AN: Hey there, long time no write. I've been busy getting Crossing the Line (now titled Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek) available for publishing. I'm excited to say the digital copy is now on sale and hopefully the printed version will be soon. I hope you'll check it out!

Zipper (Julia / Denny)

"Do me."

"What?" Denny's eyebrows go up in alarm.

It's fun to mess with my boyfriend, because really it's so easy to do. We are near the equipment truck, and now that I've got my carrier on, it's time for someone to finish zipping my uniform up. Before joining marching band, I had no idea how practically everything we did could be turned into some sort of innuendo.

Swinging around, I flip aside my hair (French braided to not only look pretty, but also to keep my hair out of the way while I was on the field), and try not to laugh as Denny's rough fingers come in contact with the delicate skin on the back of my neck.


Turning around, I say with a smile, "Since you were so good, I'll let you undress me once we're off the field!"

Hope your seasons are going well!