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Remember Me

America. Land of the free. It had been nearly seven years since Yumiko's death and still Fuji hadn't forgotten the pain of losing someone so precious. He'd been such an ass before she'd died. And he'd never had the chance to apologize. So as soon as he and Tezuka had finished high school, they'd moved to America, to start a new life.

Both of them had started and finished college in the U.S., studying to be business owners. Now, in Los Angeles, California, they lived together with their son Silver, and their adopted daughter Grace. Together they owned the largest Gym in the U.S. It was loaded with tennis and basketball courts, many free fitness programs for people who couldn't afford memberships. They had more machines than one could count in a single day, and two different tracks.

Although happy, Tezuka still wished he were home. Still wished that his parents hadn't started hating him. Some times he wished that he could rewind time, and go back to before all of this had started. He hadn't spoken to either of his parents since before Yumiko's death, so of course none of his family had been there for the wedding... Or the funeral, or anything. Inside, he missed Japan, and his family, so much that it nearly tore him apart. But that stopped nothing. He was in love, married, with two kids. What else could someone hope for?

And after they'd moved, Yuuta realized that he really did love his captain. It wasn't embarrassing to love him either. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. After he got into high school, he confessed to his captain, and to his utter surprise, the captain had said yes. Yuuta was happier now than he'd ever been. And just so people don't think Tezuka and Fuji's relationship was perfect, they broke up and got together again many times throughout


The sun was bright inside their home. It was their one year anniversary since they got married. They'd now had their daughter grace for six months. So nobody gets confused, Grace is seven. Their son, Silver was three months, and cuter than they could have ever asked for.

They were both jostled awake by Grace when she jumped on the bed, smiling at them. "Mommy, daddy! Wake up!" Sleepily, Tezuka and Fuji sat up in bed, yawning.

"G-Grace? What are you doing in here? It's too early to get up." Fuji asked calmly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

She continued to beam as she answered, "Mommy! Did you forget? It's your one year anniversary today. And, it's been six months since you adopted me. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that it was you two who brought me into your home. There were many other nice couples, but none that compared to you too. Mommy," she looked at Fuji, "I had so much in common with you. It's like there was an invisible line connecting us or something like that. And and, daddy" She turned now to Tezuka, "we shared a love of sports. Especially tennis. I remember you coming in and just by looking at you I could tell you played tennis. The way you stood up tall and proud and just... Just oh! I just HAD to go home with you!"

Fuji was smiling, as wide as he could. He loved his daughter as if she had been born from him, herself. She just brought light to the world. "No Grace. We didn't forget. We could never forget. It's just, shouldn't you let mom and dad sleep late on their 'day off'?" From the day she'd come home with them, Grace had always called them mom and dad. Fuji of course, being the girl. And of course Fuji was known as mommy to their son, Silver. He'd given birth to him after all.

"But mom! Dad!" She whined. "I wanna spend time with you! Well, that and Silver is up..." She grinned sheepishly as Tezuka rolled his eyes. He threw back the covers and padded out of the room. Grace rolled over onto the bed where Tezuka had just been sleeping and snuggled up to Fuji.

"Are you glad you moved here, mom?" She asked innocently, looking him straight in the eyes.

Smiling, a some what fragile smile, he answered, "Yes Grace. Yes. I'm happier than I could have ever been."


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