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Freddie was finished setting up his show equipment when he finally looked at Carly to ask the question he'd been wanting to ask for the last hour. "Did you talk to her?" He said. "Please tell me she said yes."

Carly sighed. "She said she'll think about it. I wouldn't worry too much, Freddie. You like her, and it's obviously pretty safe to say that she feels the same way."

"Until I, you know, screwed it up," Freddie said dejectedly.

"Yeah," Carly agreed instantly. "No offense, but you really, really did."

He made an uncharacteristically ugly face. "Thanks a lot, Carly. You're a great friend in my time of need." The sarcasm was clear.

Shrugging, Carly replied. "Just telling it like it is."

They were quiet again for about ten minutes, and Freddie's head was pounding. He wasn't sick. Just nervous, scared, worried, and apprehensive. What if she'd decided not to do what he wanted?

Then at that moment, the elevator door opened, and out stepped Sam, and Freddie smiled in spite of his earlier promise to himself to keep cool no matter what. Here she was, finally being around him, in all her beautiful glory. Now all he had to do was stick to the plan and with a little luck everything would be perfect.

Well maybe more than a little luck.

"Hey," Carly said happily.

"Hi," Sam said. "You should know I'm only hear because you annoyed me so much to come. Otherwise I would have just stayed home." She shot Freddie a scathing look.

"We're going live in thirty seconds," Freddie told them, ignoring the look. "In five, four, three, two…and we're on!" He turned on the camera.

"I'm Carly!" Carly shouted.

"And I'm Sam!" Sam said, more nervously than usual, suddenly remembering that this show was completely unrehearsed. Maybe she would have been better off coming a little earlier so to have time to prepare. But that would mean spending more time with Freddie than absolutely necessary, which she just wouldn't do.

"This week on iCarly we have a brand new segment for you!" Carly told the camera.

Sam stared. "What?" She mouthed to Carly. There had definitely been no talk of a new segment when Carly had begged her to come on this week.

A few feet away Freddie had clicked his camera to AutoShoot. He stepped in front of the camera, right next to Sam. "It's called," he began. "Freddie says sorry. And tells Sam that he messed up and he regrets it so much and would do anything to get another chance." He breathed in and out, trying to calm the nerves of her reply, which could possibly mean not only a heart-crushing blow, but a heart-crushing blow in front of thousands of people nationwide.

"Well I don't know if you deserve a second chance," she said stiffly. As much as she wanted to forgive him, could she? Did he have any idea how much he had hurt her feelings? Well, no, he obviously didn't, but he had to know that he'd hurt them at all.

Freddie took a deep breath. This was his moment of truth, to show whether he was brave or cowardly. "Sam," was all he said. And then, without even thinking twice about it, he leaned in and kissed her, more passionately than he had originally intended. Sure, it might have been a bit much for the youngest of iCarly viewers, but he didn't care. He wasn't even considering anything that was going on but the kiss itself. He was suspended in a world where nothing mattered except for the two of them and their own feelings.

And surprisingly, so was she.

Several minutes later, they broke apart. He looked in her huge brown eyes, savoring every second of this experience, trying to capture as a memory forever. "So can I have a second chance?" He asked, trying to catch his breath while remaining hopeful as ever.

"I don't know," she replied, but already he could see by way of her playful expression and starry eyes that she had forgiven him. That she still had the feelings that he had been wishing and hoping with all his might had not died. "But I think we'll be able to figure it out."

So she grabbed his hand, kissed him, this time a short one, and together they walked away from camera view, sitting in a chair together, holding hands, kissing, and laughing playfully.

Carly could do the show by herself—just this once.

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