Home Alone? Hmm….

I crashed through the giant oak door; it slammed into the wall leaving a dent. But I wasn't concerned; the only thing I could notice was the beautiful, enchanting girl in his arms. I closed the front door, with less force but still enough to make the frame shake slightly.

"So, where do you want to start?" I asked with an impish smile. Bella rolled her head back baring her soft, warm, pale neck. Under the skin her blood was racing, singing the sweetest, almost irresistible song to me. No Edward! You wouldn't! But that was exactly it, would I? I might but then again as Bella had pointed out, could I? Answer: No, this is far to exciting to stop now.

"Oh Edward I don't know. You choose just make it quick!" I smiled, her favourite smile. It took me only a second to figure out that my room would be best and yet another second to get there, I had never notice how far my room was away until now. I'll change with Alice after this, hers is right next to the stairs.

I laid Bella gently down on the king sized bed, our kiss had been unbroken until she needed to breath. She gasped drawing in a gust of air before I pounced again; I had never felt like this before but now. Now I was ready to let go, to take Bella somewhere wonderful. She clawed at my shirts buttons, before ripping it open, a few buttons flinging off around the room. She ran her warm, gentle fingers up and down my body until I growled loudly. She smiled and pulled her T-shirt over her head, I could only sit there, ogling at her body. Wrapping her legs round my waist she kissed my neck hungrily, slowly progressing up to my ear, then back to my lips. I was completely lost in her touch, in her scent, but I managed to push her back and whip her jeans off. Now only in underwear I began, first kissing her face, then her neck. Only slightly pausing over a rushing artery, down her shoulder to the silky bra, which quickly became history. I ran one hand up her side making a shiver run up the pulsating body below, it circled around her breast before my thumb rubbed softly over her hard nipple. A breathy moan escaped her lips, which became louder as I slipped it into my mouth and sucked, hungrily but guarded I was going to make sure she wouldn't feel any pain until it was unavoidable. A hand brushed down my spine, I growled again but this time louder. Her hand rest at the band of my jeans before I lifted myself and flung them away, kneeling above Bella I my eyes ran over the whole of her body. She looked so small, breakable but yet so seductive. She too kneeled up, kissing me slowly and passionately. Then disappeared down my body, covering every inch of me in small, sweet butterfly kisses. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan, I felt her smile softly against my navel. I wasn't quite sure of what she had intended until a warmth wrapped around me, stroking up and down in a steady beat. I caught her gazing at me, a cheeky grin on her face, which worried me. What did she have planned? Before I could get any ideas I felt my boxers being pulled away, I shifted to help, then we both returned to our knees.

"Lie down, now." Bella ordered with a wink, then playfully pushed me over. Her fingers stepped down my body; a pleasurable shiver ran through me, I moaned again. Then without any warning, I felt an over-whelming rush, heat of intense degree covered my very hard manhood. I felt Bella's tongue rub against me, before she took me in even deeper. I never thought anyone, human or vampire would be able to swallow all of me.

"Bella! Oh God!" I cried out despite trying not to, I was determined to make her come before me. We had a little bet and I knew I could win, I just had to escape this pleasure she had trapped my mind in. Just as I recomposed myself she started up again, this time her head moving up and down, gradually getting faster, I was so close. Too close. Bella sat up and frowned, she thought she had it in the bag. I shrugged, and winked at her playfully, before pulling her into another passion filled kiss. My hands roamed massaging her breasts eagerly, then moving down - way down. She admitted a temporary defeat to let me have a go; I kiss her again then disappeared. I copied her actions, the effects still burning in my mind I hope they worked for her too. My hopes were correct as her back arched and she moaned softly as I showered her in light kisses, my hands edging her last garment off and onto the floor. I sighed as my hands ran up her thighs, this was supposed to make her crack, I'm might have to give up.

She groaned loudly as my hands stroked the inside of her thigh, I could feel her aroused heat and I wanted it badly. But I couldn't, not yet, she has to be prepared she was already aware of my size, but I was still worried about my strength which I couldn't really prepare her or myself for, what if I can't control myself? Carefully I placed one finger at her entrance, she gasped wanting more, I smiled. I so had this. Slipping in, her back arched and my name rang through the electrified air. Another finger went in and on request, a third, which was a stretch but she moaned in undeniable pleasure, so I gently started up a rhythm. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on what my hands were doing, right now the bet seemed forgotten, but I didn't want her to come, not yet. I felt her tighten around my fingers, she was so close, then I pulled out. Bella sat up, a hurt, confused look on her beautiful face.

