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She turned off the T.V after another episode of Raw finished, it had been 5 years since she had left and once again she had different emotions about that episode as she did every week.

Those emotions were:

Frustration, she knew she still had it in her to perform much better than the current Divas.

Envy, she missed how the crowd always cheered for her. Anxiousness, she really wanted to get in the ring again.

However one emotion outweighed them all, sadness

She felt sadness not because of those other emotions or because the loss of her status in the wrestling world, the sadness came from watching a certain rainbow haired warrior perform every week and not being able to be out there with him. She missed her best friend.

A voice ran through her head, not the voice you would expect but Mr. McMahon instead."If you ever want to come back, give me a call" She remembered Vince say on her last day in the WWE.

Amy reached for her phone but then pulled back, having second thoughts about this.

How would Vince receive her?

How would the locker room act around her?

How would the fans treat her?

How would Jeff react to her being back? She quickly pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and then she picked up her phone and called up Vince McMahon. 2 weeks later

Amy found herself staring at the arena doors as if she had never seen them before, but in fact she had been there many times. She was due to go see Vince about signing her new contract and he recommended she stayed for Raw, not to wrestle, but just to get a feel for the business again.

She took a deep breath and she opened the door and began walking through backstage. It was quiet, she was early, but her heart felt as if it would burst at any second from nervousness "There's probably not even anyone here" She told herself quietly as she walked down the halls

"Am I seeing things?" She heard a very familiar voice say

Amy froze, its not like she didn't want to turn around right at that very second, it was that she felt as if her feet were glued to the floor.

"Amy Dumas?" The familiar voice asked

She took a deep breath and turned around to see one Jeff Hardy

Jeff smiled when she turned around and she gave him a small wave

"Well don't just stand there" Jeff said with his arms out

Amy walked to Jeff and she felt a sense of relief as his arms wrapped around her

"It's been a while" Jeff said as they pulled away from the hug

"It has" Amy said "That one you can probably blame on me"

"Yes but phone's work two ways" Jeff said "I could have called you or something"

Amy just shrugged

"So what brings you back here?" Jeff asked

"Mostly you" Amy thought, but what she thought was much different to what she said "I decided I wanted to come back, show the new girls how a real Diva wrestles"

"Are you serious?" Jeff asked with a blank expression

Amy's heart sank; maybe he wasn't so happy to be around her as she thought

"Why?" Amy asked softly

"Because if you are, that's awesome!" Jeff exclaimed and he hugged her again. He quickly put his hands on her shoulders and held her at arms length "When do you officially return? Does anyone else know? Are you on Raw or Smackdown? Or ECW? What Did Vince say?"

"Okay too many questions Jeff" Amy said laughing

"Well I would have kept going but you stopped me" Jeff said "Well?"

"Well what?" Amy asked

"Must I repeat those questions?" Jeff asked

"That will take too long to answer" Amy said

"Well how much time do you have?" Jeff asked with a smirk

"Not much, I have to go see Mr. McMahon about my contract" Amy said

"Well my match is" Jeff began

"The main event" Amy said nodding "I know"

"How?" Jeff asked

"Just because I left this place doesn't mean I still didn't watch it" Amy replied

"How?" Jeff asked "I mean, when I left, I couldn't watch it because it was just too hard to watch and not be apart of it"

Amy nodded

"It was hard to watch" Amy said "That's why I'm standing here right now"

"I'm glad you are" Jeff said with a smile

Amy felt her cheeks redden and then she looked down shyly

"Well I have to go see Vince, I'll see you around?" Amy asked

"I'll wait outside of his office if I have too" Jeff said

Amy laughed

"Maybe we can go out after to talk if I don't get around to seeing you?" Jeff asked

"I'm sure you will see me" Amy said "But none the less I would like that"

Jeff smiled and he began backing away

"Excellent, I'll see you" Jeff said and he turned around and walked away
Amy smiled, maybe this wasn't going to be so hard after all She made her way to Mr. McMahon's office and knocked on the door

"Come in" She heard

Amy walked in and smiled at Mr. McMahon

"Good to have you back Amy" Vince said

"It's great to be back" Amy saidJeff walked down the halls with a smile on his face and what looked like to be a skip in his step

"What are you so happy about?" Chris asked

"Well Mr. raw is Jericho, Amy is back" Jeff said

"Amy?" Chris asked "As is Amy, Amy?"

