Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Where's The Good In Goodbye?

It was nine in the morning. Through the little slits of the blinds on the windows the bright sun came through.

Nick slowly opened his eyes. Normally any guy would scream when he found out that he just slept with his ex girlfriend. But he couldn't be happier. He smiled and looked around the room. Pieces of their clothing was scattered around. Then, he looked at the girl lying peacefully next to him. It was someone very special to him, Miss Miley Cyrus.

His happy thoughts were interrupted by several bad ones. He looked at his watch and realized he had to go. The Jonas Brothers were scheduled to go on a year long tour with Demi Lovato. Nick personally didn't like Demi but what could he do? He hated it but he still had to perform, though he did wish it was Miley coming instead of Demi. Not as Hannah Montana or anyone else for that matter. He wanted Miley.

As he started to get dressed, something caught his eye. He stopped and looked at his left hand. He took the shiny ring off and put it on the bed. He tore off a piece of paper off the stationary by the phone. He quickly wrote something down and placed it on the bed with the ring on top of it. He frowned. He knew for a fact he would have severe consequences for this. But he didn't care. This might be his last time doing anything with Miley.

Nick was about to walk out, but something else caught his eye. Miley's phone. He walked over and picked it up and opened it. He went to her texts and looked at the last one she sent. He laughed inaudibly. Miley always had to be nice even if she was hurting someone. The text said,

Hey Jerry. Look I think we should break up. I'm sorry. Let's still be friends. Please don't hate me but it's the best thing. Bye

Nick silently walked over to Miley. He looked at her gently breathing in and out. She looked so delicate that if you touched her, she would break into a million little pieces. The color of her crazy colored blue eyes. The way her lips felt so smooth and perfect on his. Nick wiped away the tear that was rolling down his cheek.

He slowly bent down and placed a soft, gentle kiss upon Miley's lips. He backed up and walked to the door. He took one last look at Miley.

"Goodbye Miley." He said softly.

With that, he walked out of the room, and maybe out of Miley's life.

Miley slowly woke up. She looked at the clock and it read twelve thirty. She yawned and turned around. She was expecting to see a curly head guy, laying shirtless next to her, but instead there was something she least expected. There was a note with Nick's purity ring one top of it. She picked up the note and read it.

Good morning beautiful. I hope you had a lovely time at the prom last night. Isn't it funny how I asked you to go with me three years ago. Thanks for keeping that promise. As sad as it is to say, I have to go. I have a tour to go on but I knew I needed one final goodbye. I'm so sorry it had to be like this…again. As for the ring which I bet you're holding and thinking why in the world I gave it to you, I'm giving it to you for a reason. I promised myself that the girl I lost my virginity to, I would give her my ring. Thank god that I got to give it to you, because I don't want anyone else to have it. You and I will meet again, when we're least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won't say goodbye my friend, for you and I will meet again. Just so you know, there's a space that only you can fill. Just so you know, I love you now, I always will."I love you Miley Cyrus...

Forever and always,

Nick Jonas

Miley placed the note back on the bed. Tears started pouring down her face. How come the one guy she truly loved had to keep leaving her? Miley needed to leave. She needed to forget everything that had happened the night before. She grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She picked up the note and shoved it in her purse. As she was about to leave, she caught a glimpse of something. Nick's ring. She picked it up and examined it. It said PONED on it. Miley chuckled. She slipped the ring on her finger and walked out the door.


Nick and his brothers arrived at the airport. They got out of the limo and stepped into the warm Californian air. They walked into the airport with sunglasses on to disguise them from their fans. They are still popular but not as big as before. They got their tickets and sat down waiting to be called to board the plane. They boys chatted while they waited. Nick stayed silent.

"And she walked in the room and screamed. There were flowers all scattered on the rug and there I was, on my knee ready to propose. Before I could, Nicole said, Joe you are getting the rug dirty. So I laughed and said will you marry me? And she's like, not before you clean this up. It was funny. I seriously almost cried." Joe told Kevin. They started laughing hysterically. Then they both realized that Nick didn't laugh. He was staring out the window instead with a frown on his face.

