"Who knew it'd be you two in the end" Manny admited around a ravine bon fire only she, Emma, Jay, Spinner and Skinny were allowed at.

"Kinda makes sence though" Spinner admited.

Jay snickered holding Emma on his lap "Like you were all for it Spin" he snapped.

"I am..sorry, you know?" Spinner said looking to Emma.

She just softly smiled and nods.

"Now that this hottie is taken" Skinny joked to Emma and Jay shook his head grinning, Skinny looked to Manny "How about you girl?"

"Thinking about going gay" Manny taunted Skinny.

The friend's oh'd or laughed.

"Funny" Skinny joked.

Emma looked around and noticed girls checking Jay out.

Jay noticed her look away and back to the fire

"Hey" he said.

Emma looked back at him and he kissed her deeply.

He didn't care who or what was around them, Emma was his and he was hers.

Emma smiled being assured Jay didn't give a damn about those girls.

"Can't you two wait?" joked Spinner rolling his eyes and getting up.

Emma and Jay were making out already on his chair infront of the fire.

"I think it's romantic" smiled Manny.

She caught Skinny's wink and laughed herself.

"I think I'm gonna go to" Manny replied getting up.

Emma split from Jay and smiled to her best friend "Bye Manny"

Manny waved and left

"Let me drive you!" Skinny offered loudly running after Manny.

"They'd be interesting" Emma joked.

Jay laughed alittle looking up at her "I don't think Skinnys the type to settle down or stick to one girl more than a week"

"So were you" Emma snapped back.

"Oh, fiesty one" teased Jay sliding his hand up her shirt and Emma stopped him smiling and he raised his eyebrows.

"I'm thinking about earning my respect back, you know? Wait til marriage to finally have sex again" she smirks at his mouth dropping and got off his lap.

"Emma!" he yelled and she jogged away. He laughed and shook his head until getting up and running after her.

Emma yelped when he grabbed her and she smiles kissing him as he jumped her up and she wrapped legs around his waist.

"If you want to, I will" Jay confirms seriously looking up to her.

Emma's eyes deepened into his and smiled a little "You would?" she asks and he nods.

"Though.. that'd really suck" Jay insists with a smirk.

"Uh huh" Nods Emma laughing and slid down, she grabbed his hand walking to his car "Don't worry Lover boy" she teased "I was just kidding"

Emma went to laugh until Jay grabbed her back to him and she went serious.

"What?" she asks.

Jay cupped her face "I love you Em. If you want to sacrafice something, I will do it for you. I'd do anything for you. You know that right?"

"yea.." Emma whispers and he kisses her tenderly. "Whats this about?" Emma asked curiously.

"Nothing" Jay looked down "But now that your with me, your gonna find things out that you might not like. Probably my history"

"Til I remember who and what you are now Jay. God, I was a wreck and of all people.. you were there for me. I love you Jay. Nothing will stop that. Stop worrying about it, kay?" Emma asked.

Jay slowly nods until she smiled and kissed him.

The leaned on the car and Jay ended up smiling back between the kiss.

"Love you" he mumered.

"Love you too" she smiled up at him.