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Club and Clients Part 2

Sakura sighed a sigh of relief as she stretched in the early morning light. The mission was a success and they were able to return home within the hour. Their target was rendered unconscious at the moment and was awaiting prosecution from Ibiki that following morning.

Sakura shuddered slightly revisiting Ibiki's ways of dealing with such prisoners; she hated to think what he did to the ones that were not as cooperative. Glad that she didn't hold a job like him.

At that same moment Tsunade was finishing up mission details with her partner Hoshigaki Kisame. Kisame was the one that actually did the messy work with this mission while Sakura's job was to make sure that they got all the information they needed before dousing him. Having mentioned her partner, she was debating whether to leave or wait for him.

It was roughly about two o'clock in the morning and Sakura wanted to be home and asleep before their early afternoon spar.

And if Kisame doesn't get his ass out of Hokage tower in ten minutes, he will be walking himself home.

She slightly stretched in the morning light to buy him some time. In her stretching she felt her top ride up on her stomach due to her arms being raised above her head.

"Cool morning, huh?"

She lowered her arms and looked over her shoulder to see Kisame leaning against the outer wall of Hokage Tower, looking as if he was there for a while. With his slouched hands in pockets position, he looked like a normal civilian (but with Kisame this was not even remotely true).

A small smirk rode on his lips seeing the extra bit of flesh she was exposing for him, she pulled her shirt down as she batted the thought away at how well Kisame looked while leaning up against the wall in that outfit. She did like him in the baggy jeans and white muscle shirt but she now noticed the silver chain around his neck. She didn't think that Kisame was a jewelry kind of guy.

"Yah." She replied after situating herself. She heard Kisame leave the wall behind her and walk toward her. She saw him nod his head at her comment. Sakura raised an eyebrow at him.

"Isn't your apartment that way?" she said flicking a finger to point behind him. Kisame looked at her with a raised eyebrow as an amused look covered his face.

"Yeah it's in that general direction," he said with a shrug with his shoulders. "After I walk you home of course."

Sakura's eyes widened a fraction at his comment as she began walking in the direction of her apartment.

Hmmm chivalry isn't dead apparently Inner Sakura. A muffled chuckle escaped Sakura as she allowed Kisame to walk with her. From the corner of her eye she saw Kisame turn his head in question.


Sakura looked over at him, earring sparkling in the moonlight.

"Why is it that when you're at a club, you're an actual person and when you're here you're an ass?"

He in turn chortled at her.

"Because I'm that way, Blossom."

Sakura inwardly bristled; she had learned to hate being called 'blossom' due to her name meaning Flower. She had put up with it for quite a number of years but it was really getting old and fast too.

"Don't call me that Shark." Sakura said tilting her head at him.

Kisame narrowed her eyes at her.

"Turning back to your cruel ways already Flower? And I thought that you were actually pretty hot tonight."
Sakura stopped walking taking in his comment. She had meant that as smack comment but he just threw it back in her face.

"What about you?" she said settling a hand on her hip, anger slightly flaring. "What was that back there?"

She waved a hand at him to prove her point.

Kisame stared at her with his slouching hands in pocket look; he almost looked like Kakashi standing like that.

"We aren't going to start this again are we?" he simply asked while looking at her. Sakura hardened her jaw at him. It was no use to argue with him now, with it being so early in the morning; she didn't want to wake up the rest of Konoha with their argument. But also she had no idea what to say to him about their conduct back at the club.

She wasn't even sure if she liked him.

Then what was that with you and him—

"Just shut up for a minute." She snapped back at Inner Sakura. Sakura looked at Kisame, his expression awaiting her remark.

For some time, she was beginning to question how close she was getting to Kisame. Their spars turned awkward yes, but sometimes they would go further than what they intended to be. Like they would remain where they fallen for a second more or they would stare at each other and listen to their heavy breathing. Both maybe wanting to be more than just friends, partners, and comrades. She didn't know.

