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Hitsuguya's POV

Inhale I watched her breathe slow shallow breaths. Her eyes were sealed shut, her body immobile and cold the only thing that reminds us that she is alive is the quiet little breathing that emits from the gurgling machine… her life support.

"Hinamori…" Hitsuguya closes his eyes in shame continuing shakily "Who would have thought that we… You would have ended up like this…?" The proud prodigy voice is engulfed with pain exposing weakness "What went wrong? That Bastard Aizen!" Furious turquoise eyes snapped open, tiny but strong fist clenched and trembled, livid anger was radiating from every pore in his body. "It was HIS fault that deceitful monster! DAMNIT! Why didn't I see it?! Why was I so stupid?!" The usually stoic boy lost it thinking of the time she pointed her sword at him "Why didn't you trust me?"

Hitsuguya just stared at her waiting for a reply that would never come. Inhale His rage dispersed at the noise "Forgive me Hinamori…" The young Taicho with the icy exterior wall's break down whenever his mind wanders to the encounter with Aizen that nearly claimed his life so effortlessly "I… I wasn't strong enough to protect you I didn't mean to yell…"

He'd give anything just to hear her say "It's Okay Shiro-chan" but it never comes just slow breathing. Hitsuguya knew that he's always blame himself before he blamed Hinamori its just that simple… he slowly walks to her bedside his white haori donning the number 10 on his back trailing behind him.

Inhale The short boy touches her face softly afraid that she'll break, gazing at her face the first time in what seems as though forever "Long dark lashes as always, wild dark hair revealed from its neat bun, same soft skin and delicate features, Hinamori still looks the same but her skin was never so pale and never had he ever seen her with this solemn expression it all reminded him of…Death.

" Unohana-taicho says you're dreaming… but sometimes I think you're having an endless nightmare that just repeats over and over and no one can wake you up…" His limb falls in silent disbelief…" Hinamori" he then grips her frozen hand that once filled with life, yet it doesn't bother him for he is the cold itself, used to the numbness but he can't ever stop this sharp pain that stabs his heart like 1000 Zanpacto's.

Hitsuguya Toushiro heads for the door at once, it's been over 3 hours and he always leaves the same engulfed in heartache and guilty. He lost the relief to cry along time ago but the blinding whiteness of the hospital walls in the 4th Division's Emergency Relief Center weren't exactly helping.

Not bothering to glance behind him "Sayonara Hinamori" as the taicho of 10th Division feels the sunlight shine trough the window in which he can imagine radiating through the whole room painting the white walls gold and embracing her small body in warmth… Beautiful…no " Ja ne Momo" 2 childhood best friend's though stricken with tragedy and torn apart by fate are rejoined back together in one heartbeat and 2 Inhales.


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