"And that's all we've got for you tonight on iCarly!" Carly Shay said to the camera, which one of her best friends, Freddie Benson, was holding. "Tune in next week, same time!"

"Do it!" Carly's other best friend, Sam Puckett, yelled.

Freddie shut the camera off. "Great show this week," he said happily. "Did you notice how I used the virtual fixation lenses differently this week?"

Sam rolled her eyes, as she usually did when Freddie would start to talk about his technology stuff, which she didn't care about in the least. "Learn English, geek. Not that we care, anyway."

"Why must you always be so mean?" He asked, barely even feeling insulted. He was so used to Sam that her insults really didn't bother him much anymore.

"It's in my nature," she replied. "Just like it's in your nature to suck your thumb!"

"Is it also in your nature to…to…assault people?" Freddie finished feebly. He just wasn't good at throwing insults like Sam was.

As if on cue, she started to laugh at his weak insult, while Carly just stood there, looking sympathetic. This was what always happened. Sam humiliated Freddie in front of Carly. "You know, it's getting kind of late. I should go home before my mom, you know, freaks out like she usually does."

"Yeah, later," Carly and Sam said. Freddie turned to leave, and Sam felt a weird pitter-patter in her heart at the sight of him. Whoa—that was strange.

She shook her head disbelievingly. Sure, it was the like feeling, but there was no way. Absolutely none at all.