Ino was actually the first to notice that she was spending more time with Kisame than with Naruto. She of course denied it. But inwardly she did question it. When Sakura was upset with something Kisame could tell. Call it animal instinct but he could tell even if he didn't question her mood. It may be due to him hanging around Itachi during his Akatsuki days, but this made him excellent on reading body language. But really in all honesty he was a good listener and lender of advice. In times she was frustrated with work like when she lost a patient when all hell and pandemonium broke loss at the hospital. Naruto was gone on some mission with Tobi, Konan was also gone with Pein on an ANBU (which she wasn't supposed to know about), and Ino-Pig wasn't even in the same country. All her close friends were on a mission of some kind leaving her, Sakura, alone to deal with the loss. She had been trained not to show it, but this one death really stuck to her and Kisame noticed. Hell, he even saw her cry about it which caused her to never be seen crying in front of him again.

But when she was sitting there silently mourning over her patient's death, this feeling of security and trust swept over her. That was when she registered Kisame's arm around her shoulders, he didn't say anything but just put his arm around her. It comforted her in many ways and she was glad of it. His contact still remained in her mind as innocent sympathy for a comrade. But as the days and months progressed, her feelings for him grew.

But she just didn't know anymore. As she stood there thinking about their messed up partnership/relationship or whatever the hell they called it. She just wasn't sure if he meant to kiss her at that club or if he just used her to cover up their quarrel at the club to make their target think they weren't assassins.

"Oh, just forget it." She said walking past him now not wanting him to follow her home. That was when she felt him take a hold of her arm and pulled her around.

"Let go of me Kisa—"

"Sakura just listen to me for a minute alright?"

She stopped and looked at him for a moment. He looked down at her with a look she never seen him have before. It read discomfort and this was very out of character for him. Sakura closed her mouth to allow him to speak.

He looked at her and then averted his eyes to look to the side as he raised a hand to scratch the back of his head.

"Man this is awkward," he muttered. He looked back at her. "Look I know I should have told you what I looked like before we came to the club….but I actually wanted to surprise you."

"Well you did that."


Sakura looked at him due to his tone of voice. He only looked at her and averted his gaze to the ground.

As Sakura gazed at him she realized that his gill markings were back. Having spent the evening with him and seeing what he looked like without them, it made her come to the conclusion that she liked him better with them. He just wasn't Kisame without them and they fit him entirely.

That was when she found her hand raised and touching his markings. She blinked realizing it. Both of their expressions held surprise and wonder. Sakura found her fingers halting over the markings, those simple markings that caused people to fear him. If only they knew him like she did, then they would understand that he was given these markings like Naruto gained his.

His gaze was unreadable at the moment, but she could tell he was wondering about her actions. Sakura moved her fingers over the markings and found her fingers gently going into his hair and then moving down to his earring.

It was silent for the both of them; Sakura noticed his grip on her arm move from her wrist to her elbow then to her hip.

Jade orbs softly transfixed on the small bead in-between her fingers.

"When did you get your ear pierced?" she asked softly. Kisame's other hand came up and covered hers and felt the bead between her fingers.

"I got it done when I was twelve, my old lady wasn't too happy about it, but she was the one that gave me this earring."

He lowered his hand with hers held within it. Sakura bit her lip still staring at the earring. Kisame raised an eyebrow at her expression.


She swallowed and moved her gaze from the earring.

"How come you keep it hidden?"

Kisame's eyes widened a fraction before a small smile broke onto his lips.

"I felt no need to show it off," he gently said. "I'm not like Pein."

Sakura grinned at him and looked down.

"Does that mean that you have other piercings that you haven't told anyone about?" she said with a slight grin. A mischievous grin spread across his face again.

"Oh like I have some other part of my body pierced with a metal object."

He gently let go of her waist but still held onto her hand.

"But we get that on a regular basis don't we?" Sakura asked with a tilt of the head. "Being pelted with foreign metal objects or course."

"You could say that."

Kisame looked over Sakura's shoulder to gaze about the sleeping Konoha. A silent sigh went unheard from the shinobi in front of her.

"It's getting late, let me take you home."

His grip on her hand fell away as he slipped his hands back into his pockets.

They resumed their walking in a somewhat compatible silence, but inside both of their minds questioned just what transpired between the both of them at the club and in a lonely street in Konoha.

Sakura found themselves in front of her apartment complex before she knew it, instead of seeing her off at the gate Kisame walked with her up the two flights of stairs to her apartment.

