'Seventh year has just begun. Finally! In May, I'll finally graduate and leave this place for good. Thank God. It's not that Hogwarts has been terrible, it's just I'm tired of it. It being drama. I've had it with drama. I guess drama comes naturally when you're best friends with the biggest player Hogwarts has ever seen since Sirius Black. Fred Weasley is—'

"Whatcha doin Autumn?" Fred Weasley asked, peering over Autumn Montgomery's shoulder.

Autumn slammed her leather journal shut, "None of your business."

"Ooo, feisty." Fred joked. He jumped over the back of the couch and propped Autumn's feet on his lap. "So how are you deary?"

She raised an eyebrow, "What do you want?"

"There's this little party going on in the Room of Requirement. It's kind of a welcome back type of thing. Wanna come?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really." George said, grabbing Autumn's left arm. Fred stood and took her right one.

Autumn sighed, "Alright, let's go party."

The trio entered the Room of Requirement moments later, thanks to some secret passages. The room was filled with sixth and seventh year students from all four houses. Some slutty blond from Hufflepuff slunk up next to Fred, "Hey baby."

"Hello cutie." Fred replied. He let go of Autumn's arm and let 'blondie' lead him to a random couch. The couple proceeded to make out, with Fred biting her neck here and there.

Autumn rolled her eyes and left George cuddled up next to some random sixth year. She grabbed a bottle of Butterbeer and settled into a corner. She sipped her drink and watched as everyone danced. Dance is a pretty loose term, she thought. Mate might be closer. Autumn never understood the whole lust, touchy-feely thing. Probably because she had never felt that before. Seventeen years old and never been kissed.

"Ok everyone!" a Slytherin seventh year yelled after turning off the music. "We're gonna play a little game. It's called seven minutes in heaven. I'll draw two names out of a hat. Those two people have to spend seven minutes in our handy-dandy closet." She reached into a hat and pulled out two slips of paper, "And our first couple is Fred Weasley and Autumn Montgomery."

Autumn raised an eyebrow and choked on her drink, "Crazy Slytherin say what?"

Fred grabbed her drink and set it on the table. "Come on love." he said taking her now empty hand and leading her to the closet. They entered the room and Fred closed the door behind him. "So, let's get started." He leaned into kiss her, only to be stopped when she placed her hands on his chest, keeping him at arms length. "What's up?"

She sighed, "Fred…I've never been kissed."

He smiled, "Then I'll make this one you'll never forget." Fred placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer. He bent down and gently kissed her lips. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue, begging for entrance. Autumn let out a moan as he bit her lip, he slid his tongue into her mouth. He moved his hand under her shirt, touching the soft skin on the small of her back.

Autumn felt as if her skin was on fire. She had never felt this way before. She moved her hands to play with Fred's hair, eliciting a small moan from him. He backed her against the wall and played with the waistband of her skirt. Autumn's body had a mind of it's own as her legs wound themselves around Fred's waist. His hand went up her skirt and found their desination. He pushed the wet fabric of her underwear aside and entered two fingers into her soft folds. Autumn let out a small gasp as Fred rhythmically pumped his fingers in and out of her, the initial pain slowly fading away.

"Fred!!" she screamed, reaching her climax. Fred removed his hand but still held her until he was sure she could stand. He set her down and smiled as he licked his fingers clean. Autumn had just finished adjusting her skirt when the door opened.

"Times up." Lee said with a grin on his face.

After the party everyone went back to their dorms. As Autumn was snuggling into bed, Angelina asked, "So how was your seven minutes with Fred?"

Autumn smiled and said one word, "Heaven."

Liz: So, this was originally supposed to be a oneshot, but I think I could make a story of this. Let me know what you think. And I'm working on trying to update my stories, it seems college is taking up more of my time then I thought it would. Love ya all:D:D:D