"Amy Dumas" Jeff said with a bright smile
"Wow" Chris said "Visiting?"

"She's signing her contract right now" Jeff said "She's back!"

"How does Matt feel about that?" Chris asked raising an eyebrow

Jeff switched his weight uncomfortably to his other leg

"I...I have no idea" Jeff said "You are the second person to find out"

"The first being you?" Chris asked

Jeff nodded "But I mean, it's all in the past now, they forgave each other"

"Did they?" Chris asked "Because you would hope so for your sake"

"My sake?" Jeff asked raising an eyebrow "What does it have to do with me?"

"Well look how excited you are" Chris said "Matt is your brother and he has a history with your friend Amy"

"Amy is your friend too" Jeff said

"Not my point" Chris said

"Well I don't get your point?" Jeff said sounding a little irritated "What is it?"

"Look, I'm only looking out for you alright so don't get mad" Chris said "But what is he going to think when you begin hanging around her again?"

Jeff shrugged

"I will find out though" Jeff said "I'm going to go call Matt"

"Right now?" Chris asked

"Well yes" Jeff said nodding and he continued to walk

Back in Mr. McMahon's office"Well I'm glad you're back in the WWE family" Vince said as Amy finished signing all her paperwork

"Me too" Amy said

"Now we have some other things we need to talk about" Mr. McMahon said

Amy nodded

"You have a few choices about your comeback" Vince said

"Okay" Amy said, nodding again

"We want to start you back with someone" Vince said

"Start me back with someone?" Amy asked

"You will be paired off with a male superstar" Vince said "And that relationship could turn to something of a romantic story line as we go, but that will all depend on how much chemistry you have on camera with the superstar you choose"

"So I have to choose someone who I may become romantically involved with in the story lines?" Amy asked, kind of awkwardly

"Yes but most superstars just started a story line and aren't available to this" Vince said

"However we have two superstars that we would prefer you choose"

"Who are they?" Amy asked, at this point she was beginning to get extremely nervous

"So you have a choice, one on each show" Vince said

"Okay" Amy said nodding, hoping Vince wouldn't drag this out any longer than he already had

"The one on Smackdown is Edge" Vince said "Now we know that it did work in the past and we don't mind if you return back as a face or a heel. A Face would be better in my opinion but that is up to you. The one on ECW is John Morrison, we think its fresh and it could work and the last one, on Raw is Jeff Hardy. You've known Jeff for a long time and this would probably be the strongest link to a romantic relationship as we wanted that in the past."

"So if I choose Jeff then I am more than likely to be put into a romantic story line?" Amy asked

Vince nodded

"You don't have to decide now" Vince said "You can think about it for a couple of hours then come back after the show"

"No, no I know which one I'm going to pick" Amy said "I'm going to pick Jeff"

"Are you sure?" Vince asked "Because once it is locked away we can't change it"

Amy nodded and said "I want to choose Jeff. If I have to be in a romantic relationship with someone I would rather it be him"

"What's different about now then it was years ago?" Vince asked

"Our situations have changed" Amy said "And besides, you said preferred me back as a face and that's what I would be if I go back with Jeff"

"Excellent" Vince said smiling "So we will call Jeff and you back in here after the show so we can discuss this with him. You two will be feuding with Jillian Hall and Mr. Kennedy, Jillian will interfere in their match one week and you will come down and sort her out. That'll be the night you return"

"And when exactly will that be?" Amy asked

"In 2 weeks" Vince said

Amy nodded

"I'll call you back in at the end of the show but you're free to go do whatever you want"

Vince said

"Thanks Mr. McMahon" Amy said appreciatively and she stood and walked out
Amy stopped at the door and let out a deep breath and smiled, she was back, not just in the WWE but she was back with Jeff, with her family.