"You really didn't need to follow me up." She said digging out her apartment keys. She heard silence from Kisame, showing that he probably shrugged his shoulders at her.

"I have nothing else better to do."

Sakura mouth moved into a very thin line hearing the comment. She was fiddling with the lock on her door.


She jiggled the keys a little, her apartment was fine, in fact above her expectations of a first apartment but the only minus that she hated about it was the front door. It was notorious for sticking on her at the most inconvenient times.

For instance, a couple months ago when it happened it happened to be raining. Sakura had come home from the hospital soaking wet and she really needed to use the restroom, the door happened to stick on her that night. She had to go so bad the whole thought of really just kicking down the door didn't cross her mind but luckily Kakashi lived on the same floor as her and happened to opening his door to leave to go somewhere. Sakura bolted inside leaving a rather annoyed and confused Sensei behind her. To this day Kakashi happily mentions to her, at any time he sees her, that she can use his bathroom any time.

And at that moment, her door was being an ass to her again. Sakura's brow furrowed at it as she jiggled the key another time. It still wouldn't budge. She bit her lip at the stupid thing.

"Come on you stupid thing," she muttered jiggling the key. "Why do you have to do this at a time like this?"

She banged her head on her door in frustration at it.

"I'm just not in a mood for this."

She heard a slight chuckle behind her, a muscle in her temple twitched slightly.

"Shut it Kisame, you're not helping."


Sakura took a quick intake of breath because his presence was just hovering over her. She saw a blue arm sneak around her and jiggle the door a little; Sakura dropped her arms abruptly to her sides to allow him room. She heard him huff slightly in her ear.

"Here, this should do the trick."

He swiftly hit the door above the lock and gave the key a twist, it unstuck and the door swung open. Sakura crossed her arms over her chest at it. She could feel Kisame lean his arm against her doorframe, awaiting her comment.

"Thanks." She muttered as she opened the door a little more and walked inside. She flicked on her hallway light as she passed it and kicked off her shoes. She turned her head, as she took off her second shoe to see Kisame still standing in the doorway.

"You can come in if you want."

Kisame looked down the deserted hallway and shook his head.

"Thanks for the offer, but I need to be heading home."

Sakura felt something in her chest dip slightly.

"Oh, well," She said walking back over to the door. Kisame watched her push some hair behind her ear. "Thank you for walking me home Kisame."

"No problem."

Sakura saw him turn to go back down the hallway; she bit her lip watching him leave.


He stopped and turned to face her. Sakura closed her mouth; she didn't think that he would hear her. She bit her lip again and looked down at the floor, uncertain what to say. Kisame saw the look and raised an eyebrow.

"What is it Sakura?"

Sakura brought her gaze up from the floor to look at him. Her mind was scrambling in trying to find something to say.

"Can I ask you something?" she said abruptly.

His eyebrow still remained raised, as he took a couple steps back toward her. Sakura found her throat suddenly dry as he came closer to her.

Sakura had really been wondering, why did he kiss her the second time. Was it to just shut her up so she didn't blow their cover or was it because he wanted to? She didn't know but also she just didn't want him to go just yet.

"Kisame, I've been wondering…"

He titled his head at her, noticing the way she was acting while asking this question. Sakura averted her eyes to the side, trying to avoid the question.

"When we were back at the club," she said slowly bringing her gaze back to him. "Did you mean to kiss me?"

His expression changed suddenly from interest to slight confusion.

"Did I mean to kiss you?" he voiced sounding somewhat confused.

"What I meant was," she started again now feeling the heat in her cheeks creep up to her ears. "Did you mean to kiss me or did you only kiss me for the sake of the mission?"

Kisame blinked at her, not saying anything. Sakura bit her lip waiting for his response but none came. Her heart did a small tumble from his lack of words.

"Right, okay well forget what I said," she said turning to the door. "It was stupid anyway. Good night Kisame."

She turned to her door and took a step inside. She was about to close the door when the door suddenly sprang back at her. Kisame was holding it open with his foot.

"Kisame what the hell are you—"

Sakura opened the door more to get his foot out of the way, when he went further into her apartment toward her.

