I love Alice and really wanted to write her story, hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer.

It all started one day playing hide n go seek with my sister, I was seeking.

"15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20...ready or not here I come." I open my eyes to see a glimpse of the room before me, suddenly my vision goes black and a whole other scene flashes before my eyes: it was Cynthia hiding behind the upstairs sitting room couch. Everything went black again and I havn't moved. Slowely I walk up stairs and glide into the sitting room, I peer behind the couch and there she is, my sister, just like my vision had shown.

"No fair! You must have cheated." she whined, "How'd you find me so fast?"

"I'll tell you if you promise not to tell Ma and Pa." I whispered my high 10 year old voice lowering an octive.

Later that night, I helped Ma set the table for supper, carefully I carry a large bowl of stew to the table when it happens again, I saw Pa coming home from work an hour late and Ma yelling at him. I gasped and looked around the bowl was broken on the ground and I was covered in stew.

"What did you do Mary Alice? Why must you be so clumsy! Go to your room, no supper for girls who can't even hold a bowl steady, why on earth did you drop it?"

I was in trouble Ma never called me Mary Alice unless she was very unhappy with me. "I'm sorry, I dropped the bowl because I saw Pa coming home very late"

"What is this nonsense? Lying is even worse, go and pray that God will forgive your sins."

Climbing the stairs tears leaked slowely down my cheeks, was I being punished with these visions, what had I done so wrong? I went to bed early and woke not long after to hear Pa coming in the house late, I stayed up the next hour or so listening to Ma and him argue. It only got worse from there, my visions inncreased and as much as I tried to stop them or at least hide them they didn't go unnoticed, whenever I got the blank stare on my face I'd be sent to my room, and after awhile I wasn't allowed to go to school, or see my friends, only Cynthia remained unafraid, if I shrieked in the night she'd come and hug me, if I dropped something during a vision she took the blame, she was my one blessing in a sea of hurt. This continued for five years.

One day, I was sitting helping Ma knit when a familiar black swept across my eyes, I pushed it back with all my strength but it came anyways. Cynthia and I were in our room, screaming, a monstrous fire was consuming the house, and just before we were consumed by it, I was back knitting sprawled on the ground, screaming like I had in the dream, being shaken by Ma.

"I'm sick of this nonsense! Why can't you just be normal? Go away, now!"

"No, Ma, our house caught fire! We have to get away-"

"Stop it! I thought I taught you not to lie, I thought wrong apparently, now go."

That night I lay shivering even though the night was quite warm. I fell into a fitful sleep, a strang roar awoke me. I took a breath and nearly choked, coughing I looked around, squinting my burning eyes. The smoke was everywhere, I couldn't see a foot in front of me. I ran and grabbed my sister, she gasped and lapsed into a coughing fit, we ran out of the room to see our parents in the hall, calling us to follow them. We made it out of the house sindged and exhausted.

Ma grabbed Cynthia from me and hugged her tightly. She than turned to me her eyes like daggers.

"Your a devil child, possessed. I don't know what we did to deserve you." each hatrid filled word, stabbed into me, I looked down tears filling my eyes. "She set fire to our house James! She spoke of it this afternoon while we were knitting. One of her demons sent her a vision to kill us all!"

"No Ma I wouldn't, I didn't--Pa please believe me"

Pa stared at me with unforgiving hate filled eyes, "You are no child of ours, not anymore."

Pa left, I didn't know where he'd gone untill a few minutes later, a carriage pulled up, one with bars on the windows, four men stepped out dressed in white, there badges said Mississippi State Insane Asylum.

Cynthia tried to run to me but Ma held her back, "Stop Cynthia, Mary Alice is dead."

The last thing I remembered were rough hands grabbing me, and a sharp pain in my arm, the last thing I saw was my sisters tear streaked face, and then even that disappeared into the darkness.

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