Jeff walked up the ramp holding the back of his head and he turned back to the crowd one last time and then he walked backstage

"Good match" Hunter said and Jeff nodded in thanks and continued to walk backstage

He was scanning for a familiar face, one face in particularly. He knew he had to see Mr. McMahon with her, but he wondered why

"Hey Skittles!" He heard

Jeff spun around to see Amy

"Hey red" Jeff said with a smile

"Great match" Amy said 
"Thanks Ames, it was alright" Jeff said

"So are you going to Vince's now?" Amy asked

"Well I suppose we have to don't we" Jeff said

"Do you want to get ice first?" Amy asked stopping

"No, no I'm fine" Jeff said and he put his arm around her shoulders so she would continue walking "What's this even about?"

"I think it will be best if Vince says it" Amy said

Jeff nodded

"So how does it feel being back?" Jeff asked

"I love it" Amy said with a smile

"Good, I'm glad you do" Jeff said "How are people treating you?"

"Fine" Amy said slightly nodding "People's reactions are all different"

"Mine was the best though wasn't it?" Jeff asked smiling

"I'm not so sure" Amy said "I mean I got a pretty interesting one from Chris"

"What did he say?" Jeff asked "Just so I know what my competition is"

"Sure Jeff" Amy said sarcastically "But he jumped around a corner scaring the hell out of me saying welcome back"

"Why didn't I think about that" Jeff said to himself and Amy playfully hit him on the arm

"I'm glad you didn't do that" Amy said "I don't know how many times my heart can cope with a shock like that"

Jeff smiled warmly as they reached Mr. McMahon's door and Jeff knocked on the door

The door opened and it was Mr. McMahon smiling at the pair

"Come in" He said

Jeff took his arm away from Amy and held open the door for her

"Thanks" She said quietly as she walked in and Jeff gave a simple nod to her

They both sat down on the couch across from Mr. McMahon who looked rather happy, even for himself

"Great match Jeff" Vince said

"Oh thanks" Jeff said with a nod

"So you are probably wondering why you are here" Vince said

"I am" Jeff said

"Well Amy is returning as you probably know" Vince said

"I do" Jeff replied and he softly nudged Amy who quietly laughed

"She signed her contract before but i pitched her the idea for returning and she had to choose while superstar she had to be paired with, which would effectively decide where she is situated from now on" Vince said and Jeff simply nodded "She had a choice of Edge, John Morrison and you"

Jeff smiled but continued nodding

"She chose to be paired with you" Vince said "As you may have guessed"

"Good choice" Jeff said to Amy

"Now there is sort of a catch" Vince said

"What sort of catch?" Jeff asked leaning forward

"Because she chose you and you are a face, we are hoping to work a romantic story line between you two" Vince said

"I see" Jeff said, looking like everything running through his mind

"Now I'm glad that she chose you because we wanted this story line to happen before and you two seem to have good chemistry so I just wanted to know what you think" Vince said

Jeff leaned back on the couch again and he looked at Amy who was looking at him and they looked as if they were trying to communicate together

"You guys can talk freely about it" Vince said "I mean you have time to think about this, but I need an answer by tomorrow if you are willing to do this"

"I think we should take that time" Jeff said still looking at Amy

"Okay" Amy said nodding

Jeff looked back at Vince

"We'll have an answer by tomorrow" Jeff said

"You're free to go" Vince said

Jeff and Amy stood and Jeff was first to walk out then he held the door for her again

"So I hope you're not mad that I chose you for this" Amy said tugging at the hem of her shirt awkwardly

"No, not at all" Jeff said and Amy looked up at him surprised "I'm actually flattered that you chose me. I mean I had some stiff competition there"

A smile tugged on Amy's lips as he said that

"It will be just like old times, but we can talk about this later yes?" Jeff asked

"Well we are going out soon" Amy said nodding "Are you hungry?"

