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A wise book once told me that inspiration is like a fish. Once you catch it, you should NEVER let go. But what if the fish caught you?? What then???

Anyway, this idea has caught me (terrifyingly) off-guard. All I can say is…

Let's do this thing!!


VERSUS!!! Episode one:

Kuchiki Byakuya vs. Abarai Renji




RENJI----Renji is gifted with hair that is totally out of this world! Well… our normal world. that is… But even in the multicolored hairstyle world (whoah, that's a mouthful) of Bleach, his hair stands out like…a ripe tomato!!!! (no offense) This fierce, uhm, warrior adds even more..uh…'fierceness' to his look by styling his burning tresses in a spiky ponytail!!! ..though HOW he styles (or fits) his loooooooong red hair into a seemingly-cut short yet spiky ponytail is still a mystery…

BYAKUYA----Okay, so maybe black isn't THAT weird of a hair-color…but-watch out for this hair!!! It seems (on more than one occasion) alive, somewhat. I mean, normal hair doesn't sway in the wind like that!! Could it be some kind of strange kidou magic?? Is this some kind of (hair care) secret passed down from generation to generation in the noble Kuchiki clan?? And as if 'living hair' wasn't enough, this noble has another trick up his sleeve-or should I say on top of his head? Yes-it's that ever famous kenseikan (or hair noodles, to those who are quite uninformed)!!! HOW one can put these on is a mystery that baffles even the greatest of hairstylists of today.

WINNER::: round one goes to Byakuya for his own enigma of the hairstyling world-his hair!!


RENJI----In the earlier parts of the series, we see Renji sporting a cool pair of shades!! And at night too!!! (goodness knows how dangerous that is…and uh…how much of a…'daredevil' Renji is for taking such a risk:D) After he loses it from a fight with Ichigo, our stylistic lieutenant decides to shift fashion preferences and turns on to faithful (and brightly colored) bandanas!!!! It seems that when the going gets rough, the rough get stylin'!!!

BYAKUYA----As a symbol for nobility, Byakuya sports a pale whitish-mint green-ish scarf that he (you guessed it, my smart audience) winds around his neck. No, he's not choking. Yes, he never takes it off (unless it gets 'too bloody' to go on and Byakuya must sacrifice it for the sake of not wearing anything messy….same principle with you and your bib when you were still a baby…you know, before you even eat anything). Sooo…you might be guessing if this scarf has any 'magical attributes', which is why he lets it hang around him (hehe, pun intended) a lot.

Well, guess what, you're wrong.

WINNER:::: round two goes to Renji!!! Ah, yes…sweet revenge…

aaaaaand our last round…


RENJI----Okay, it's soooo darn obvious… Renji has a thing for tattoos. You can find it everywhere on his (…hot…) body. Heck, even his eyebrows are tattoos!!! I figured that he must be one HECK of a Miami Ink client…and I don't even want to know his tattoo bill history. But it suuuure was worth it, seeing as how those tattoos wind around his body…like a huge ornate snake…hugging his biceps…and his triceps…and his well-toned abs… (droooool) Okay, okay, that's enough.

BYAKUYA----Question: Has ANYONE here seen Byakuya without at least half of his clothes?? Most probable answer: uh…NO! This bastard is too selfish to even spare us a glance…but I can really tell that the anticipation is worth it. I could just feeeeel the hotness seeping through his clothes…His creamy, almost ivory-like skin over the expanse of his abs… AGH!!! I WANNA SEE!!!! I WANNA SEE NOW!!!! (---dead faint)

WINNER:::: the third round goes to Byakuya for keeping such a damn hot secret from the rest of the world.

and after three rounds, we finally have an over-all winner!!!!!!

With the score 2-1, this fight goes to KUCHIKI BYAKUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Renji: Darn it!! Not again!!!

Byakuya: …once a monkey, always a monkey.

Renji: AGH!!! …at least I won at the style category… (evil chibi smirk)

Byakuya: TT , TT …and what is THAT supposed to mean, lieutenant Abarai?

Renji: (chibi taunt mode) It means I have more style than yoooouu-

Byakuya: Chire, senbonzakura.

Renji: O.O whoah. Seriously, déjà vu. (runs for it)



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