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Sky-blue eyes stared up at the crooked letters that adorned the intimidating white building in front of him. A bird's nest was settled in the second "o" of "Konoha," giving the outward impression of neglect as well as an uncaring attitude. The blond-haired boy couldn't help but wonder what had possessed the bird to make his home in such a place. It certainly couldn't have been a first option. Said blond then grinned, realizing that the bird could have instead chosen to reside in the "Mental Hospital" portion of the title. This was how his guardian, Iruka, found him; looking up at the black letters reading "Konoha Mental Hospital" and smiling absentmindedly. The older man gently elbowed the younger one in the shoulder, successfully waking the boy from his silent musings. Blue eyes blinked rapidly several times before turning to regard the sad smile on his guardian's usually calm face. He responded to the look with a dazzling, ear-to-ear grin that would have looked pitifully fake on anyone else. Not only did his cheery grin alleviate Iruka's previously heartrending smile, it also helped the boy catch the eye of a nurse walking out the front door of the aforementioned building.

"Come on, Iruka, this was your idea. You know I would probably be safer here anyway. Besides," the blond continued, "I've always wanted to see what the inside of one of these places looked like!"

Iruka opened his mouth to speak, but got cut off by a young, petite nurse making her way to the two figures that had been standing in front of the door. Brushing her short, dark brown hair out of her eyes, she turned to the two men and proceeded to introduce herself.

"Hi, my name is Shizune." Her voice was soft and sweet and her dark brown eyes brimmed with kindness. "Welcome to Konoha Mental, I'm one of the nurses that works here." She looked at Iruka and extended her hand. Iruka, being the perfect gentleman that he was took her hand and shook it reflexively. Shizune then turned her gaze to the sunny-haired boy on Iruka's right. "You must be Naruto, correct?" she asked pleasantly.

Said boy brightened up immediately at the mention of his name and unleashed one of his astounding ear-to-ear grins. "Yup!" he exclaimed "Uzumaki Naruto, the one and only!" Shizune gave a short little chuckle and rubbed the top of the boy's head affectionately before turning back to his guardian.

"Most of the kids got here yesterday, so many of them have already had the time to introduce themselves. However, we haven't organized the rooms yet because we wanted to take a look at everyone's diagnosis and see how everyone got along before we put them in rooms together." The nurse then looked back at the excited boy, puzzling over his odd behavior. Most kids were heartbroken when they learned that they would have to be staying at a mental hospital, but here was this boy smiling and laughing and all and all looking downright thrilled at the prospect of staying in Konoha Mental. Shizune directed her gaze back towards the boy's guardian. "Since you were the only ones to come today we might have trouble finding someone who has enough free time to give you both the grand tour today," she apologized. "However, you're welcome to come and visit on weekends, and I'm sure you could find someone to show you around then."

Iruka smiled and nodded. "Of course, that's perfectly understandable. I wouldn't want to cause any trouble if no one was available." With that, Shizune turned around and led the both of them into the facility. However, she was met at the door by a rather frazzled-looking blond woman.

"Shizune, do you remember which room we put the extra sake in?" The woman crossed her arms over her large chest and looked down at the nurse.

"Tsunade-sama! You should be inside doing your paperwork! What are you doing looking for sake?" Shizune's tone was high-pitched and panicky. She looked at her employer incredulously before turning around to examine the expressions on the two men behind her. Iruka's expression was one of almost complete and utter shock, which was to be expected considering that the appearance of the woman was that of an irresponsible businesswoman, complete with ink marks on her face, proof that she had fallen asleep sometime while doing her paperwork. The boy, however, looked unfazed by the woman's unusual appearance and backed up, as if trying to use Iruka as a shield. Once safely behind his guardian, he brightened up considerably, waiting for the blond woman to notice his presence.

When said woman finally decided to look his way for lack of an adequate response from her assistant, the only adequate response being a specific location of her stash of good sake, Naruto opened his mouth and yelled an enthusiastic "Ohayo Tsunade-baachan!" before attempting to move even further behind his flustered and now utterly confused guardian. However, before that could happen, the busty woman had him inches from her face, as he was now being held up by the firm grip she had on the back of his collar, and was fuming.

"WHAT did I say about calling me that gaki?" Tsunade's honey-colored eyes promised imminent doom to the nervous-looking blond wriggling around in her secure grasp.

"B-but Tsunade-sama…" The helpless blond looked up at the woman still threatening to strangle him before pouting and attempting to give her doe eyes. However, it was proving harder than he first thought. After all, pouting wasn't necessarily the best thing to attempt when one could hardly breathe. Eventually, after shifting around a little bit more in the woman's grasp he managed to pull of his infamous puppy-eyes. Tsunade glowered at the boy before growling and releasing her grasp, unceremoniously letting the owner of said dangerous eyes hit the cold, hard tile floor.

"Itai…" Naruto groaned, rubbing the top of his sore head.

"Ts-Tsunade-sama? I believe it would be appropriate if we got Naruto situated now?" Shizune took a nervous glance at her employer, watching her slowly calm down from her incident. "I know we might not find anyone to give them the tour but…"

"Pfft, not everyone here is that busy Shizune," the irritated woman replied. She then turned so that her back was to the other two still in her presence, cupped her hands over her mouth and shouted down the empty hallway. "KAKASHI!" Several seconds later a man walked out of a door near the far end of the hallway, then proceeded to walk to the group who was still standing in the middle of the lobby at a leisurely pace. The two new arrivals couldn't help but stare at the man's strange appearance. His hair was spiked at an unnatural angle and was an unusual grey color, unusual because, despite the grey hair, the man looked fairly young. He had what seemed to be a ski mask on, which was covering his mouth and nose. He also wore a headband over his left eye with the mental hospital's logo on it.

He tucked the book that he was reading under his arm and smiled at the two newcomers, well, as far as they could tell from his visible eye, and gave them the very formal introduction of "Yo."

Iruka was the first to recover from the shock that was the strange man's appearance and held out his hand while politely introducing himself. "I'm Umino Iruka, Naruto's guardian." Kakashi let his eyes roam freely over the shorter man, taking in his general appearance. Chocolate-brown eyes blended in perfectly with his tanned skin. A thin scar running across the bridge of his nose surprisingly gave him a rather innocent look and his dark eyes were warm and inviting. When Iruka noticed the intensity of the taller man's gaze, he blushed self-consciously. Seeing the blush, Kakashi took Iruka's hand and, instead of shaking it, brought it slowly to his lips. He pulled back to see that Iruka's blush had darkened several shades of red.

"Hatake Kakashi." Tsunade sighed, crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot impatiently while Shizune looked down at her feet, suddenly finding the pattern of the floor tiles very interesting.

When Kakashi finally looked up into the fiery eyes of the still miffed woman she glared before giving him his instructions. "I want you to give these two a tour of the facility. When you're done, bring Naruto to the cafeteria and meet me in my office. I believe we have something to discuss." Ignoring the obvious threat in her words, Kakashi turned back to the blushing brunette and still in shock blond, his eyes curving upward into a happy "U" shape.

"Right this way," he said turning around and walking down the hall, not waiting for the two to realize that they should be following.

Tsunade watched the two scurry after Kakashi and waited for them to turn a corner before massaging her temples and turning to Shizune. "Something tells me I'm going to start having to buy more sake with this kid around…"

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