Chapter Two: That ever deigned to Bloom…

The five young vampires raced up the stairs, being careful to stay to the early morning shadows. Marty still clasped tightly to Drew's arm to keep him steady as they stood in the doorway of Sherry's room.

There, next to Sherry's bed, was Murdock. He held Sherry's hand as she lay there, looking almost peaceful on her pillows. But Drew knew better than that. If his heart could beat, it would have broken into a million pieces.

"Come here Drew."

He stepped forward from Marty's grasp at Murdock's command. Drew stood at the end of her bed and looked down on his love. She looked serene, quiet, sleeping. He looked at Murdock, "What can I do to save her?" he asked.

There was a moment in Dr. Murdock's eyes where he let his sadness show, but his face was calm and steady.

"You must finish what you started here, Drew. You must take her into your world."

The others were silent behind Drew, but he felt their affirmations as he walked forward to kneel beside the bed. Murdock handed him a small ancient looking blade with a nod.

"You know what to do." Was all he said.

Drew rolled back his sleeve, exposing his pale forearm, and placed the sharp edge of the blade against his skin. He pressed the edge deeper, and with a swift and efficient movement broke the skin.

"Here." It was Merrill's voice that sounded in Drew's ear. She had come to the opposite side of the bed where Murdock was, and held Sherry's mouth open. "There's not much time Drew."

They looked at one another for a moment. Drew then understood something he hadn't before. He did have a soft spot for Merrill. Something said that if he had only given her a chance, he could have made her so happy. But it was Sherry that his cold heart could once again beat for. His heart would bleed for her. There was no greater love than his for Sherry.

He held his arm out for her, and he saw his blood drain into her mouth.

Please, if there is anyone to hear a vampire's prayer, hear me now. May my Sherry come back to me. To share the shadows with me. To love with me. And for me to protect her from all harm.

Drew closed his eyes as one red tear rolled down his face. Essie's hand laid gently on Drew's shoulder when he opened his eyes. He looked at her face, but she was not looking at him. Everyone was looking at Sherry. Such a sweet face she had. So pale, so fair. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Sherry…" whispered Drew. Sherry turned her head to look into his face.

"Drew?" her voice was still soft and weak. He smiled and grabbed her hand to hold it tightly within his own.

"Should I get her something, Dr. Murdock?" Carl's face held a worried expression. "If there's anything I remember, it's that the thirst is strong at first."

"Yes, thank you Carl. She will be needing it I don't wonder." And he stood from his kneeling position and walk around the bed.

He came into Sherry's view and his face softened towards her. "Everything is alright Miss Woods. But we will be moving you to a new place tonight. You would do well with some sleep until then."

She nodded her head before slowly closing her eyes with one last look towards Drew.

"Sleep well, my love." He reached out and tucked a stray hair behind her ear gently. "I will see you tonight."