I now pronounce thee man and wife

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Robin lay on the ground holding Marians still form; she was still warm and when Robin leant down to kiss her still lips he could almost feel the life drain out of them and that was when the tears started falling. Robin had never cared much for crying especially not in front of people but here he was in the Holy Lands crying into his lost love in front of his friends and the king of England but he didn't care, he just wanted her back.

He wanted her back in his arms once more, he wanted her to argue with him, he wanted to hear the witty insults fall off her tongue and he wanted to see her beautiful smile once more. He looked down at her, it was like she had fallen asleep and Robin cradled her in his arms like one would do to a new born baby." My love I am sorry" he whispered

Robin got to his feet and picked up Marion and turned around gazing into the eyes of his friends, all of them were crying silently. Robin turned away and began the walk to where she would be buried. It wasn't a long walk but every step Robin took felt like someone was ripping his very soul apart, it wasn't meant to be like this he thought, they were meant to be together forever and now she had been cruelly ripped from his loving embrace.

The funeral was an emotional affair, Will held Djaq close to him and even Little John and Much made their peace with one another, Allan.A.Dale stood to one side, though Robin had forgiven him he felt distant from the group somehow. Robin leant down and shared his final embrace on earth with the woman he loved, her lips were so soft and Robin never this moment to end but he knew it was time, it was time to say goodbye but this wasn't forever as Marian had said that they would meet again but only when the time was right. Robin laid Marian in the sandy grave and picked up a handful of sand and sprinkled it over her, the others did the same. When this was all done Robin stood at the foot of the grave and said to the silent form.

"I now pronounce thee man and wife"