Miaka Yuki groaned as she turned off her alarm clock. "Miaka! You're gonna be late!" Her mother hollered as Miaka rolled off bed and sleepily rubbed her eyes. Changing into her uniform, she grabbed her backpack and hurried down the stairs. Seating herself, she pulled the plate of pancakes towards her and started eating. "Such a pig," Miaka's older brother, Keisuke teased. Sticking her tongue out at her brother, she glanced at her watch.

"Miaka, Amiboshi is here!" her father hollered from the living room. Racing out, she hugged Amiboshi. "Suboshi's gone to pick Yui up?" Amiboshi nodded and Miaka grabbed her backpack and left for school. It was the first day of high school and Miaka was nervous. She and Amiboshi had been best friends since kindergarten and Amiboshi and Suboshi, his twin brother, would pick Miaka and Yui up respectively and meet, after which they would make their way to school. They had repeated this ritual since elementary school. Miaka, Amiboshi and Suboshi were especially close, having known each other since kindergarten. Yui and Miaka were close enough, having met in elementary school. Miaka had then introduced her into the group. Smiling, Amiboshi asked, "Nervous?" Miaka nodded and fell into step next to Amiboshi.

"Yui!" Miaka waved at her friend as they neared her house. Suboshi looked bored, sitting on the garden wall. "You're late." Suboshi said, grinning. Swatting playfully at his brother, Amiboshi chuckled and Miaka hit Suboshi playfully. Jumping down, the four best friends walked to school.

As they entered Jonan High School, Miaka's heart beat against her chest and Amiboshi clutched her hand. "Relax okay?" Miaka chuckled and nodded. They made off down the corridor and towards their classroom. They were glad they were in the same class. Entering the classroom, Miaka and Amiboshi sat together while Yui and Suboshi seated themselves behind. Their teacher, Mr Terada entered and greeted the class.

Break came and the four best friends made their way to the cafeteria, chatting all the way. "Hey, there's Hotohori and Nuriko!' Yui pointed and the four friends made their way over. Hotohori and Nuriko were three years older than them and had looked out for them since they had been in junior high, when bullies had cornered them. Nuriko and Hotohori hugged Miaka and Yui, shaking hands with the twins.

They broke off their conversation and Suboshi hurried to find a seat. Glancing about, he noticed an empty table. Just as he reached it, an orange haired boy reached it too and glared at him. Suboshi, not easily intimidated, glared back. Amiboshi rushed over and whispered, "Let it go." Suboshi shook his head and glared at the orange haired boy. Miaka rushed over just as a black haired boy carrying a tray turned and said, "Let it go, Tasuki." In turning so abruptly, the boy collided with Miaka and Miaka fell, the contents of the boy's food spilling all over her.

"Miaka!" Amiboshi and Suboshi said in unison, hurrying to help their best friend get to her feet. The boy recovered from his shock and apologized profusely, saying, "Oh, my God, I am so sorry. How am I going to make it up to you?" Miaka giggled and said, "I was careless." Yui chuckled. The boy introduced himself. "I'm Tamahome and this is my best friend, Tasuki. How about I treat you and your friends to dinner?" Miaka smiled and nodded slowly. She couldn't help feeling attracted to Tamahome.

Suboshi suddenly shoved Miaka towards Tamahome. Tamahome caught her and Miaka blushed. She was about to rail at Suboshi when she caught the anger in his voice. "What do you want?" he snarled. She retreated as she saw Tomo smirking down at her. Tomo was in college with her older brother and had always claimed he liked her. Keisuke had told Miaka to steer clear of Tomo and frankly, Tomo scared her. "Leave them alone!" a voice sounded across the cafeteria. "Chichiri!" Miaka exclaimed, relieved.

The college and high school shared grounds. Therefore, the cafeteria was larger than average to house the number of students. Chichiri, Mitsukakae, Tetsuya and Keisuke had been good friends since high school. Tomo had slunk away upon Chichiri's appearance, knowing full well he wouldn't be able to get away with anything with Chichiri there. Miaka sighed in relief and Chichiri grinned. Suboshi relaxed, the anger gone as fast as it had come.

Tamahome turned towards Miaka and smiled. "How about having dinner tonight?" Miaka glanced at the twins and they nodded. "Okay. Where do we meet you?" Miaka answered. Setting a time and place, Tamahome waved as he dragged Tasuki off, still scowling.

The four friends had agreed to meet at Miaka's house before proceeding to meet Tamahome and Tasuki. Miaka opened the door, and Suboshi grinned at her. Pulling her friend in, she giggled as Amiboshi and Yui followed up. Amiboshi and Suboshi smiled and helped themselves to drinks while Miaka dragged Yui to her room to decide what to wear.

