Beyond the Beyonds

By: Lonely Road

Rated: T

Disclaimer: All recognizable settings, themes, characters and events are not mine.

Summary: One day the Marauder's bullying of Severus goes too far with ghastly consequences.

Warnings: Language, violence, AU

Author's Note: My beta and her sister (authors of A Forgotten Child…go read!) have convinced me over the past couple of months that Severus really isn't a bad fellow and that the Marauder's were a gang of bullies. They challenged me to write a one shot about what might have happened if one day the bullying went wrong. But I think his one might have two chapters. Stephanie and Katie, I hope you are enjoying this because you both worked hard to change my mind about our favorite potions professor. Thank you both for that little bit of enlightenment!

Severus Snape looked up from the book he was reading in the library. James Potter and Sirius Black had just noisily entered the room, earning themselves a hard look from the stern librarian, Madam Pince. Severus felt his lip automatically curl into a sneer. He loathed those two boys as well as their friends Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. He still hadn't, and promised himself that he never would, forgive them for their cruel bullying episode that happened at the end of last term. Severus still cringed when he thought of how James and Sirius had snuck up on him and cast a levicorpus so that his robes flew up. The whole world saw his skinny legs and his underclothing. The entire situation was humiliating enough except that Severus's temper had got the best of him and he had called his best friend that horrible name. He knew immediately that, in his anger, he had gone beyond the beyonds. Lily had been unable to find it in her heart to forgive him and he had spent a miserable summer and beginning of the first term of their sixth year without her warm friendship. It left him feeling hollow and sometimes he hated himself almost as much as he hated Potter and his friends.

"Hey it's Snivellus," Sirius said loudly as he and James walked by the table Severus and Avery were occupying, "Sorry, Snivellus, We didn't recognize you with pants on!"

Before Severus could reply the bell rang for their next class. Severus smirked. He had NEWT potions next and it just so happened that James and Sirius were in the class as well.

"You can't let them get away with treating you that way, Severus," Avery said as he gathered up his books and followed Severus out of the library. They made their way toward the dungeons.

"They're not," Severus said. A cold look filled his black eyes and a sadistic smile reached his thin lips as the thought of revenge danced in his mind.

Avery echoed the smile.

"What are you going to do?" he asked enthusiastically.

"The situation will present itself," Severus replied easily.

Avery smirked as they took their usual seats. It was moments like these that convinced him that the half-blooded Severus truly belonged in Slytherin House.

Just then Lily Evans walked into the room and passed down the aisle. As she walked past Severus, he abruptly turned his head. Just looking at her was too painful. It only reminded him of his loss and his lust for her only increased exponentially when he looked at her these days. He didn't notice how sad her eyes became as they flickered toward him momentarily. She said nothing and quickly made her way to the front row to sit next to her good friend, Mary MacDonald.

"You still moping about that mudblood?" Avery asked him quietly.

"No," Severus miserably lied, "I'm well shot of her."

"Good," Avery said, "Because there are plenty of birds around here. Don't sell yourself short, Severus. For a half blood, you're not so bad."

"Oh, thanks," Severus sarcastically replied.

Before anymore could be said James, Sirius, Peter and Remus walked in jostling each other and laughing away as though they had not a care in the world. Lily turned around at their boisterous entrance and gave them a disgusted glare before promptly turning her back on them.

"What was that look for, Evans?" James asked loudly as they seated themselves at the only empty table in front of Severus and Avery. He put on his most charming face and she did not look impressed.

Lily sniffed and refused to look behind her.

"Just ignore them, those obnoxious prats," Mary told her quietly.

Lily gave her a small smile. The situation with that annoying Potter and his friends was much easier to deal with than the one with Severus. It truly troubled her, more than she had first realized. After her initial anger at him melted away there was nothing left but sadness. She missed his friendship and felt utter disappointment at Severus's choices. But she stubbornly held firm in her agonizing decision: Severus was too far gone, too easily seduced by Dark Magic. She knew she could never be friends with someone like that. But still, she missed him.

"Everyone please take out your copies of Advanced Potion Making," Professor Slughorn's voice boomed, calling the class to order.