"A little, you want to go grab a bite to eat after I clean up?" Jeff asked

Amy nodded

"Okay so I will come and find you" Jeff said

"Alright" Amy said and Jeff hurried off to have a shower

Half an hour later Jeff returned, changed, showered and ready to go. Amy was patiently waiting near the hall where his locker room was and she stood when he came out
"Took your time" Amy said

"Yes well I'm worth it" Jeff said cheekily

"You're lucky you're right" Amy said

"So we all ready?" Jeff asked and Amy nodded

They went to the car park and Jeff drove them to a local diner and got some food there and sat outside the restaurant on a bench

"This is good" Jeff said eating his food

"This just reminds me of the old days" Amy said

"And the new days" Jeff said "We are going to have so much fun"

"Speaking of the future" Amy said turning to Jeff "What do you think?"

"Well the shirt brings out your eyes" Jeff began and Amy laughed

"What are you going on about?" Amy asked, while laughing

"Well I thought you asked what I thought and by that I thought you asked how i thought of your clothes, now I'm not a fashion expert but I will give my opinion when it is asked" Jeff said with a smirk, trying to himself understand what he said

"You know what I meant" Amy said and the smile faded "Seriously though"

"Seriously?" Jeff asked and Amy just nodded "Well there is a lot to consider. I mean things have changed since the last time this was presented to us, but we also have to consider will this make things weird between us and other people?"

"Other people?" Amy asked

"Well I mean, when Matt finds out" Jeff began to say

"Can we please just leave him out of this one?" Amy interrupted

"Okay as much as I want too, you have a past" Jeff said

"It's not like we will be together in real life" Amy said "Unfortunately" she thought

"I know but it is still a big deal" Jeff said

"Well I don't want Matt's opinion, I want yours" Amy said

"My opinion is that you have changed, I have changed, our situations have changed, our careers have changed from what they all were before" Jeff said

"And?" Amy asked

"I say what the hell, let's do it" Jeff said "well not it but the story line"

Amy laughed

"I gathered that Jeff" Amy said

"Well I was just making sure" Jeff said "Everyone is so politically correct these days"

"So you want to go ahead with this?" Amy asked "I just want to make sure"

"Yeah, it's fine" Jeff said waving her concerns off "Besides, last time we refused this we were taken off T.V for months"

Amy nodded

"We just have to promise that this won't make things awkward between us" Amy said "I don't want to ruin our relationship"

"I don't think that's possible" Jeff said

"Oh I beg to differ Jeffery" Amy replied

"Nope, after all we've been through, I've come to a conclusion that we are not able to be ruined" Jeff said

"Okay now you are just jinxing us" Amy said

"Nope" Jeff said and he took another bite of his food "So how has everything been anyways, how's the mother and the house and the pets. How's Atlanta?"

"Okay I have to remember that order. She's fine, the house is fine, they are fine and Atlanta is fine, although I do miss North Carolina" Amy said

"Of course you do" Jeff said nodding

Amy laughed

"I've missed you being stupid 24/7 as well" Amy said "I forgot how much fun we used to have"

"Well I plan on making up on those 5 years" Jeff said

"How?" Amy asked

"That plan is still on the drawing board but once i figure it out" Jeff said "I shall let you know"

"And since when do you ask so many questions?" Amy asked

"Since I hadn't really talked to you for five years" Jeff replied

"Touché" Amy said

"But I'm looking forward to being able to spend time with you again" Jeff said and he cleared his throat "Although I have become much more mature"

"It shows" Amy said rolling her eyes

"So are you traveling with us from now on or are you going home then in 2 weeks come back and be ready to go?" Jeff asked

"There wouldn't be much point in me not traveling because we need to know what is going to happen with everything" Amy said

"I guess so" Jeff said "Well at least I have someone to room with now"

"What makes you think I'm going to room with you?" Amy asked playfully

"Of course you do" Jeff said "Everyone does"
Amy laughed at the younger man, even though he was still his old self, she could tell parts of him had changed, matured.