"Kisame what the hell, what are you doing?" she said backing further into her home. He closed the door to her apartment, the hallway light casted a long shadow down his form making him even more menacing in the light. Sakura was freaking out, she'd never seen him act this way not even when he had a little bit too much blood killing on a mission.

"I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago." He said coming towards her. He said that to her in a low husky tone, a tone he never used. Sakura backed up into a wall, heart hammering into her chest. Fear and excitement raced through her body as he came closer.

"Kisame get ou—"

But before she could yell at him to get out, he cradled his hands around jaw and crashed his lips onto hers. Sakura took the full of the kiss and even allowed his tongue to enter into her mouth. God who knew he was such a good kisser? His kiss was hard but at the same time it yearned passion and also tenderness. Sakura found her hands moving into his hair as his kisses moved down to her jaw and down to her neck. She drew her head back to allow him better access, fire ran through her as his lips found a tender spot on her neck.

"And I'll show you what you mean by 'later'."

Sakura woke up to the sound of someone pounding on her front door. She cracked open an eyelid but really regretted she did because her eye got a blast of light.

"Uhhh, it's too early." She muttered rolling over to cuddle slightly with the other occupant of her bed.

"You could say that again."

Kisame wrapped an arm around her waist as she buried her head deeper into his bare chest.

"Make it go away."

She felt a puff of air go across her head as Kisame pulled her closer to him.

The pounding only continued. Sakura reluctantly got up and slid off her bed taking the sheet with her. The warmth she felt earlier disappeared as she left the depths of Kisame's warm body to go answer the door.


Sakura chuckled as she made her way toward her door with the sheet wrapped around her. She fumbled with the door to only open it to reveal a rather pissed Ino Yamanaka.

"For goodness sake Sakura! How long does it take you to…." She stopped her rant seeing her rumpled form. Her blue eyes followed the now changed back pink hair and its rather sex bed like state, the sheet, and the bare shoulders that the Cherry Blossom sported.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" she said mischievously. Sakura pushed some hair behind her ear.

"No. What do you want?"

It was only about seven in the morning and Kisame and her had only fallen asleep about two hours ago.

"Well, I wanted to know if you've seen Pein and Konan? The Hokage needs them both."

Sakura could feel a muscle in her temple twitch. She purposely did this because she knew that Kisame and her would be back from mission and also Ino was still pining after the multiple piercing shinobi.

"Ino, you know you could have asked the receptionist from Hokage Tower to give you an address."

"The receptionist was gone and everyone else is either gone on mission or can not be reached."

Sakura brought her hand up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"So you went all the way to my apartment to ask me where Pein and Konan lived?"


Sakura moved her hand from her nose to rub her temples, already feeling a headache.

"Well you can try—"

"They live in the Northern Housing district next to Bath Houses."

Sakura felt the door swing open behind her to show a rather naked Kisame. Ino's eyes expanded into the size of dinner plates. Sakura watched her friends eyes travel Kisame's form. Her expression on her face was about the same as Sakura's last night.

"Got it Ino?" Sakura asked yanking her friends gaze from the tall naked shinobi behind her. Ino looked at Sakura with a blush creeping onto her cheeks.

"Yah. Northern district, next to bathhouses. Check."

"Good, now leave." Sakura said closing the door. She heard a "Damn" from the other side of the door when Sakura slid the bolt to lock the door.

Kisame was still standing behind her, naked as ever.

"Did you have to do that?" Sakura asked looking up at him.

"What?" Kisame asked while looking at her. He would have to say that she looked enchanting with only be wrapped in a bed sheet.

Kisame blinked at her causing her to grin slightly as she shook her head at him.

"You were taking forever and I was getting cold."

Sakura broke into a fit of laughter as she walked back to the bedroom.

"Well, we have a couple more hours till our spar this afternoon and I plan on sleeping till then." She said sliding onto her bed. Kisame stood at the front of her bed staring at her, with a slight grin on his face. He then stooped down to pick up the comforter they kicked off last night.

"Now that sounds like a good plan." He said spreading the blanket over her and walked over to his side of the bed and climbed in. "But who said that I would agree to that?"

A wicked smile spread over Sakura's face as Kisame leaned in and laid a gentle kiss upon her lips.