Yo Collective Memory here once again for my 2nd story but this time its Naruto. Dedicated to everyone's favorite blonde dobe and the hilarious "Ero-Sennin" enjoy!

Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto I swear if I did It'd have Smexy Naruto Uke moments ALL the time. Hehe

"Oye Naruto time to go!" the great toad sage yelled at his annoying but brilliant(? I know right) pupil. "I'm coming Ero-Sennin Wait up!" the blonde dobe named Uzumaki Naruto barked to his perverted sensei desperate to not be left behind, "Last time Ero-sennin left I was stranded looking for him for 2 weeks!" Naruto exclaimed at loud to himself.

"Baka that's only because you're WAY to slow and didn't I say to never call me Ero-sennin again1 You should be grateful a great man such as my self even thought to take out my precious research time to train a brat like you! You should be calling me Jiraiya-sama gaki! Naruto rolled his bright blue eyes then responded "Yea whatever Ero-sennin", "Che" The white haired man snorted.

"It's been 2 and a half years since we've returned to Konoha Naruto, you've grown strong, wise and intelligent I am very proud of you." The older man smiled and ruffled the overbearingly bright and messy hair of the boy who Jiraiya came to love as a son. Naruto smiled sincerely and couldn't hide the crimson blush that formed warmly on his whiskered cheeks. "Thanx Ero-sensei" he muttered. Jiraiya coal eyes widened "that's the name Min-"The older man grinned widely and laughed from the depths of his heart and soul which sounded like thunder.

Without warning the toad hermit locked the smaller boy in a strong embrace, Naruto's whole body went stiff not once has anyone held him before not when they knew what he truly was. The warmth was a foreign feeling but it was…nice. Without a word they stood like that for what seemed like an eternity. "Eh Naruto" Jiraiya broke the silence. "Yes" Naruto slowly asked looking up, to his sensei.

In one instant the man who he loves like a father disappears in a puff of leaves, hindering the blonde dobe speechless "Jiraiya?" Naruto blinks, no sooner than that the red tear streaked man appeared behind him gently whispered in his ear "Never let your guard down gaki" Speechless for the 2nd time today Naruto randomly blurts out "Nani?!" Jiraiya smiles to himself "Just like Kushina"

The perverted hermit sighed but not before breaking out into a mischievous grin putting his annoying but brilliant(Cough yeah right jk) pupil into "Jiraiya-sama's Invincible Headlock Of Submit" That defeated the God Of Shinobi Sandaime Hokage and Orochimaru Of the Legendary Sannin.

Our favorite dobe of a shinobi could barely breathe Naruto erupted into anger all previous warm feelings kicked out. "What The-Damnit Ero-Sennin Gasp LET GO!!!" "Not a problem." Jiraiya dropped his beloved pupil and erupted into laughter as Naruto collapsed to the ground gasping for air.

But all laughing ceased when Jiraiya felt a flaring Chakra, slowly the toad sage turned his head around only to lock eyes with the kyubbi itself, he broke out into a cold sweat backing away slowly. "Ero-Sennin" the raspy voice of a demon spoke "Run" the old man's jaw dropped at the sight of what seemed like 1000 pissed Naruto's holding a blue typhoon like sphere " Oh Sh-'' "RASENGAN!" The shadow clone's roared. Jiraiya never ran so fast in his entire life putting the great Yellow Flash to shame. No matter how terrified Jiraiya might have been not once did he stop smiling as he ran for his life "Minato you must be very proud."


Yeah that was cute I love their relationship another one-shot of course. Plus I love Jiraiya anyway. Well tell me what your thoughts where positive or negative I just wanna make my writing stronger. Thank you all!!