The first installment of a collection of 50 Rayne drabbles. Please comment, since this is the both the first time I've written anything at the drabble length and the first time I've really written this ship.

1. Walking

Jayne sighed again, watching the girl happily skip ahead of him. She could never be content with just walking, she always had to dance or skip or flit her way teasingly in front of him. Watching her twirl around, he got a good view of the creamy white expanse of her thigh, causing him to growl in frustration.

"Gorram teaseā€¦" he muttered, making sure his voice was low enough that none of the others, specifically her brother or Mal, would hear it. She was going to get it when they got back to the ship, that, he was sure of.

2. Waltz

"Ya want me to do WHAT exactly?" Jayne asked her, his voice a mixture of confusion and astonishment.

"Like this," River explained slowly, a bemused expression spreading over her face at his look of bewilderment. She placed one of his large hands on her waist, before reaching for the other and clasping it tightly in her own tiny hand.

"Now," she told him, leading him around the room in a slow waltz, "we really need this job, and it's up to us to make Captain Daddy look credible."

"What does me wearin' tight pants gotta do with Mal looking cred'ble?"

3. Wish

River ducked her head, making a mental wish, before blowing out the candles on her cake.

"What'd ya wish for?" Kaylee asked excitedly, almost bouncing in her seat.

"Silly Kaylee. If I told you, it wouldn't come true!" River smiled at her friend before glancing over at the silent mercenary who was eagerly awaiting his piece of cake.

"My bunk," he mouthed silently, knowing she was watching him.

Later that night, River slipped silently into Jayne's bunk, locking it securely behind her. Turning, she saw her birthday wish sprawled across his bed, naked except for the bow of red ribbon.

4. Wonder

He stared down at her sleeping face, smiling at the peacefulness that covered her features. It was not the first time he had woken early and watched her, and it surely would not be the last.

He held her close, ever so slightly tightening his grip on her naked body, keeping her pressed against the length of also naked body.

Not for the first time, he watched her in wonder, amazed she would choose to be with him. He knew she could do better, hell, she deserved better, but for some reason unknown to him, she had made her choice.

5. Worry

She always worried when he was out on a job without her. It didn't matter that she knew she would know the exact moment he was hurt, she still worried until he was safely back on the ship.

It was becoming more and more frequent that she would be left on the ship when they were on a job, mostly because their work usually required a quick departure after the job went south, as it regularly did when working with Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Starting the take-off sequence, River waited until the trio was safely inside before breaking out of atmo.