Buckle up babes, 'cos here we go.

Gerards POV


"Thank-you for coming everybody, really, I can't tell you how great it is to be here!" I shout into the microphone, and grin as the thousands of people call back.

I glance over my shoulder at the band, who all smile back. Mikey, Bob, Ray, Frank. Four amazing people who mean the world to me. I motion to Frank to come over, and he obediently moves to my side, dipping his head, as he knows what is coming next.

"Now, you know we like to have fun with our songs, but this next song is extremely special to Frank and I. You see, years ago we knew an amazing girl. She endured one of the most horrible lives I have ever known…and her death wasn't any kinder to her either. This song was written for her, 5 years on the anniversary of her death. It's called 'Sleep'."

I hand the microphone to Frank, allowing him his say.

"Lolita was an amazing person." Franks begins, tears prickling in his eyes. "She was – and still is – such an important part of my life. Gerards too. And not only was she such a wonderful person, but it was thanks to her that we are here today. Thank-you Lolita. Rest In Peace."

He hands the microphone back to me and takes his place, readying Pansy, the guitar that Lolita so lovingly placed in his care.

I turn to the crowd, thousands upon thousands of kids, all wearing My Chemical Romance shirts and hoodies, hats and belts…you name it. They all quieten as the opening for Sleep comes on.
How many people out there – I wonder – are like Lolita? In any way?

My eyes settle upon a shirt that has 'MCR SAVED ME' scrawled upon it. I smile slightly. That is why we are here. That is the reason we carried on. I bow my head and start singing.

Franks POV

I glance up to see Gerard smile as his eyes settle on the shirt I spotted earlier. I can't help but smile too.

As long as we save lives, we all know that Lolita lives on. And so I shall play, Gerard shall sing and the band shall continue until that slogan is emblazoned upon every fans shirt – until every kid shall have some-one to turn to and until Lolitas dream is fulfilled.

Until then, My Chemical Romance shall live on, to the end.