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"What the hell are you doing in there that's making such a weird noise?"

"Bruthing my teeth."


Fai spit into the sink, glancing up at the mirror above it, before averting his eyes back to the closed door, where he knew Kurogane stood on the other side. He hadn't brushed his own teeth in such a long time that of course the ninja would be confused about why he'd be doing it now.

But, it's not like Fai ever needed to brush his teeth, or do anything hygienic, really. He was a magician, his magic always kept him healthy and clean.

"Because I don't like waking up in the morning with the taste of dried blood, that's been there all night, on my tongue."

That couldn't have been the whole reason. Kurogane knew for a fact, that the mage did not brush his teeth very often after turning into a vampire, probably because having to look at the vampire teeth causes Fai to flinch and start blaming himself for things that are not his fault, and the mage avoids looking at all things that relate back to Acid Tokyo.


Would Fai really confess his true reason to the ninja? Would he break the habit of lies, and admit a truth, even as small as to why he's brushing his teeth, to the ninja?

The magician sighed. "And, as you saw, I gave Yuuko-san the last of my magic, so I have to start taking care of myself. My magic won't be there to save me from becoming grimy and dirty anymore."

Of course he would admit it. He's not the same person as he was when he started this journey. He's replaced his façade of lies with trust and a sense of actual belonging.

"I need to get a bandage for my neck. Do you care if I come in?"

"Go right ahead."

Kurogane opened the door, making sure to not slam it into the ex-mage, who was brushing away the last of the red marks across his front teeth, opened the cabinet, and took out a small bandage for his neck.

Fai glanced away from the ninja, once again avoiding all things that will remind him that he is a vampire. He had started drinking Kurogane's blood from the neck since Kurogane got his artificial arm, because of fear that he'll harm the ninja's other arm if he accidentally drank too much and made it sore.

"You needed to drink. You can't and won't be blamed for taking what you needed."

"Mm." The ex-magician started to get fidgety, wanting to look at the mechanical arm, or at the bite mark that he left, or even just at Kurogane in general, but he resisted the urge due to the reaction he knew he'd have if he did. He needed something to do.

So, he put more toothpaste on his brush, and began brushing again. Not that this really stopped Fai from glancing over at the ninja, or blaming himself for taking what he needed.

He was causing Kurogane pain just to live.

He was causing pain by living.

He must commit a sin to live.

It is a sin for him to live.

In the end, Fai would just find another way to blame himself, anyway, even if he didn't have such thoughts drilled into his head by now.

After all, if he didn't think it, he can just look in the mirror, and let an imaginary twin do all the talking.

Ending Notes: Fai says "Bruthing" because it is impossibly hard to say the letter 's' while brushing.

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