The Broken Ones


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed


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AN (aka Warnings): Random, this is a sad try at poor, but humorous writing, and Kenpachi x Momo.

He had always had a soft spot for the broken ones. He didn't really know why, but he never really needed a reason for anything he did. People just accepted it because he was Kenpachi Zaraki and he never did anything with a reason. He never questioned it because he felt it was weak to not know something about oneself and if he didn't question it, he wouldn't have to answer anything. Therefore, he wasn't weak. It was basic knowledge in the Seireitei and it was never questioned unless someone wanted to lose a body part.

It was the day that Renji stopped by the 11th to talk with Ikkaku that people began to question why exactly Kenpachi was like he was. They questioned it over and over, but no one ever really figured out a reason for it…mainly because, well, there was no reason. He was just like that.

But we're going to ignore all of this silly questioning and head back into the story…

"Who's that?" Kenpachi asked after overhearing Renji talking about Hinamori of the 5th.

"Hinamori Momo—" Renji was cut off by a deep nasally snort coming from Zaraki.

"Momo? Isn' that some kind a fruit?"

"Yes, Sir," Renji continued without a pause, already having been under Zaraki's captainship for a number of years, the redhead knew all about his little quirks…like eavesdropping and interrupting just to name a few. "She is the lieutenant of the 5th division, Sir."
"Didn't even know they still had a lieutenant," Kenpachi said, scratching the back of his head absently. "Thought the old one got killed by that idiot, Aizen."

"Not exactly, Captain," Ikkaku broke in, sighing inwardly at his captain's lack of finesse. "She was hospitalized with a coma and sword wounds, but now she is in stable condition. Renji was just telling me how she'd finally awoken from her coma, Sir."

"When'd she get out of it?" Kenpachi asked, fiddling with a bell.

"Yesterday afternoon, Sir," Renji answered him.

"Did ya visit her already, Abarai?"

"Yes, Sir," Renji nodded gravely, "She refuses to see anyone, though."

"Doesn' want t'see ya? Weren't you like best buddies or some joke like that, Abarai?" Kenpachi frowned at the bewildered look on Renji's face.

"Well, she, lieutenant Kira and I were all very close during our training."

"Best buddies," Kenpachi repeated, chuckling to himself. He turned to go. "That's it."

Ikkaku and Renji exchanged looks, but by the time they looked back at Kenpachi, he was gone.

Kenpachi wasn't dumb, he knew that. It was just…sometimes he had trouble figuring things out. Like right now he couldn't figure out why he just bought fruit from a vendor and was now heading up the steps to the fourth division. Weaker shinigami stumbled out of his way as he walked inside. He grabbed the shirt of the nearest healer and brought him hazardously close to his face. The shinigami leaned away from Zaraki's dangerously pointed teeth, which in itself was yet another question. Why were his teeth so sharp looking?

"Where's that peach-girl?" Kenpachi rumbled, because when you've got a voice that deep you can't really call it anything else, but we will anyway, because I have to use more than one word to describe someone's voice.

"Sir?" the shinigami was shaking. "Did you want to see Unohana-taichou? I'm sorry, but she's away right now, so maybe if you—"

"I don' want to talk to her," Kenpachi grunted, frightening the poor soul. "I want to talk to the lieutenant of the 5th, you got that?"

"Yes, sir…" the shinigami swallowed. "Lieutenant Hinamori is refusing all guests."

"So I heard, jus tell me where she is."

"Uh, I can't disclose that information to anyone who isn't part of Unohana-taichou's—"

"Save it," Kenpachi growled, dropping the death god to the ground. "I'll find her myself."

Kenpachi only tried slightly more than twenty doors. He lost count at twenty-three and after a few times of barging in on some more or less unsavory patients, noticed the doors were marked with the patients' names. It took only minutes to find one marked with her name…and it was apparently down the deepest, darkest hallway the fourth division possessed, not that it bothered Kenpachi Zaraki, because anything—including deep, dark hallways—would have had to have been crazy to try to scare someone as manly as Kenpachi Zaraki.

He didn't knock.

The door slammed against the wall, leaving a rather unattractive hole in the plaster.

When Momo didn't look up, he chucked a peach at her. Even he would admit he was surprised when she caught it. She stared at it blankly for a moment before she turned and held it up to him. "You dropped this," her voice was rusty from disuse.

"What's wrong with ya?" Kenpachi asked ruthlessly, staring at her.

"Laceration through the stomach."

"That's not it," he stared at her long and hard. "You're a total mental case, aren't ya?"


"Well, at least ya aren't a liar," Kenpachi rifled through her belongings. "Nothin' worth bringin' with ya."

"Am I going somewhere?"


"Has Captain Aizen come for me?"

"Heh, crazy," Kenpachi huffed her onto his shoulder with little grace. "But we'll fix that."