"Shhh, just wait." I licked my used fingers; a fresh arousal took over as she watched. I kissed her lightly then returned to clean up, my tongue slowly edging in. She cried out again, I smiled slightly wondering how much more I could push her, by the looks of things not very. With quick movements I made short but sweet work of my tidy-up session, I slid up her body once again kissing every inch of skin I could. Then I reached her mouth; I kissed the corner of her lips, barely brushing the skin. Before another heat-fuelled kiss took place, our hands roaming over each others bodies, mine, was considerable warmer than usual. Which took both of us by surprise. Her hand wrapped around me again, slowly starting up a strong beat; I let out a queer sound that was a cross between a growl and a moan. Bella laughed quietly, before a very serious look came about her face.

"Edward please. Forget the stupid bet and just do it! I can't take another second of this pleasurable torture, just take me." I gazed at her, two brown eyes gazed back, lust, trust and impatience blazed.

"Are you sure? I mean…" I was cut off by a long finger being pressed against my lips, shushing me. I sighed, the other reason for holding on so long I guess is because I'm still scared. But you can never conquer your fear if you don't face it; taking a deep breath I ran my fingers down her sides. One hand stopped at her entrance, three fingers once again slipping in just to stretch her a little further. I positioned myself over her, none of my weight resting on her body; our eyes connected and never broke away. I slowly took away my hand to help balance myself, and prepared to enter. If my heart still worked I would probably have a heart attack, I was so nervous. My lips captured hers at the exact moment I thrust in; her gasp took the breath from my lungs to hers. She squeezed her eyes shut, I knew it hurt and it hurt me knowing I was causing it.

"Bella? Are you alright?" She opened her eyes, a solitary tear escaping. The chocolate brown was filled with such love and trust, I felt awful. Her head shook slightly and I was about to slide out, her hand touched my arm. Though it was a light movement I knew what it meant, I gently edged back in a few centimetres to my original position.

"Are you sure? I mean we can stop if you want."

"No Edward. It's fine; no it's more than fine. It's great, just go, I need you so badly!" I smiled and kissed her tenderly. Our eyes regained their connection and we started again. I moved slower but she moaned quietly for me to go faster, and I let go, taking a deep breath and thrusting the whole of my length inside of her. The squeeze was incredible, she was so tight against me I wondered how was going to get out again. I paused to let her catch her breath, as she was now panting heavily. Before she signaled to go.

I found my rhythm quickly and started off slowly, but the urgency to come was strong, in both of us. I picked up the pace, and before I knew it Bella was screaming my name out, I was nearing a more vampric speed. I started to panic, but soon enough pleasure took over and clouded my mind of worries.

"Edward!" Bella's cry only made me thrust harder, until I noticing something her mouth hadn't moved. Ohh, Edward. Will he ever stop? I'm about to explode! A loud moan escaped her mouth but what I had just heard… I slowed slightly, was I hearing Bella's mind? Oh God, what a situation to discover that! I can't hear what my true is thinking unless we make love, how very convenient. Edward! I can't go anymore, come on mouth work! I smiled when only a groan came out, but I heard the edge to her voice, and slowed down. Then as my strokes became slower but firmer she came, her muscles tightening around me. This only made me come too, we both shouted out each other's names, before Bella gave up and the aroused tension melted away from her. I exited her carefully, that must have been one hell of a ride for her. I kissed her neck and face softly.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I love you." I hoped she felt the truth behind those simple, overused words. The truth that if she stopped loving me, if she ever left. My world would collapse; nothing would be worth living for. Here and now I finally understood why she broke down when I left, something I would, could, never do again.

"I love you, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. You are my sun and my moon, never leave me." Never again Edward, promise me. I smiled gently nuzzling her hair.

"I promise." The surprise in her face was quickly washed away, by love, trust, and need. A fiery need that burned through me, I would never leave, as like I demonstrated here, I never could.

"Edward!" Alice roared up the stairs, her thoughts were mumbled but they were urgent. "Edward," she burst into my room. "Charlie's downstairs, he couldn't reach Bella on her phone so he grabbed the spare key Bella has to the house, and… And he heard everything!"