sakura plucked him from Sasuke's arms and nuzzled his cheek. "Go back to sleep." She whispered, and began to lull him to sleep with a song. Sasuke walked over to check on Yuudai who was still sleeping. He then turned to look at his wife with her son in his arms and realized that life couldn't be better. He had a woman who loved him, and two wonderful sons.

For the first time in his life he could say he was truly happy.

Well he would be anyway as soon as he convinced Sakura to get rid of that necklace!

He could always take it while she was sleeping. Sasuke smirked.