AN: Using fictional characters to say something. Takes places somewhere during Confessions.

143. Take a Knee

"We do this together or not at all." Julia hoisted her quints on before the warm up, zipping her uniform around the carrier, as fans filtered into the stands on a humid September evening. Around her, the Forest Hills drum line loosened their wrists and shoulders in preparation.

Denny nodded and made eye contact with the remainder of the percussionists. McDaniel stepped forward and said, "You realize this could mean discipline against the section, right?"

"Quite honestly, it needs to be done," Julia answered, a 'zero fucks' comment left unsaid. She thought of her friends who came from various backgrounds and races. Enough was enough. Even if the time came and she was the only one. Even if it was incredibly awkward to do so with her instrument. Even if she was suspended.

McDaniel lifted his head in agreement and replied, "We take a knee on Kimberly's count off into the Anthem."