Happy New Year to all. To celebrate 2009 here is chapter ten. Thanks for all your patience as a treat this "extra" long. ENJOY!!

Chapter 10: Old Wounds, New Scars

"Mrs...Zala what are you doing here?" Cagalli asked stepping aside to let her in.

"Isn't it obvious I'm here to take Athrun." She said setting her down her purse and coat. Cagalli closed the door and took a seat across from her.

"No, your not."

"Whose going to stop me you? He is my son Cagalli."

"That you abandon years ago, and I don't think he is the one to easily forgive." Cagalli replied raising her voice.

"The descision is not up to you, now where is he?" She asked

"I don't know." Cagalli said glaring at her. Mrs. Zala glared back at her and room was filled with a heavy tension.

"That's okay, I'll find him with or without your help." Mrs. Zala said grabbing her belongings and heading for the door, slamming it behind her.

My oh my C what to do...mother is back in town and she's not leaving without her son. So much for an emotional family reunion.

Athrun laid on his bed thinking about his kiss with Cagalli. He knew it was wrong but part of him like it. Something click in his head and his heart that it felt right and she was the girl. A knock came on the door, waking Athrun from his trance. "It's open!"Athrun said.

The door open to reveal the Queen B herself,Meer. "Hey babe,your butler let me in. Can we talk?"

"Sure, what's up?" Athrun sat up, Meer walked over and took a seat next him.

"I heard Cagalli kissed you at Homecoming?" Athrun turned from her gazed knowing he was guilty. He knew Meer was angry and about ready to kill Cagalli.

"Yeah...she did."Athrun replied staring at the floor.

"Athrun!"How can you still be friends with her?" Meer said going into hysterics.

"Meer...she's my best friend since we were in 6th grade."

"I know that, but she's in love with you!" Athrun finally lifted his gaze and took hold of her hand.

"Meer, Cagalli is friend and only a friend."

"To you are, but she's does NOT see it that."

"Meer, you overacting."

"I just don't want to lose you to her."

"You won't...I promise."Athrun said brushing her cheek with his finger tips.

"But, you two are...just so close and I feel threaten."

"I'm sorry you feel that way...but I just can't stop talking to her?" Meer gave him this look that said "you can."

"No...no way Meer....come on she's Cagalli."

"Athrun...I forgive you for the kiss, but Cagalli is a BIG temptation. I know deep inside you have some feelings for her."

"She's my best friend."

"Athrun if you love me you'll do this for me."Athrun stood up and paced from side to side.

"Okay, I'll tell her."

"Thank you baby."Meer said giving him a kiss and a hug.

"Is that all you wanted?" Athrun asked, Meer smirked at him. She stood up and went to close and lock the door. She took of her shoes and jacket and pushed Athrun back on the bed.

"Meer...I don't think..."

"Shh...we love each other and I know you want to."Athrun tried to argue but he was smothered by her lips.


Cagalli laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. She was way over head. She had to talk to Athrun about his mother. Cagalli felt so horrible about missing Milly's celebration party. She had called Shiho early and spilled the disappointing news. Cagalli got up and grabbed her coat, she was going to pay Athrun a little visit.

Cagalli climbed the steps of the Zala mansion, until she came across Athrun's room. She knocked on the door there was no answer. Cagalli knocked again but a little harder, but still there was no answer. "Athrun! It's me open up!"Cagalli called. Cagalli heard no reply, or any footsteps so she opened the door.

Athrun was not in his room, which made absolutely no sense because he bed was a mess. Also there were clothes thrown everywhere. She looked around and heard noises coming from the bathroom.

"Oh, so that's where he is hiding. I'll just wait."

No, not a smart move C. Staying there will cost you a pretty penny...your heart.

****Back the Club****

Flay sipped her third martini. She had spent the most of the night glaring at Lacus. Oh, how much she hated that girl with a passion. Everyone one thought she was "little miss perfect." In the end it didn't matter because she had a plan to break her into so many pieces. Flay was used to getting everything she wanted and she wanted Kira bad. She wasn't going to let Lacus have him even if it killed her.

Flay's cellphone rang and made her jump from the vibration. She picked it up to see it was her father calling.

"Hi daddy, do you get it?" Flay asked

"Yes I did sweetie its home waiting for you at home."

"Ah! Thank you daddy love you lots."Flay said hanging up the phone. Flay grabbed her martini and left her seat and went to sit across from Lacus and Kira.

"Hi do you mind?" She asked sipping her martini.

"No what's up Flay?" Kira asked

"Nothing much, I just came to ask Lacus if she wanted to have lunch tomorrow?" Lacus was startled she never though Flay would be friendly, but maybe she was kind of changing.

"Yeah, of course what time?" Lacus asked.

"One o'clock at the Rock Angelz Cafe my treat."

"Okay I'll be there."

"Good...I'll be counting the hours." Flay smirked leaving them with a light of hope that was about to burn out.


Cagalli looked around Athrun's room while waiting for him. She was so busy looking through his book shelf she didn't here the bathroom door open.

"Uh...Cagalli what are you doing here?" Athrun asked. Cagalli quickly turned around to see Athrun standing in the doorway. He was currently wearing his boxers and drying his hair with a towel. Cagalli blushed at the ravishing sight. She could have drooled at the sight of his rock hard abs.

