Authors Note(Again):: Ok i am not going to be on the computer for a few dayz:( But I have decided to be nice! I am going to Tell u the name of the sequel and the summary(Well what i think the summary is going to be!)

Title:::: Kiss of Death

Summary::::: Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jasper all go to the same College. Of course Rose and Emmett cant go with them because they are older. Well anyways, Edward and Bella continue dating going to school, and they see Emo Lauren there! Lauren gets dumped by...Drake? i forget his name LOL sorry, i thinks thats it though! And Lauren wants Edward back, but Edward doesnt like her anymore...Or does he? Bella has problems too, Adam still likes her and so does MIKE NEWTON(oh no!) Something happens that makes Edward and Bella...Maybe end there relationshop?!?(NO!!) And Jacob might be at the college too! Ahh...Couple Troubles, and of course Jasper and Alice stay a happy couple!

Does it sound good? If it doesnt...I can make it better. I need ideas thats all! Please give me some ideas so i can write the sequel for you guyz!!

Love ya! hug-hug, kiss-kiss!(LOL)