Thirty minutes later the class had been divided into pairs and began brewing the assignment: Essence of Dittany. The potion was quite complex and the only sound in the room besides the soft bubbling of caldrons was the murmuring of students and the flipping of the pages of the text. Professor Slughorn walked around the classroom answering questions and helping students when needed.

Avery leaned back in his chair and watched Severus brew their potion. Severus was quite talented with potions and preferred to work alone. He didn't mind in the least that Avery had left him all of the work. Severus was certain that Avery would have messed something up anyway. He quickly but accurately brewed the potion before reclining back into his seat and conversing with Avery in low tones. They sneered at poor Peter Pettigrew as he struggled with his potion. Nothing Remus did seemed to help and Peter was sweating profusely from the stress of the situation. Soon Professor Slughorn had waddled his way back to their table.

"How are we doing back here, boys?" he asked as he peered into Severus's caldron.

"We are finished, sir," Severus told him, with a hint of arrogance and smugness in his voice.

He knew he was very talented with potions and that in addition to being a Slytherin, Professor Slughorn favored him for it.

"Very good, boys. Very well done," Professor Slughorn said as he examined the potion, "I couldn't have brewed this better myself. Twenty points to Slytherin. Bottle it up and place it on my desk."

"Allow me, Severus," Avery said, making himself useful for the first time that lesson, as Professor Slughorn turned away.

Severus ignored him as he watched Professor Slughorn stop at the Marauder's table. He frowned as he gave Peter and Remus's caldron a stir.

"What the devil is this supposed to be?" he asked impatiently.

"I-I-It's the Essence of D-D-Dittany," Peter stuttered nervously, his plump face red with shame.

"It's a bloody mess, is what it is! Ten points from Gryffindor! You both will receive zeros for the day! Now clean this up!" Slughorn growled at them, "I am starting to regret allowing you in this class, Pettigrew, especially when you didn't have the OWLS for it. You can thank Professor McGonagall for that. Judging from your abilities, demonstrated in here today, I would say you need Remedial Potions!"

Severus was unable to suppress a snort of laughter. James, Sirius, Peter and Remus all glared back at him.

"Severus find something to do until the end of class," Professor Slughorn gently admonished him.

"Yes, sir," Severus replied as he did his best not to continue his laughter.

Avery grinned at him. Just then Peter and Remus's caldron began bubbling over and the four boys turned around just as it caught fire. While their attention was on the caldron, Severus quietly levitated some nettles into James and Sirius's unguarded caldron. He looked at Avery out of the corner of his eye and saw him grinning evilly. Within moments the caldron began smoking.

"Bloody hell!" James cried, "We were following the directions so carefully…."

The potion exploded, coating James, Sirius and Peter in the sticky substance. Remus was lucky. He had bent down grab his bag when the explosion occurred and was the only one at the table not covered in the goo. The three boys howled in pain as oozing, festering boils erupted on their bodies. As they turned Severus silently cast a simple mobili charm on their seats and they slid out of range. The boys fell to the stone floor. With another swift, undetected flick on the wand Severus made the caldron tip over and spill it's remaining contents on them. They screeched in pain. Peter was sobbing.

Severus and Avery laughed uncontrollably as did the other Slytherins. The Gryffindors looked surpised and sympathetic.

"What happened back there?" Professor Slughorn demanded as he made his way back to the disturbance.

James, Peter and Sirius could not reply since the second dousing of potion hit them in the face and their lips were covered in boils.

"Get to the infirmary," he said before turning to Remus, "Did you see anything, Lupin?"

"No, sir," Remus answered him before giving his friends empathetic looks as they hobbled away with Peter still sobbing.

"Did you hear him cry?" Avery jeered loudly for the entire class to hear, "What a baby! They are probably going to have to send an owl to his mummy."

"Hey! That's not fair!" Remus said coming to Peter's defense, "That looked like it hurt a lot! Let's cover you in the potion and see how you react."

"That doesn't change that fact that your friend's a poof!" Severus sneered.

Remus's eyes widened and Avery let out a loud chortle of laughter.

"Severus!" Professor Slughorn had heard him, "Detention tomorrow night. My office at seven."

"But sir…" Severus began to protest.

"I heard what you called Pettigrew," Professor Slughorn disapproved, "You will serve detention."

