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Gone away is the blue bird

Here to stay is a new bird

He sings a love song as we go along

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

Christmas had come all too quickly for Rory and although the friendship between herself and Finn was great, she couldn't seem to make the feelings she had for him disappear. Maybe Christmas in Stars Hollow would finally make them go away. Finn pulled his Escalade to a stop in front of the Gilmore house. He hadn't even stopped the engine before the front door flew open and Rory climbed out of the car. Finn, Logan, Colin, Tristan and Stephanie watched as Rory and Lorelai embraced.

"Fruit of my loins," Lorelai called out.

"Woman who birthed me," Rory retorted and hugged her mother tight. It had been weeks since she had seen her mother and she was glad for the two weeks of school she had off. Lorelai pulled away from Rory and turned to face the five new faces in front of her.

"Like little soldiers," she said to Rory.

"I'm building my army from scratch," Rory replied seriously. Stephanie stepped forward and handed Lorelai a small box.

"Merry Christmas Ms Gilmore," she said and kissed Lorelai on the cheek.

"Ms Gilmore is my mother. Call me Lorelai," she instructed before turning to Rory again. "I get presents too?"

Rory smiled at her mother. She really was a child at heart.

"Mom this is Stephanie Vanderbilt, Logan Huntzberger, Colin McCrae, Tristan Dugray and Finnegan Morgan. Guys this is my mom Lorelai Gilmore," Rory introduced and at once Lorelai was bombarded with kisses and presents. Lorelai pointed them in the direction of the living room but grabbed Rory before she could follow them.

"So that's the Aussie," she commented as Finn followed the rest inside. Rory nodded shyly, her cheeks growing red. "Why hasn't mommy met him before?"

"Because he lived in Australia," Rory replied before they walked inside away from the cold of the winter. Inside, the Gilmore house had been decorated festively. Tinsel hung from every surface and a huge tree sat in the corner in front of the roaring fire. The living room had been converted into sleeping quarters for the males.

"You're in Rory's room," Lorelai told Stephanie as Stephanie surveyed the room. She let out a sigh of relief and followed Rory through to the kitchen and into the small room that was Rory's.

"Mom why is the mistletoe in the kitchen?" Rory asked eyeing the dangling twig with suspicion. Lorelai grinned evilly.

"Because I'm determined to be kissed under it this year and knowing males the way I do they spend more time in the kitchen then anywhere else," Lorelai replied. "How does Luke's sound?"

"Perfect. I'm starving," Rory replied and before anyone could question them, the Gilmore girls were leading the Limo boys and Stephanie towards Luke's. The diner was reasonably empty especially for mid afternoon.

"Luke," Lorelai called out in a singsong voice.

"What?" came a gruff reply from the store room.

"Can I please have some coffee? My one and only offspring is here and she needs it to survive," Lorelai answered dramatically. Rory steered her friends to an empty table before watching her mother work her magic on Luke. Luke appeared from the store room and glanced in Rory's direction before stopping in front of Lorelai.

"This stuff will kill you," he told her. Lorelai grinned widely at him before leaning over the counter and giving him a small kiss.

"But at least I'll still be pretty," Lorelai replied before returning to the table. Luke grunted but filled seven mugs with coffee and brought them to the table.

"Who are you?" he asked bluntly to the new faces at the table.

"Luke, these are my friends from Yale. Logan, Colin, Tristan, Stephanie and Finn," Rory replied before taking a long drink from her mug and letting the hot liquid slide down her throat. She let out a groan of satisfaction and Finn couldn't help wish that she would make those sounds when he was around. Luke assessed the new faces for several seconds before pulling out a notepad and poised his pen.

"What will it be?" he asked gruffly.

"Burgers and fries all round," Lorelai said, ordering for the group. "And while were waiting can I have a donut and a chocolate muffin?"

"Me too," Rory piped up and five sets of eyes stared at the Lorelai's. Luke scribbled the order down and then headed towards the kitchen mumbling about their lack of healthy food.

Several hours later they were back at the Gilmore house, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory playing and endless chatter amongst the group. Lorelai had been watching her daughter and Finn and she could see the invisible connection they had to each other. If Rory hadn't been her daughter and she didn't know they were best friend she would have sworn they were a couple. She just wished that both Rory and Finn would wake up and realise that they were meant to be together.

"Were out of gummy bears," Rory suddenly announced, snapping Lorelai out of her thoughts.

"More in the kitchen pantry," Lorelai replied. She noticed that Finn watched her daughter walk off to the kitchen and an idea formed in her head.

"Finn can you grab some more soda from the kitchen?" Lorelai asked sweetly. Finn nodded and followed Rory into the kitchen.

Finn found Rory rummaging through the kitchen pantry.

"Needs some help love?" he asked. Rory jumped and banged her head on the top of the pantry.

"Shit," she mumbled and then turned to face Finn, rubbing the back of her head.

"I didn't mean to scare you," he mumbled, suddenly shy in front of his best friend.

"It's ok," she said smiling sweetly at him.

"Thank you for inviting us. It's definitely nicer then with the family," Finn said trying to make conversation, something he had never experienced with Rory. Over the last three months his feelings for Rory had intensified immensely.

"Mistletoe," Rory said and pointed above their heads. Finn's heart skipped a beat as he realised that he would finally get to kiss Rory again after so many years. Rory swallowed several times, remembering the feelings Finn's kisses had evoked several years before. Slowly, as if time was frozen, Finn lowered his head and his lips connected with Rory's. Sparks of electricity flowed through both of them as the kiss deepened. Finn slid his arms around Rory's waist as hers came to rest around his neck.

"Finn you get the soda?" Logan asked as he entered the kitchen. Finn and Rory jumped apart and suddenly became interested in the floor. "Oh sorry."

Logan left quickly and silence fell.

"I'm sorry," Finn finally said before rushing out the kitchen door and leaving Rory alone in the kitchen.

"I'm not," she said sadly before sinking to the floor and bursting into tears.

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