"C'mon Nick, you probably will never see Miley again. She's going to college next year and will meet someone else who can always be there and then will most likely marry that person. After that she might not have feelings for you anymore. I mean I don't mean to sound so mean buddy, but you have broken her heart a lot of times. After all that it will be impossible for her to love you again. I mean you can't force her to love you again. Trying to make someone fall in love with you is about as pointless as trying to control who you fall in love with." Joe told his little brother.

"Why? Why do you have to be so damn negative?!" Nick said slightly raising his voice.

"Nick its not like anything huge happened between you guys. I mean its not like you…(Kevin laughs nervously) not like you guys…" Kevin started saying. Nick held up his left hand revealing no ring. Kevin and Joe stared blankly at him.

"Dude, you… you… aw man dad is gonna be pissed!" Joe said. Kevin didn't know what to say.

"See! Why can't you say something supportive or nice or even a nice joke?!" Nick said his voice rising with every word he said. People started to look over to see what all the fuss was about. Nick and Joe started arguing. Both screaming and fighting. Kevin looked around nervously then turned his attention towards his idiotic brothers.

"Do you truly love her?" Kevin shouted loudly over his brothers.

"Yes. With every little bit of my heart. I don't care if I'm right next to her or in the mountains in Japan. If she's with me or someone else. If I'm with her or someone else. I will still love her. She means the world to me. I would take a knife or bullet for her any day. I would do anything in the world just to make her happy because I love her." Nick said so softly it was hard to hear. Then the intercom came on and announced that their plane was here. Joe and Kevin were both about to say something but stopped, and started walking to the entrance of the plane.

"Guys I don't know if I should leave…" Nick said a little unsure. Kevin and Joe both stepped dead in their tracks.

"Nick, I think it's time you just let her go and let her be a memory." Joe said lightly. Kevin shook his head in agreement.

"Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to." Kevin said and walked towards the plane. Joe patted Nick on the back and followed his oldest brother.

Nick looked back at the exit of the airport, almost as if hoping to see her there. But she wasn't.

He looked at his brothers boarding the airplane, then back at the exit doors. His head as telling him to board the plane. His heart was telling him to stay and go back to Miley. He turned and started walking to the place he thought he should go.

"I hope I'm making the right decision." Nick mumbled to himself. He glanced back and continued walking. He mumbled something under his breath as he continued to walk. A person nearby quickly jotted something down and ran away. Nick took one last glance back. This was his last chance to change his mind. He decided to stick with his original plan. He walked in the opposite direction.

Question is, did he follow his heart and stay? Or did he listen to his head and go? God only knows.

Will Miley stay with Nick?

Or will he let his career get in the way?

Will Joe actually get married?

If so, will the wedding actually last all the way to the I Do?

Will Miley still love Nick if he stays?

Will Miley still love Nick if he leaves and comes back?

Will Nick move on?

Will Kevin finally get a girl?

Why is Joe trying so hard to get Nick over Miley?

Will Miley get sick of waiting for Nick and find a new man?

Will Nick and Miley end up with new people?

Or will they end up together?

It Can Happen

Only I Know:)

Ha I totally stole the ending from the gossip girl books. You'd have to of read the books to know what I'm talking about. Well that's it. My first real story is finally over. Thank you all so much for reading this story. I'd also like to thank you all for always having to wait so long for an update. You guys are pretty amazing to wait that long for most of the updates. Well good news is that there will be a sequel. God only knows how long it will take to get up though. I will try hard to get it up soon. Thanks again guys: Now since this wraps up my story, I'd really love to hear what you guys think of the story. I personally love the titles of my chapters. Some of them are pretty outrageous and cool. Until next story. GO NILEY! One last thing…