Tamahome didn't know what attracted him to Miaka. She was two years younger than him and he had never been attracted to any girl before although somehow, girls were attracted to him as bees were to honey. Tasuki grumbled, breaking Tamahome out of his reverie. "Why do I have to come along?" Tamahome laughed. "Two reasons. One, you're my best friend. Two, you almost got into a fight with that boy back there." Tasuki rolled his eyes and Tamahome grinned. His thoughts travelled back to Miaka and he frowned. Why did she seem so afraid of Tomo?

"Finally!" Suboshi stated as Miaka and Yui emerged from her room. Miaka giggled as Suboshi made a face. Yui threw a cushion at him and Amiboshi said, "Whoa! Guys, we're leaving soon. No messing up." Miaka giggled and Suboshi stuck his tongue out. Keys sounded in the door and Miaka opened the door. "Good! I'm going out, Keisuke." Keisuke shot her a look. "Who?" Miaka sighed. Keisuke was sometimes just too overprotective. "Tamahome. Don't worry. Suboshi and Amiboshi are going too." Keisuke nodded and waved at the boys before disappearing into his room. "Let's go!" Amiboshi announced and Miaka hollered to Keisuke and left the house.

When they met Tamahome and Tasuki, Tasuki scowled as Tamahome smiled at them. Suboshi frowned at Tasuki and shook Tamahome's hand. They went to the nearby pizza joint and made themselves comfortable. "Stop it, Tasuki." Tamahome hissed, nudging his best friend. Tasuki's scowl broke into a cheeky grin and Tamahome hissed, "You were winding me up!" Tasuki chuckled.

"So, maybe we could hang out?" Tamahome told Miaka.

"Yeah, as long as you don't find these idiots here a chore." Miaka responded as Suboshi reached across and playfully swatted at her.

Tamahome chuckled. "I think we'd get along just fine." Suboshi grinned and Tamahome smiled.

They whiled the night away, chatting. They talked about school and their home and who they knew in school. Even Yui, Amiboshi and Suboshi seemed to be enjoying themselves. Miaka smiled. Amiboshi watched his best friend and betrayed a smile. She was practically glowing. Suboshi exchanged a look with him and they grinned.

As they were leaving, Nuriko and Hotohori entered the joint. "Hey!" Miaka called out and the two best friends turned and smiled. They talked for a while until Yui shrieked about the time. They waved goodbye and left the place. "I'll take Yui home first, or her parents will freak. See you at home." Amiboshi nodded and Suboshi left with Yui after giving Miaka a quick hug. Amiboshi and Tasuki wandered off to talk. "So…t-this is like an apology. Sorry, I spilled everything on you." Miaka smiled.

"Don't worry about it. Thanks for dinner." Miaka mumbled.

Just as Tamahome was about to leave, Miaka stopped him. "W-wait! Tamahome!" Tamahome turned around. "W-well, I guess I just wanted to say that I enjoyed tonight v-very much. T-thank you."

"I enjoyed it as well," Tamahome replied. Miaka gazed into his warm brown eyes and nodded. "Tasuki!" Tamahome shouted and the two left, shouting over their shoulders, "See you in school!" Amiboshi steered Miaka towards her house. Hugging her briefly in front of her house, he grinned. "See you tomorrow. Same time." Miaka nodded and asked, "Ami? You want to show that you actually sent me home?" Amiboshi grinned. Miaka would get hell if he didn't show his face. Nodding, he opened the door.

"Mr Yuki? Mrs Yuki?" he called into the house. "Miaka!" Mrs Yuki called her voice stern. "Oh, hi Amiboshi, dear." She added upon seeing Amiboshi. "I just wanted to make sure she got back all right. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, Mrs Yuki." Amiboshi squeezed Miaka's shoulder and was gone. Miaka looked sheepish and her mother sighed. "If it wasn't for Amiboshi…" Miaka let her mother lecture her. It was always the same lecture. Thank God for Amiboshi. "Okay, Mum. Goodnight!" Miaka said, scampering up to her room.

"Miaka!" Keisuke shouted as Miaka jumped out of bed and sprinted down the stairs. Shoveling her breakfast into her mouth, she grabbed her backpack and shot an apologetic look at Amiboshi, taking his hand and running out of the house. "Relax, Miaka!" he chuckled. Coughing, Miaka said between gasps, "Su…he'll be…pissed." Amiboshi chuckled and they walked the rest of the way.

They reached school early. Hanging about in the courtyard, they joked together. A shadow loomed against them and they looked up. A blonde haired boy, who looked to be about Chichiri's age stood there, revealing a twisted smile. "So, what can four high school students be doing here?" the boy challenged. They knew he was Nakago, notorious for his bullying. They didn't answer and he shoved Miaka. "I asked a question!" he shouted as Miaka fell to the ground. "Leave her alone!" Amiboshi shouted.

