Title: Right of Property (2/?)

Rating: PG-13 (strong language)

Buddy tapped his pen against the metal consul watching Violet through the monitors. She lay across the bed reading one of the many books he had placed in her room. She'd been a bright, intelligent young woman from the start and he wanted to encourage that. When she wasn't having her powers and herself tested, he made sure she was kept busy with learning software and books.

With her powers, if she didn't have the intelligence to use them in ways other than the obvious she might as well not have any powers. He tapped his pen against the metal again, rapping out a steady rhythm.

She seemed relaxed, her long legs stretched out in front of her. Bare creamy skin that he was sure would feel like silk under his fingers. Silk over steel. He couldn't help note she was developing muscle tone she hadn't had when he first purchased her. It seemed both her body and powers were growing stronger.

"Are you going to want the girl pulled for tests today, sir?" A blonde woman near his elbow asked.

He didn't look up, annoyed that he'd forgotten she was there. "No."

"Sir, I know you were worried about the potential emotional trauma from the incident that might affect her performance but it's been several weeks since her last session," the young woman pointed out.

Buddy turned his head slightly. "Ms. Kent, do enlighten me as to why you think you know better than I do?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "And also as to why you think I haven't been testing her?"

"I-sir, it just that you're dealing with this super differently than you have any of the others you've owned," Lorna Kent simpered, looking at him with wide brown eyes. Buddy tried to remember why he'd ever fucked her. "You haven't even field tested her."

Buddy snorted. "And I won't be. You don't put carnations in a Ming vase. She's far too valuable and there is still far too much I can learn from her abilities." He looked back at the screen, watching Violet stretch her arms above her head. The movement pulled the material of the t-shit taunt over her breasts.

"You mean you haven't gotten tired of her in bed yet," Lorna grumbled, cross her arms over her chest. "You've already developed shielding technology based off tests on her, what else is she good for?"

Buddy rose to his feet and turned full around to look at Lorna. "She, unlike some, can hold an intelligent conversation that doesn't center on how brilliant I am. Which while I enjoy hearing, gets rather tiresome," he told her nastily.

Lorna started at him, her mouth gapping. "I, but we had fun together. You like fucking me."

"I liked fucking you yes, but I've grown rather bored with you and your possessiveness," Buddy brushed bash her. "If you do not want to find yourself working for Mirage I suggest you remember that I am your boss." He turned his head back slightly. "Understood?"

Lorna nodded fury behind her brown eyes. "Yes, sir."

"Good," Buddy said and nodded before straightening his jacket. "Now send someone to fetch Violet, and have her dressed decently. I want her to join me for lunch."

If looks could kill Lorna would have incinerated him on the spot. Buddy smirked. Did she think she was the first assistant he'd fucked? He should send her to Mirage for a few days to teach her a lesson and her place. He hired her to look good in a suit, make his coffee, and be his bloody assistants not his girlfriend or wife.

She didn't even make the good of coffee.


"Violet, so good of you to join me for lunch," Pine smiled at her standing up and pulling out Violet's chair for her.

Violet rolled her eyes but sat down. "You talk as if I had a choice," she pointed out.

She felt his eyes linger over her modest sweater and jeans, and wished he wouldn't do that. "You could have declined the invitation," Pine told her.

"It wasn't an invitation, Pine. We both know that. You ordered me here," Violet said, picking up her fork.

He frowned at her, but she started eating. She could never say Pine didn't make sure she ate well. Even in the cells, she'd eaten well. The rosemary chicken was always good and seemed to be one of Pine's favorites.

"You aren't eating?" Violet asked looking up at him. "Am I your food taster now too?

Pine blinked. "Would you have come if you had a choice?"

Violet blinked right back throw off. "What does it matter? I didn't have one. I never have one."

"Comes with being a slave," Pine pointed out.

"Comes with being owned by an asshole," Violet shot back.

Pine sighed and took a drink of the amber liquid in his glass. "You didn't answer the question. Would you have come to lunch if given a choice?"

Violet sat back in her chair, wondering what game or test he was running this time. "You probably wouldn't let me eat unless the choice was to your liking."

"I don't starve my slaves," Pine snapped.

"No, you just kill them," Violet told him calmly and raised her chin.

Pine's frown grew deeper. "Who told you that?" he demanded.

She shrugged. "It's rather common knowledge around here." She certainly wasn't going to betray Lorna.

"You, little super, are giving me a headache," he grumbled drinking down the rest of the liquid. "And for your information you'd be feed whether or not you joined me for meals. Now answer the fucking question."

Violet raised her chin higher. "No, I wouldn't have chosen to come to lunch."

"Ah," was the only comment Pine gave. "Finish your lunch. I want to compare your force field against the one our device generates."