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The mall in port angeles was small and ugly. A large concrete buliding, that was probably a warehouse before it became a mall, but Rosalie looked at it like it was heaven on earth, the way she talked about shopping maybe it was her heaven on earth.

"This isn't exactly haute couture but it'll do for Forks." Rosalie said as we walkes into the banana republic. There were clothes everywhere, she dragged me over to the petite section after glancing at my figure. The clothes sold here weren't anything I was used to wearing and it definitly looked different. Rosalie grabbed a tight black and white dress, and held it up to me. She was loading clothes on me like no tomorrow and I knew I didn't need all these.

"Rosalie this is too many clothes," I glanced at a price tag 148$, "and way too expensive." she looked at me like I might be joking.

"No Alice you need outfits at least 14, enough for 2 weeks, and you need shoes, and accessories. Go pick out anything you think is cute." I glanced around but had no idea where to start and settled with Rosalie shoving me into a changing room and telling me to show her everything. I tried on the first thing a dress, it fit well, I thought and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair hung limp around my small face, my eyes lined with deep circles but I was still beautiful and the dress looked great. I walked out grinning and showed Rosalie.

"That looks good on you. Next."

I was so excited I tried on the outfits at vampire speed and recieved a warning glance from Rose.

"Lets go get shoes." I said excitedly, "and accessorries. What other stores are there? Any other good ones?" I was so excited, how could I have missed out on this for the past 20 odd years?

"You really like it? See I told you you didn't know what you were missing. As for other stores there are tons, and we have to get you purses, dulce and gabbana, prada, coach, louis vuitton...the list goes on and on. No more grabbing clothes from Walmart, I personally wouldn't even step in there. Oh and we have to get you some makeup and hair supplies, you're already pretty but the makeup will make you irresistable for Jasper, it sure works on Emmett," she grinned at this, "so whats up with you and Jasper anyway? Is it love or what?"

My smile faultered a little, but I felt like I knew Rosalie already, we were meant to be friends and being honest was importent, my grin got bigger again, "He's wonderful, I love him and he loves me."

"Are you gonna get married? Emmett and I have been married twice now." I could tell she was thinking of those past wedding by the way her eyes got, I had a feeling she was thinking more of the wedding night than the acual wedding.

"Umm, I don't know, I never even knew we could get married, but I'd like too." it was a possibility now, and I started to want it desperatly.

"Well he just needs to ask you, maybe I could hint for Emmett to hint to Jasper about it," she got a mischievious look on her face and I knew that must be how she got things done, 'hinting' to Emmett.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and I didn't want to leave, but Rosalie assured me that even if we stayed past closing we couldn't buy anything. The entire car was packed however and I felt that it had been a very productive day. I had a new friend in Rosalie and a new option for Jazz and me, it had definitly been a great day.

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