"So want to take it for her instead?" Nakago taunted as he shoved Amiboshi to the ground. "Don't you start on my brother!" Suboshi stood, anger blazing in his eyes. "I still prefer this girl." He smirked as he roughly grabbed Miaka by the arm. "Give me some money, girly, and I won't hurt you." Suboshi helped Amiboshi up. "Let her go." Suboshi's voice became low. Amiboshi and Yui recognized it as a danger sign. "Hey! Nakago! Leave them alone!" a voice shouted. That voice… Could it be… Tamahome strode up to Nakago and knocked his hand away, causing Miaka to lose balance. Amiboshi caught her and supported her.

"Hey, you okay?" he whispered. Nodding, she got to her feet. "I was just a little scared." Amiboshi smiled and hugged his best friend. Suboshi cast a concerned look at Miaka but she shook her head, hugging him tightly. Tamahome was arguing with Nakago and finally Nakago left, taking his girlfriend by the hand. "You okay?" Tamahome asked. Miaka nodded and smiled. "I was just a little scared, that's all." Tamahome nodded and smiled. "See you during break!" he shouted as he ran to catch up with Tasuki.

During break, they met up with Tamahome and Tasuki and they ate together. Suboshi asked, '"Hey, study session today?" They nodded. "Want to join us?" Miaka asked Tamahome and he shrugged. 'All right." He agreed. They decided on Miaka's house, since her parents hated her to be late. Deciding to meet outside school after class ended, they waved to each other and went for their respective classes. The four friends made their way to calculus.

Miaka rubbed her head and sighed. Amiboshi chuckled and leaned over. "Which one now?" he asked. Pointing to a question, Miaka closed her eyes. Amiboshi frowned then took her paper. "Su, do this for her. TEACH her." Suboshi chuckled and took the paper from his brother. After scribbling, he nudged Miaka and passed the paper over to her. Miaka frowned. "Su…" she started but Suboshi was already at her side. "Here, you see this… then you do this…" Miaka nodded and smiled. Suboshi chuckled. Miaka had always had problems with numbers. He, on the other hand, had problems with Literature.

"Miaka!" Amiboshi shouted as Miaka pranced in the rain, giggling. Although Amiboshi enjoyed seeing his friend so happy, he knew how easily Miaka got sick. "Come here and use the umbrella!" he shouted. Miaka giggled. "Ami! Don't be a party pooper. It's fun out here!" Amiboshi shrugged at his brother and Suboshi laughed. Tamahome chuckled at her antics and Tasuki nudged Tamahome. "Well, ask her out. You know you like her." Tamahome nudged Tasuki back and hissed, "Don't be stupid. I bet she's going out with one of the twins." Tasuki chuckled and shook his head.

Fishing her keys out, she trooped into the house and shouted, "Ami, Su, could you get drinks? I'm going to change into something dry." Amiboshi nodded and the twins walked into the kitchen. Miaka hurriedly changed and ran downstairs.

They sat in the living room and fished out their books. "But this…" Miaka whined, frustrated at Calculus. Amiboshi chuckled. "Here, you take this… and then you bring it here…" Miaka shook her head. Tamahome bent over. 'There. You see this? By bringing it over, you can do this… and then you do it…" Tamahome explained patiently. Miaka nodded, slowly.

"Miaka!" Keisuke shouted from outside. Sighing, Miaka got up and opened the door. "Didn't you bring your keys?" Keisuke grinned and shook his head. "Tetsuya! Chichiri!" Miaka shouted, excited. "Keep it down. Oh, new friends?" Keisuke asked, as he entered the house. Beckoning to Tamahome and Tasuki, Miaka introduced them and Keisuke shook hands with them, eyeing them a little too warily for Miaka's comfort.

Miaka returned to the living room where Suboshi had his head in his hands. Seating herself, she bent down. "You see this line, it means… so if you were to interpret it like this… then you could write this… "Suboshi nodded uncertainly, thankful Miaka was there to help him.

"All right. I'll see you tomorrow." Miaka smiled. Hugging the twins and Yui, she let them leave first. Tasuki bid her goodbye, shaking her hand and leaving.

"Well, t-thanks for giving us study space." Tamahome spoke.

"Nah. Come by any time." She replied blushing.

""I just want you to know. It's real cool hanging out. Maybe you'd like to h-have dinner someday?"

"Sure. Just let me know." Miaka hugged Tamahome awkwardly, both a little shy and waved until she couldn't see Tamahome's retreating back any longer.

Miaka threw herself onto her bed and sighed. She was tired and her head was hurting. She looked at the clock. Deciding to skip dinner, Miaka curled in bed under her blanket and fell asleep.

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