Always the Seeker's Fault

"Nice going, Higgs! You lost us a match to a stupid first year!"

"Well how was I supposed to know he could dive like that?! I thought the bloody idiot would crash!" Terrence Higgs attempted to defend himself.

"And? Why did you pull out? You could have done it too!" Flint snarled.

"No! I would have crashed, and you know it! Then you would have been down a seeker."

"Yeah. But you didn't have to veer off like you did! You looked ready to faint like a little girl. You could have pulled up a bit and gone at a different angle." One of the Beaters, Adrain Pucey, unkindly pointed out. "Could've snatched it right out from in front of him while he was performing his cute little broom trick." All of them rolled their eyes. Terrence scowled at the older boy. He'd also thought of that, but a little too late.

"He was acting like a bloody circus performer..." Somebody muttered.

Before he could lash out at Pucey, Montague laughed.

"Aye, you're right about that mate. Did you see him, though? He coughed up the snitch. I think I heard Malfoy call him a tree frog or something on my way in here."

"What did he do?" another of Terrace's teammates asked.

"Potter fell off his broom and looked like he was going to be sick. He coughed up the snitch." Flint smirked. He proceeded to do an exaggerated rendition of Harry Potter retching, complete with an extremely sick look. The whole team roared with laughter.

"Potter's never going to live this down!" Montague choked out.

The laughter took a few minutes to die down.

Then something occurred to Flint.

"I do not look forward to seeing Snape tomorrow in Potions."

The entire team groaned.

"Aye, I can agree with you there. But still, maybe we can have a bit of fun with this tree frog business. Since we didn't win..." The entire team glared at Higgs once more.

"How many times do I have to tell you, it wasn't my fault?!"

"You aren't going to change our minds. We lost because you didn't catch the snitch. You weren't fast enough. If any team loses, it's always the seeker's fault."

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