Rose return

"Take him away" shouted the human darlek. "wait" Martha shouted.

"you will have to take me as well" said Martha. "throw her in the dungeon and leave her there" shouted the human darlek. As time past Martha escaped from the dungeon.

"I must locate where the doctor is" asked Martha to herself.

She had and idea she sneaked to the vent and arrived to the

System room. There was the doctor standing peacefully.

Rose looked at the doctor. "give her back!" shouted the doctor.

" why should I you got a problem". The darlek took his atonic screw driver and gave it to the human darlek. "so what is this" asked the human darlek. The human darlek can now change the doctor's age. He changed to 105 but he did not die. He could not walk or stand. The only hope was the wheelchair. "NO!!!" screamed Rose.

"what have you dun" shouted rose.

Martha came on the mission to rescue the doctor. Till they got the doctor they don't need Rose. They threw her out of the underground when Martha helped her get up. They went back to the underground to rescue the doctor. It was almost midnight if they don't bring the doctor back he will turn into a darlek. They ran to the library and they needed a code. On the same door it says


So Martha told rose to kiss her but she said "why". "just it's the only way to open the door" said Martha. "ok" said rose.


The door opened what a relive it worked.

The doctor was then 199 he tried to steal the screwdriver back. When he tried he fell on the floor. "try hard doc but you will never get there" laughed the human darlek. Martha and rose found the doctor but he was old. He was actually 1000 year old.

Martha took the screw driver and pointed at the human darlek. "hands up sucker cuz you are about to get old" said Martha.

The human darlek ran away, just in time Martha with the atonic screw driver made Him old with one zap (zzzaaaaaappp). "Martha, rose" said the doctor as happy as he could. The doctor came back to his age. "are you ok?" questioned Martha to the doctor. "yeah" said the doctor. Rose was left out, she turned

Around and headed back.

"rose I am sorry" whispered the doctor. "it is ok" she whispered back.

" a bomb" shouted the doctor. They all ran from the underground. The

Bomb blasted, the darleks were destroyed. Everyone was safe especially

Rose. They all entered in the teephone box. Martha went home before she

Went home she gave the doctor a hug. "I am going to miss you" sobbed Martha in tears. "me to" said the doctor.

Then the doctor went back in the telephone box. Rose and the doctor kissed

on the lips. Rose's mother forgived the doctor. "I am so sorry" she said.

Rose's mum said it to the court and they belived her.