Okay! So, this was written (and completed) as a fanfiction on the MCRmydotnet, but I was asked to post it on here for a few of my friends. So, I'll post the chapters up whenever I can.

Note, this was my FIRST EV ER fanfic, so from time to time it may suck.
But yeah, in total I believe there are 45 chapters to post up, but I will get there!


Franks POV


The voice swirled around me, distant, heavenly.


The voice was so smooth, so pure; it sounded like an angel, like something Holy, some-thing-

"Mr Frank Iero! Wake up!"
I awoke with a jerk. I squinted my eyes against the light, struggling to focus.

"Well, now that dearMr Iero has decided to join us from his lovely dreams, let's get on with our lesson, shall we?" The teacher drew a tight lipped smile as she turned to the board.

I cringed as the class giggled. 'Oh crap. Why do I always do that?' My mind was foggy as I tried to pay attention to the board and not the people chortling behind me. Suddenly I felt a sharp jab in my back. I glanced round to see the culprit, none other than Jimmy Alwart.

"Yo shitster, way to go! Were you enjoying your wet dreams?" He and his goons laughed and I turned back and glanced downwards.

'"Ooooh fuck…" I breathed. My skinnies were tight as tight could be. I bit my lip and leant forwards, trying to think of serious things like politics and religion, any-thing to calm the storm in my jeans. I shifted uncomfortably, trying to find a position that would take my mind off of it.

As the bell rang for end of lesson, I got up as quickly as I could and hurried to the door.

"Mr Iero! I want to talk to you!" Ms Quinn called, but I ignored her and walked out the class, turning a sharp right and keeping my eyes on the floor. I made my way to my locker, watching the pattern of the shiny linoleum floor with fake fascination. As I reached my locker I hastily put in the code and flung it open. I glanced up at the inside door, and breathed a quiet sigh as Laurens face smiled out at me. I stroked the shiny photograph tenderly, tracing the outline of her face and body with the tip of my finger. I stared at it for a second more before I heard the familiar footsteps that I looked forward to every day.

"Lauren!" I called, smiling broadly as I leant backwards to see past the open locker door.

"Heya cutie!" She gushed, leaning in and giving me a peck on the cheek. Her brown hair bobbed around her head as she pulled back to look at me.

"Oooh, did you fall asleep in class again?" she asked, gazing at me in concern.

"Yeah, kinda. I was just tired. Late night last night." I replied. I smiled at her reassuringly; rubbing at my eyes glazed with that 'just-woken-up' look they always seemed to have these days. The last thing I wanted was for her to be worried about me.

"What class do you have now?" she chirruped, watching me with her brown eyes. She clutched at a pile of chemistry books, holding them against her chest, indicating that she was looking forward to her next lesson.

"Chem, same as you. Shame we're in different classes though." I gave a sigh as I realised that I was in chemistry with Jimmy Alwart again. He wasn't going to let me off nicely for what happened in maths.

"Okay, I'll see you later then, don't wanna be late!" She giggled as the bell went and leant in for another kiss. I automatically kissed her, not even thinking about it. She turned away with a whirl of sleek hair and perfume, her shoes clacking as she ran to her class.

I stood watching her as she moved. She was so lively, so animated. It was amazing to wonder what made her start to talk to me in the first place. After a couple of moments of thinking, I turned and started to slowly make my way to my class. What did it matter if I was late? That just meant less time to deal with Jimmy. Worked for me.

I eventually got to the door and gave it a slight push. I could hear every-one hush and could practically feel their eyes turn to the door as they thought: 'Oh here we go, late again.'

I didn't look up as I went in, hoping not to draw too much of the teachers attention.


"Frank you're late again. Why?"
I shrugged, still not looking up.

"Well if you think you're so smart that you don't need to come to my class on time, then explain to me what chemical fusion is?"
I paused.

"I dunno. Couple of coloured liquids going 'boom'?"

A couple of people giggled. I heard some-one from the front of the class give a husky laugh.

'What the-? Did the teacher just find that funny??'

I looked up confused.

'Holy Mother of Fucking Christ….'

"Ah yes. I'd like you to meet the new student. Gerard Way."

I looked at him, and he looked at me.

"Hey Frank." He breathed.