This was going to be in honour of Midnight Sun and be all in Edward's POV, but we all know what happened… Anyways have fun

"Alice what do you mean everything?" I was starting to panic; I had practically flown into my clothes. She looked very worried, "Edward he's gone a funny colour. And he's stop talking, he's just kind of sitting there, looking mad." I followed out the door, suddenly very confused.

"If Charlie heard then why didn't he come up?"

"We thankfully got here just after him, he was looking for you two. Carlisle almost got him to go home when Bella cried out; Charlie thought we were experimenting on her at first. Then it kind of dawned on him." We rushed downstairs, almost too fast to keep up our human masquerade. Charlie was sitting on the sofa, just staring into nothing, his face an angry purple that scared me. I'd much rather take on a newborn than Charlie in his present state. He turned slowly to look at me; Carlisle put a protective hand on my shoulder as Charlie stood up. That boy, he has no idea what's coming. I'm gonna smash him. I recoiled at Charlie's violent thoughts, Carlisle understood at once and stepped in to make sure Charlie didn't unveil our secret.

"Charlie just keep calm. Edward has done nothing wrong..."

"NOTHING WRONG! WHAT HE DID TO MY DAUGHTER, I, I." Charlie was hyperventilating by the time he had finished with his rant, Esmé sat him down and rubbed his arm comfortingly.

"Charlie, Bella and Edward are old enough to do what they like now. You have to give her the rights to her own life." Charlie glared at him, how dare he tell me what to do! I tugged Carlisle's arm warning him that Charlie was about to blow, Carlisle stepped back.

"You have no right to tell me what is and isn't right for my daughter! I can't trust that boy with her anymore, after all the pain she went through. And now, now he comes back to take her innocence!" Charlie's breathing was heavy and ragged; his face was splotchy and red. His mind was just a loud drum of angry cusses, none of it making sense, much like Emmet's. But the words still hit a truth, one I wish that I'd never have to face. I did leave Bella, and I did just return, I know how this must look but how can I get Charlie to understand. For the first time, in a long time, I feel like a teenager. Edward? What are we going to do? This is getting worse by the second and if we let him take Bella I'm afraid about what will happen. If Charlie won't allow her to see you again... This was another truth I didn't enjoy admitting to. When I was human I met a young girl named Florence, her father worked for a rival law-firm to my father's and refused to let her see me. I scaled her balcony and whisked her away, when we returned her father locked her away, rather like Rapunzel, she went mad and was shipped of to an institute. After I gained control when I was changed I looked up her files, she died a year later; I still felt a deep guilt for ruining her.

"Where is she then?" Charlie growled fiercely through gritted teeth, his eyes popping out of his head; I had to agree with Rosalie, overall it was not a good look. "Can I take her away? Or have you not finished with her?" I felt immense anger bubbling inside; he was implying that I was simply using her as a toy to satisfy my own needs. Emmet smiled, and walked up to Charlie, patting him a bit too hard on the shoulder.

"Oh, believe me a few minutes is enough for him." He laughed in a joking way, everyone glared at him. Charlie became even angrier, if that was at all possible. Emmet suddenly realised that Charlie didn't know about my, let's say "lack of experience" in that area. I'm so sorry! It was already too late, Emmet words had gone to the irrational part of Charlie's brain, and just when I thought it couldn't get worse...

"Edward? Edward where did you go?" Bella's voice was soft and dazed. She came halfway down the stairs before realising the company and rushing back upstairs, I turned away to get her, leaving Carlisle and the others to restrain Charlie. As I climbed the stairs I saw why Bella had made such a quick escape. She had just thrown on one of my shirts the buttons only half done up, I have to admit it wasn't a bad sight at all.

"Edward why is my father here?" She whispered harshly at me, a very serious and scared look on her beautiful face. I looked back downstairs, Carlisle and Charlie where arguing over something or other.

"Well Bella, you see. He couldn't reach your cell so being a father he assumed the worst and stole your spare house key," I made a mental note to take that off her, she can use the doorbell. "Fortunately everyone else arrived just minutes after him, and tried to get him home. But off course being the danger magnet you are you happened to shout out... Charlie thought we were torturing you at first, but then he kind of figured things out." I took a breath as she digested this; a horrified look came about on her features. I knew this was coming but she was the only one who would know how bad it could be.

"Edward! I'm never going to see you again; I'm never going to see the outside of my room again! Oh Edward, please don't send me home, I'll never come out again!" Throwing herself at me, Bella began to cry. I couldn't bare her tears; I always made her cry, that wasn't good. I hugged her tight, I was going to sort this out, and I knew exactly what to do. I whispered in Bella's ear my plan; she wiped her tears and nodded.


With Bella dressed we proceeded downstairs, things had gone strangely quiet. I took Bella's hand and kissed it, she blushed and followed me downstairs. Charlie saw Bella and was about to go into a rant when I began our plan.

"Charlie, I understand why your mad but listen. The only reason I took Bella was because, because I needed to see if she trusted me. Trusted me enough to answer this question," Bella frowned, I was changing the script, so that I could get this off my chest and calm Charlie down. Well about the sex bit anyway. I kneeled in front of Bella, my hands shaking slightly. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you... marry me?" Everyone in the room gasped, their breath held for Bella's answer. She glanced around to look at everyone's faces, all except Charlie's, who's was of horror and complete shock, were beaming happily.

"Edward," she pulled me up. "My dearest Edward, I have never been happier to say, yes." I was dumbstruck, she said yes didn't she? I glanced at Esmé and Carlisle who both smiled and nodded to confirm what I thought I heard. I kissed Bella's rosy lips; she wrapped her arms around me. I knew what was supposed to come next but Charlie was still here to deal with.

"Dad? Dad I know you think that Edward isn't right for me, and what we did today is wrong. But just listen, I love Edward, and this was a way for us to finally..." She paused thinking hard about what she was about to say. "To finally confirm our trust in one another." Only Bella and I would know the true meaning in those words but they were still beautiful. Charlie just stared at her, before shaking his head and leaving. Just walked out the front door, not a thought passed through his mind. Bella crumbled, tears ran down her face refusing to stop no matter how many she wiped away there was more on her cheeks. She disappeared upstairs before anyone could say anything, Carlisle sighed loudly.

"Edward you better go. This can wait until the morning." I rushed upstairs, now no longer sticking to a human-like pace. In my bedroom I found Bella, she had undressed and slipped on my shirt again, curled into a ball in the giant gold bed. I threw my top off and slid in behind her, my arms wrapping tightly round her small body. She pressed against me; I knew it was a sign. Never leave me Edward. She whispered though through her mouth came only whimpers, I knew that we had finally become one.