"Some clothing would be nice."Cagalli said turning her glance toward the floor. Athrun said nothing but continue to stare at her.

"So I need to talk to you, its very impor-"

"I don't think we should be friends anymore..."Athrun blurted out cutting her off, Cagalli just stared at him with a puzzled look.

"Ha, ha very funny."

"I...I'm serious."Athrun narrowed his eyes.

"Why all of sudden...did I do something or what?"

"No...It's just that we should not talk or see each other for awhile."

"How long is awhile?" Athrun didn't answer he just continue to stare at her. Cagalli slowly sat down on the bed tyring take all this in. She thought any moment Athrun would yell out "just kidding" and the two would laugh, but nothing. There was nothing in but an endless silence. Cagalli felt her anger growing and she tried to hold back tears forming and that would be released eventually during this conversation. She didn't understand why he was doing this.

"Hey Athrun you could have waited for me." Meer said stepping out of the bathroom with a towel. She glance at Cagalli sitting on the bed looking at her with her shock expression. "Oh, I didn't know we had...company." Cagalli stood up and turned to Athrun who quickly avoided her gaze. Cagalli place a smile on her face and slowly nodded.

"Oh...I get it now, it all makes sense." Cagalli whispered. "Throwing away six years of our friendship for...her?!" Athrun continued to say nothing but just looked at the floor. Cagalli slowly approached Athrun feeling so hurt and betrayed. "Your mother is back and she's here to take you with her." Cagalli whispered. Athrun shot his head up.

"Why?" he asked

"I don't know...to think I actually came here to stop her."

"Cagalli I..."

"Save it Athrun,"She glared at him. "I'm done trying to prove to you this relationship is a lie."


"When I walked out that door I'm never coming back but you're welcome to stop me..."Cagalli looked deeply into his eyes.


"I'll count to three and after that you don't come after me than you're dead to me...forever." Athrun stood appalled, when he agreed to do this he never thought that Cagalli would actually not speak to him. Meer looked at the two and shook with anger. She could see and even feel the deep connection between the two. Even if Athrun stopped talking to her, she was still and always be in his heart.

Cagalli turned and started for the door. "1...2..." Athrun started moving forward and was about to grab her wrist. Cagalli heard his footsteps and felting her heartbeat increase. Meer stepped in front of Athrun held on to him so tight that Athrun couldn't move.

"...3..."Cagalli whispered as she continued to walk. Athrun despeartely tried to break from of Meer's embrace but with each struggle she held on even tighter.

"Cagalli! Please wait!" Athrun called but Cagalli continued to walk.

"Dammit! Meer let me go."

"NO! NEVER!"Meer said furiously.

"CAGA..."Athrun stopped as he saw a tear fall down a her left cheek. It was then at that moment Athrun realized that Cagalli was not coming back...ever again.

Cagalli closed the her door, dropped her coat, bag, and immediately fell on her bed. She formed her hand into the fist and pounded it into her pillows violently sobbing. As the tears fell all her memories of Athrun came to her. Cagalli continued to sob as she reached for her phone. Right now she needed her friends. She didn't want to bother Milly's time with Dearka or Lacus and Kira alone time together. Shiho remained as the only candidate.

"Hello?"Shiho asked.

"Hey...sorry about the party...but I need you right now, please." Shiho didn't have time the answer because the Cagalli already hanged the phone. Shiho stood from the table grabbing her coat and purse. She went to scan the dance floor for Milly and Lacus. She found them both near the stage.

"Hey, Cagalli needs help I'm leaving."

"We'll go with you."Lacus said

"No, Lacus stay with Milly get celebrating. We'll have another celebration just the four of us."

" Is she okay?" Milly asked

"I...I don't know." Shiho whispered. She said another the boy and ran toward the door. Shiho was too busy avoiding people she didn't even realize that she crashed into Yzak until he was on floor.

"Hey you can at least apologize!" Yzak said brushing himself off.

"Oh, it's only you so I don't care." Shiho replied turning her back toward him and ran out the door. Yzak stood silent watching her run off.


Cagalli tossed another tissue on the floor, it had been only ten minutes since she called Shiho. Unforunately for her it felt she had been lying on the bed crying her eyes out for eternity.

"Cagalli!"Shiho burst through the door slamming it behind her. She dropped all her stuff and ran to her side.

"What happened?"

"That bitch Meer Campbell happened." Cagalli answered.

"What did she do this time?"

"Athrun and aren't friends anymore...in the end he chose her."

"That's not true, your his best friend he wouldn't do that."Shiho assured her handing her another tissue.

"He did, I told when I walked out the door I would never come back."

"Why the hell would I do something like that?"

"TO SEE...IF LOVED ME!GOD! Shiho*hic* we have been together*hic*practically our whole life and he *hic* chose HER!"Cagalli yelled crying even harder. Shiho cradled her letting her cry her heart out. "It is going to be okay Cagalli...it is his lost." Cagalli wanted to desperately believe it was. If Athrun would just show up and admit that everything would then be okay.

Oh Cagalli don't lie to yourself, you know better than anyone he is not going to show up. Don't get me wrong I'll pray that happens too. Athrun sold he is soul to very seductive devil and we all devils play for keeps