"Who are we going to feud with anyway?" Jeff asked "I probably should have asked that already"

"Mr. Kennedy and Jillian" Amy said

"Oh good, its fun working with them" Jeff said "When he isn't beating the crap out of you"

Amy laughed

"So does Adam know you are back?" Jeff asked

"I knew that question was going to come up" Amy said and she sighed

"I'm just curious" Jeff said shrugging "If you don't want to answer it then that's fine"

"No, it's alright" Amy said "He didn't know he was coming back, no one did"

Jeff nodded

"Well I'm glad I came early today then so I could see you" Jeff said proudly

"I was surprised that anyone was there" Amy said honestly

"Well I always get there early" Jeff said "Always"

"Every single time?" Amy asked "Because i remember when you would sometimes not even show up"

"Yeah well I've realized that I'm living my dream and that was just throwing it away" Jeff said "See I have matured"

"You have" Amy said nodding

They finished their dinner and got back in the car and Jeff was driving back to the hotel

"Okay, serious question here" Jeff said as he turned a corner "Are you staying at the same hotel as us?"

"Yeah, Vince gave me a room key" Amy said

"Which room are you in?" Jeff asked

"Er 214" Amy said and she reached for her bag "I think it said that"

"I wonder if that is anyone's room" Jeff said "Maybe he's trying to set you up with someone"

"Oh I think he's already trying" Amy said, referring to Jeff and their new angle "yeah room 214"

"Well that works out wonderfully" Jeff said with a goofy smile "I'm in room 216"

"Wow he so planned that" Amy said putting her key away

"He did indeed" Jeff said nodding "Cunning man that Vince is"

"I wonder who is in 215" Amy said, thinking aloud

"Well I haven't seen anyone go or come out for the time i was there so I'm guessing no one" Jeff said "But maybe they will come later or something"

Amy nodded

"I wonder how Matt is going to react with me being back" Amy said

"Oh so now we can talk about my brother?" Jeff asked raising his eyebrow

"Yes, when I say it's okay to talk about him then it is okay" Amy said with a smirk

Jeff saluted her as they stopped at a red light

"2 Hands on the wheel thanks Jeffery!" Amy said

"I'm sure Matt will be fine with you being back" Jeff said "I mean you two put it all behind you right?"

"Right, but that still doesn't change the fact that I haven't spoken to him for a few years" Amy said

"Well you didn't speak to me for a few years and I'm fine with you" Jeff said shrugging

"Ouch" Amy said

"I didn't mean anything by that" Jeff said "But it's true"

Amy nodded

"But I was always there" Jeff said "If you had called me up one day and said you needed to talk to me or something, I would have been there, no questions asked"

"You would have?" Amy asked

"Of course" Jeff said as the light turned green and they started moving again "Once a friend, always a friend. Besides i couldn't really deny my best friend now could I"

"You could have" Amy replied honestly "If I were in your shoes I probably would have taken a lot more to take back the other person like you were before"

"But I don't want to deny you my friendship" Jeff said "That doesn't make either of us happy so I say why bother being hostile when you can be happy"

Amy smiled

"This new angle is really going to take us for a ride isn't it?" Jeff asked

"It is, but it will be interesting to see how people take it" Amy said
Jeff nodded

"That's true" Jeff said "I guess we will find out then when it happens"

"But I suppose we can't really be bothered by what other people have to say" Amy said

"I mean it's us in this position and not them"

"That's true" Jeff said nodding

"That's how you replied to what i said last time too" Amy said smiling

"I run out of original things to say very easily these days" Jeff said jokingly "But honestly it is true that we can't really be bothered by other people"

"Because you realize that many people are going to be against this" Amy said

"I know" Jeff said nodding

They pulled up to the hotel and Jeff parked and got their stuff out

"What the hell is in here?" Jeff asked "A dead body?"

"Two actually" Amy said "I'll take my bag"

"I would think so" Jeff said "If I did carry it I should charge you for it"

"You can't charge me for you being a gentleman" Amy said trying to pick up her bag

"Okay I know how you feel now"

"The key is to drag" Jeff said he and he grabbed the handle of her bag and began to drag it across the ground

"Jeff that is a good bag!" Amy exclaimed trying to pick up the end of it

"Well you should have considered that before you killed two people and put them in this bag" Jeff said as a man walked out to the car park and he looked suspiciously at them

"That was a can look if you want"

"Shouldn't you ask me if you can show a stranger the contents of my bag?" Amy asked with her hands on her hips

Jeff looked at the man who was already at his car

"You scared him off" Jeff said

"Good" Amy said "You were about to show him my bag"

