Yup, this is my official 100 Theme Drabble posting (an early resolution for 2008). Here's the thing, officially a "drabble" is exactly 100 words long. I am going to try and follow the rules, but… I'm not going to make any promises. Since I really want to be a serious writer, I figure this is a good way to keep me on my toes. Obviously, advance critique is encouraged. Also, while most likely I will stick to my original characters (since I think this project will be an excellent way to do some character development) be on the lookout for "generic marching band" as well. There is really no telling where in the storylines any of these particular drabbles will fit in, so if possible, I will try and least mention the storyline that they are closest to.

Oh yeah, I highly doubt I'll be going in order.

Expect changes in tense, and between 1st and 3rd person, cause that's pretty much my M.O. anyway.

Like the idea? I'm borrowing it – so why not try it yourself? What's 100 words? Writing a novel is intense, but starting with a smaller story might lead to something bigger.

Rated T for who knows what the heck I'm going to write – most likely language.

I'm going to post the list for the first "chapter" only.

The List

1. Introduction

2. Complicated

3. Making History

4. Rivalry

5. Unbreakable

6. Obsession

7. Eternity

8. Gateway

9. Death

10. Opportunities

11. 33

12. Dead Wrong

13. Running Away

14. Judgement

15. Seeking Solstice

16. Excuses

17. Vengeance

18. Love

19. Tears

20. My Inspiration

21. Never Again

22. Online

23. Failure

24. Rebirth

25. Breaking Away

26. Forever and a day

27. Lost and Found

28. Light

29. Dark

30. Faith

31. Colours

32. Exploration

33. Seeing Red

34. Shades of Grey

35. Forgotten

36. Dreamer

37. Mist

38. Burning

39. Out of Time

40. Knowing How

41. Fork in the road

42. Start

43. Nature's Fury

44. At Peace

45. Heart Song

46. Reflection

47. Perfection

48. Everyday Magic

49. Umbrella

50. Party

51. Troubling Thoughts

52. Stirring of the Wind

53. Future

54. Health and Healing

55. Separation

56. Everything For You

57. Slow Down

58. Lesson

59. Challenged

60. Exhaustion

61. Accuracy

57. Versus

58. Heartfelt Apology

59. Luck

60. Impressions

61. Teenager

62. Irregular Orbit

63. Cold Embrace

64. Frost

65. A Moment in Time

66. Dangerous Territory

67. Boundaries

68. Unsettling Revelations

69. Shattered

70. Bitter Silence

71. The True You

72. Pretence

73. Patience

74. Midnight

75. Shadows

76. Summer Haze

77. Memories

78. Change in the Weather

79. Illogical

80. Only Human

81. A Place to Belong

82. Advantage

83. Breakfast

84. Echoes

85. Falling

86. Picking up the Pieces

87. Gunshot

88. Possession

89. Twilight

90. Nowhere and Nothing

91. Answers

92. Innocence

93. Simplicity

94. Reality

95. Acceptance

97. Enthusiasm

98. Game

99. Friendship

100. Endings

49. Umbrella (post Keeping in Line – end Spring semester, B/T's sophomore year)

"Holy crap, this song is annoying," Tony barked, turning down Rihanna's voice.

"It's not so bad." Bronwyn reached over and cranked the dial back up, smirking, "You're just worried that no one is going to offer you to stand under their umbrella."

"Remind me why am I driving you to practice?"

"Drew's busy – his family's in town for graduation. Also, as the only returning almost junior snares, we have to show solidarity."

Bronwyn received a skeptical look in response.

"Don't be a grump. Fine, if there's no one else, I'll give you a temporary loan of my umbrella."


AN: I just went with my first instinct on what to write. 100 words even is hard to do!!