He turned to waddle back up to the front of the room. Severus gave him the finger when his back was turned and mouthed the words. Several students stifled laughter while others, Lily and Mary included, looked disapprovingly. Fortunately the bell rang and everyone scurried to gather their things and leave the classroom.

Avery clapped Severus on the shoulder as they made their way to the Slytherin Common Room.

"That was priceless!" he cackled gleefully, "Remind me never to get you that angry with me!"

"It was worth the detention," Severus said, knowing that since he was one of Slughorn's favorite students that he would go easy on him.

He plopped down in a chair by the fire and sighed happily. Vengeance was so sweet.

Later that night Mary and Lily sat in the Gryffindor Common Room. They were studying for a Transfiguration test. After asking Mary the same question three times in a row, Lily sighed in frustration and flung the book on the table.

"What's wrong?" Mary asked her, "Your mind isn't on Transfiguration, that's for certain."

"I'm thinking about Severus," Lily said.

"Why would you be thinking about him?" Mary asked, "The guy is a total creep and so are all his friends. I thought you were done crying over it."

"You don't know him like I do," Lily insisted, "We have been friends since we were little. He is the one who opened my eyes to the Wizarding World."

"He's still a total git," Mary said, attempting to make her friend feel better.

"I miss him," Lily replied, "He was always a good friend. He was always so nice to me until…"

"That's because he fancies you," Mary said matter-of-factly.

"No, he doesn't," Lily scoffed with a smile, "I mean, it was never like that. We were always friends. Best friends."

"I see the looks he gives you when you aren't looking," Mary maintained, "He fancies you."

"Well, even if he did, it doesn't matter much anymore," Lily said with tears in her green eyes, "We aren't friends anymore. He is too far into the Dark Arts. He chose that way and I will not follow him down that path."

Mary nodded. Lily looked around the Common Room. It appeared to be deserted. She didn't notice the Marauders crouched on the stairs listening to their conversation.

"It was Severus," she said.

"What was?" Mary asked.

"Today in Potions," Lily explained, "I saw him levitate nettles into Potter and Black's caldron. Then he made it overturn on them. I watched him do it."

"You see what I mean about him being a total creep, Lily!" Mary said, shocked, "He and Avery laughed the entire time poor James, Sirius and Peter were covered in boils. Then they made fun of Peter because he was crying. Why didn't you tell Professor Slughorn?"

"Because I thought maybe I should talk to Severus about it. He might listen to me more than he would Slughorn," Lily said though her excuse sounded hollow even to her own ears.

"Lily, listen to yourself. You have made excuse after excuse for Severus and have talked and talked to him," Mary argued gently with her best friend, "has it ever worked in the past?"

"Well, no," Lily admitted somehwhat grudgingly .

"You see, it's not going to," Mary replied, "You are better off not getting involved in the likes of Severus Snape."

"Besides they deserved it," Lily said, "You remember what they did last year to Severus after the OWLS. He wasn't even doing anything to them. Maybe they will think twice before they bully someone again."

"Yeah…that'll happen," Mary muttered scarcastically, "Well, let's finished this transfiguration."

Lily groaned and picked her book back up off of the table and began to quiz Mary again.

From their hidden place on the steps James signaled for the others to follow him back to their dormitory.

"I knew that greasy git was behind it!" he cried as soon as they were in their dorm.

"Yeah," Peter quickly agreed.

"He really hurt us!" Sirius said, "It's not like we ever hurt him like that!"

"Yeah," Peter agreed again.

"We need to get him back," James said.

"Yeah," Peter said again.

"Is there an echo in here?" Sirius asked sarcastically as he cast Pettigrew an annoyed look.

Peter's round face flushed and he looked properly abashed.

"Well, he has detention tomorrow night at seven with Slughorn," Remus said.

"Really?" James seemed delighted, "Why did Slughorn give his favorite student detention?"

"Well," Remus said reluctantly, casting Peter a quick, apologetic glance, "He was laughing because you were hurt and then he called Wormtail a poof because he was crying."

"Is that so?" Sirius replied with a frown. His eyes blazed with anger.

"We spent hours in the infirmary," James said, "So we owe Snivellus."

"Yes, I think he can collect his debt tomorrow when he gets out of detention," Sirius said with a smile.

The four friends sank to the floor and began to carefully plan their retribution.

More to come…

I will finish this up in the next chapter.

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