"So you don't mind that you just scared him off?" Jeff asked

Amy shook her head

"Ah so that is why you remain single" Jeff said with a cheeky grin

Amy frowned and hit Jeff in the stomach

"I don't ever remember you so abusive" Jeff said

"Well I don't ever remember so deserving of the abuse so much" Amy said

Jeff laughed and they went up to the reception to check in, once they did that they went to the elevator

"So which floor are we on?" Amy asked

"3?" Jeff asked "I wasn't really listening"

Amy rolled her eyes and she looked at her room key

"4th" Amy said

"Good thing you're here" Jeff said

"Oh I know" Amy said "I mean seriously how did you get on without me?"

"I have no idea" Jeff said smiling

"You're such a dork" Amy said

"Yes I try my hardest" Jeff said nodding as they reached the 4th floor

"Okay so I think the room is this way" Jeff said pointing to his right as they got out of the elevator

"It's the other way" Amy said

"Well you go that way and I'll go this way and see who is right" Jeff said

"Are you sure about that?" Amy asked

"Yes" Jeff said simply as Amy tried to move her bag because it seemed to be stuck by the door of the elevator. He let go of his bags and went to her and helped her move her bag and he pulled the handle up for the bag so she could wheel it

"That should make it a lot easier" Jeff said

"Thanks" Amy said "I didn't even realize I had a handle"

"I wanted to see how long it took before you realized" Jeff said with a grin and he walked to his bags and he walked the other way

Amy laughed and she went the left and she found their rooms.

She opened her door and went into her room and sat on her bed and sighed, she was back.

She heard Jeff curse and she walked to the door and opened it

"Okay I was wrong" Jeff said as he saw Amy out the door

"Well I know that" Amy said "But that's alright"

"Nice room?" Jeff asked opening his door

"Sure is" Amy said and Jeff walked in his room and Amy walked out of her room and into Jeff's before his door closed

"You have a better view" Amy said walking in his room

"Of course" Jeff said

"So I can't believe I'm actually back" Amy said excitedly

"I'm glad you are" Jeff said honestly "I feel more comfortable around you than anyone else on the roster...well besides my brother"

"So are we going to go all team xtreme again?" Amy asked

Jeff shrugged

"I guess we will have to talk to Vince but I'm guessing so" Jeff said "It worked well the first time, I say why not"

"I hope we do" Amy said "Those days were fun"

Jeff nodded

"Want to go check out the rest of the hotel?" Amy asked

"No" Jeff said simply as he collapsed on his bed

"And why not?" Amy asked walking to his bed and sitting on the edge of it

"Because I'm tired and sore" Jeff said simply

"And?" Amy asked "that's never stopped you before"

"Yes but other times I actually wanted to go do something" Jeff groaned

"Well what can we do?" Amy asked

"Sleep?" Jeff asked

"No that's no fun" Amy said slightly laughing

"Okay can we do something that involves not having to leave the room?" Jeff asked and he sat up quickly "And by that I didn't mean what you think I meant"

"What did you think I thought when you said that?" Amy asked raising an eyebrow

"What you thought that I thought which I actually didn't think at all" Jeff said and he paused

"You're confusing me" Amy said

"I'm confusing myself too" Jeff said

"Well maybe we can watch a movie or something?" Amy asked

"Like?" Jeff asked

"I don't know, whatever is on" Amy said

"Alright, I'm going to propose something and you should think about it because I think it's a very good idea" Jeff said

"No Jeff I won't marry you" Amy said laughing "I mean we haven't even had a first date, what kind of a girl do you think I am"

"Well at least you find yourself funny" Jeff said sarcastically "Anyway, if you let me sleep for, I don't know maybe an hour, I will do whatever you want"
"Like go look around the hotel?" Amy asked

Jeff nodded

"Okay you have yourself a deal mister" Amy said

"Good" Jeff said and he lay back down "Show yourself out"

Amy laughed and she got up and she walked out of his room and into her own.

She heard a door open and she smirked and walked to her door

"I thought you said you were tired" Amy said as she opened her door but her smile quickly faded when she didn't see Jeff but she saw who had the room between Jeff and herself.

"Amy?" Adam asked

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