She wasn't suppose do be this way.

Emma Nelson was the pureness of Degrassi.

But since the shooting; nothing wasn't so surprizing anymore.


Take that back.

Emma Nelson was a complete differen't person now.

She was a shocker.

No one saw it coming...

Emma's point of view:

Call me a whore.

Call me a boy stealer.

Or even a slut.

I wasn't meant to stay a good girl. At least I didn't think I was.

Since the shooting I didn't know anything like I thought I use to.

I knew nothing.

All my views changed as soon as Rick pointed that gun at my face.

I'm a different person now, I know that. But then again, that's what I wanted the whole time.

I feel like I'm falling and theres no way to stop.

No, scratch that. I'm not falling.

I already crashed.

I feel so lonely and no one understands that. People take conciling for the shooting they weren't even IN.

It's all bullshit if you ask me.

Everyone looks at me like im so fragile or something that if you touch me, I break.

Now Snake and Spike are divorced and I feel split into two,

almost feel as if something is missing in me. Alot of things.

I can't talk to anyone anymore, Not even Manny.

..she wouldn't understand.

And yes, I do hang out at the Ravine now and I'm okay with it. It's my escape. I don't care if most girls hate me.

I don't care if I slept with half the guys in our school.

It's my release.

It's my time to be invisible.

But maybe I'll be saved. Hmph, Emma Nelson saved.

Yeah right. one would save me.

I can't be saved..