Chapter 1: Slip

It began with Matsuda's birthday. L was decidedly not pleased with what was happening right under his nose, but was forced to concede to the task force's wish to celebrate. He was mentally calculating the chance of Kira doing something monumental while they were all distracted, and found it very low. Even so, the only part of the celebration that he truly enjoyed was the cake. He certainly didn't approve of the alcohol that was brought as well. The last thing he needed was his companions (oh how he hated that word!) drunk on sake. Not that it would matter much tonight, but L knew from his reading that depending on how much they drank, they would wake up with terrible headaches in the morning. This in turn would lead to them being completely unwilling to work. L sipped his strawberry smoothie in silence, mentally smiling at the fact that the only one smart enough not to drink was Light. The boy had only had about a half a glass, to be polite, and had not touched a drink since then. L set his smoothie down, leaning over to rummage for a bag of cookies in the box beside his chair.

What L had not counted on was the reason that Light Yagami was not drinking. As soon as the sugar-addict detective leaned over, Light reached over, shifting the spoon L had been using to stir the smoothie and mixing what roughly amounted to two full glasses of sake into it. He knew that with the intense overdose of sugar that L had sweetened the smoothie with, he wouldn't be able to taste the alcohol at all. And he was correct. L sat up, cookies in hand, and began drinking the smoothie again, completely oblivious to Light's trick.


After the rest of the task force had gone home, or at least to bed, Light was watching a rather tipsy L attempting to sit in his normal position, balancing on the balls of his feet. It proved impossible with his inebriated balance, and he sank down to sit semi-normally, knees pulled to his chest. Light chuckled quietly to himself, listening to the chain between them clink musically. As he watched L pout, he was reminded, yet again, that L acted just like a child.

"Ryuzaki?" he asked on sudden inspiration. L turned to look at him, his obsidian gaze no less unnerving for being slightly unfocused. Light continued absently, "I know you think it's a threat to your identity and all, but would just talking about your parents really be that dangerous? We know nothing about you." He simply wanted proof that L was a person, because he seemed so... untouchable... sometimes. He seemed like something set apart from everyone else. Light wanted proof that the eccentric boy was human too.

"Kira…" L struggled to speak clearly. He had never consumed alcohol before, thus his tolerance was very low. "Kira… He could find… my family… and…"

Light blinked. Interesting. "Ryu, I'm not Kira. Anyway, if Kira doesn't know your parent's names, he can't kill them."

L looked up, then down at his knees, something in his eyes that Light couldn't place. "I… cannot speak about my parents… I don't… I don't have any…" He saw confusion on Light's face, and fought to put together a better explanation. "I'm an orphan… I grew up in an orphanage in England… Watari ran it… He… took care of me…"

Light wanted to jump for joy. He should have tried getting L drunk a long time ago if it opened him up this much. He felt like he was getting closer to knowing who L really was underneath all his detective work. He stared at the midnight-haired boy, asking carefully, "So you have no real family?"

"Watari is my family… the children are my family… Wammy's House is my home..." L muttered. His eyes were half-closed, and he looked close to passing out. "If anything were to happen to them… my adopted brothers… my friends… I'd… I'd…" His eyes slid closed, his system losing the battle with the alcohol. Light smiled, getting up and lifting the sleeping detective from his chair. L would have a horrendous headache in the morning, and would probably be grumpy and bitchy all day, but in Light's eyes it was worth it. He walked back to the room they shared, laying L in bed before taking off his shoes and climbing in as well. Smiling to himself, he pondered what he had heard. He'd have to look up this 'Wammy's House', now that his curiosity was sparked. Of course, the hard part would be doing it without L noticing. L would be furious if he knew what he had inadvertently revealed tonight, and a furious L was a scary L.

He didn't yell, or glare, or give any outward signs that he was angry. But he radiated a coldness that could freeze anyone who came too close. And he would just stare at you, like he knew everything you had ever done wrong in your entire life. Stare with those empty, black, mirror-mirror eyes of his, so clear you could see your own reflection if you stood too close, as well as the glint of black magic that made him L instead of Ryuzaki. For Light was convinced that L and Ryuzaki were two separate things, and if there was a real L with a real name out there, he was separate too. Not that he had a split personality, just that there were different sides to the boy currently chewing on the corner of his pillow. Light rolled onto his side to look at his roommate, smiling. Maybe that was why L never slept: he didn't want to appear vulnerable. When he was sleeping, he looked about ten years old. Light felt a sudden irrational desire to protect him. L had so little, and Light didn't want to see any of it taken from him, not his 'home', nor the family he seemed to love so much. L was the only person he could really call a friend, and he would never let anyone else discover what L had told him tonight. It was a precious piece of information, and no one else could have it.

Especially not Kira.


drunk!L. What could be better?

Finally, a real attempt at a serious story. I have plans for this. I'm going to throw the entire timeline out of whack. Beginning now, since I don't know when the hell Matsuda's birthday is. And now, a note about L.

I believe that he shifts between names, yes, but that how he feels somewhat alters who he is at any given moment. (gonna use anime references because they're easier to find) In the beginning of everything, he's by himself, his hair hangs over his eyes, and he's lazy and confident and totally in control. He only revisits this once, in Episode 11 during the Sakura TV incident, when Aizawa grabs him and he needs to regain control over the situation. In those moments, he is unquestionably the great detective L. Most of the rest of the time, he's the sugar-munching kawaii panda-bear that we all know and love. That is Ryuzaki. And, though I loathe to speak of it, in Episode 25 (yes, that one), when he is standing in the rain, speaking to Light, he is simply L Lawliet, coming to terms with the fact that the person he considered his friend was going to kill him. Even if we don't know his real name, we know that in that moment L and Ryuzaki are gone, and only his true self remains. Maybe the rain washed everyone else away.

If you put up with that long philosophical ramble, cookies for you! Oops... Uhh... spoiler warning?