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Jeff raised his eyebrow, Matt looked quite calm for a change around her and she smiled. Jeff's heart dropped, he remembered why he couldn't be with her, the reason was Matt. He was sure she would always be in love with his brother and not him. Matt saw Jeff and he signaled for him to come over to them, Jeff just looked at them and then he turned around and he walked out of the hotel.

"Jeff" Amy said coming out after him

"You and Matt friends again?" Jeff asked as he continued walking

"Well Matt was actually surprisingly nice" Amy said "Which was weird"

"It was even weirder to see you guys talking" Jeff said

"I know" Amy said nodding "Are you okay though? I mean you wouldn't come over"

"I didn't want to be a part of the little reunion" Jeff said, the tone of his voice was rather bitter and he turned to face Amy "So you go talk to Matt and

whatever and I'll see you later"

"Jeff what's going on?" Amy asked "I'm pretty sure you're the one who wanted us to be friends again"

"Ames I don't know what I want anymore" Jeff said shaking his head "And you're the one who wanted a day apart so go do your own thing, cause I'm gonna do mine"

Jeff turned around and he began walking away

"Jeff!" Amy exclaimed "Don't walk away from me!"

Jeff just walked down the street and around the corner of the block. Amy sighed frustrated that they weren't communicating

She decided she would go back into the hotel and Matt walked over to her

"Is he okay?" Matt asked

"No" Amy said and she continued walking to her room

That night

Amy was lying on Jeff's bed watching a movie when the door opened and Jeff walked in

"Where have you been?" Amy asked sitting up

"Just out" Jeff said shrugging "Why are you on my bed?"
"Because I missed you today" Amy said "And I hate not talking to you"

"But Amy" Jeff began "You're the one who wanted to spend the day apart"

"I thought that was what you wanted" Amy said "You were being so quiet and I would even say a little cold towards me and I thought you just wanted some time to yourself"

"I came to see you and you were happily talking to my brother, that was a little weird for me to see" Jeff said "After all the fighting, all of a sudden you are friends again? I mean what is that?"

"You wanted us to be friends again" Amy said "I don't understand where all this is coming from"

"Look at some point after we kissed we just stopped communicating, and I don't know why" Jeff said "Maybe I should just ring up and tell Vince that I'm not comfortable doing this anymore"

"You realize if you do then you will be in a lot of trouble" Amy said

Jeff shrugged

"I'm not going to let you do that" Amy said

"Well you have Matt again now" Jeff said shrugging "I guess you can go off and start again with him"

"Is that the reason why you walked out?" Amy asked and Jeff stayed silent

"Because you think that I want to start again with him?"

"Well you can go ahead and get back with him or whatever" Jeff said "But I'm not going to stay and watch"

Jeff went to walk out the door

"Jeff stop" Amy said

Jeff continued to the door

"Seriously, please stop" Amy said

Jeff turned around and he sighed

"You think I want to get back with him?" Amy asked

"Well do you?" Jeff asked

"No" Amy said firmly "There is too much that happened for us to be together again"

"Do you still love him?" Jeff asked "Is there any part of you that still loves him?"

"Honestly Jeff, no" Amy said

Jeff stayed silent

"Can I just tell you something?" Amy asked "And this is taking a lot for me to say this, so please just hear me out"

"Okay" Jeff said and he went and sat on Amy's bed

"Jeff I don't know if you noticed, but that kiss that we had, I really liked it" Amy said

"You did?" Jeff asked raising his eyebrow

"Yes" Amy said nodding "And I wasn't sure how to act around you after it happened, our communication just seemed to fail"

"Ames" Jeff began

"Please just let me finish" Amy said

Jeff nodded

"And I finally made up my mind, because I've been sending signals to you for years, testing out the water and seeing how you felt about me" Amy said "And

I finally decided that I would throw everything I had into this and just let myself like you, but I need to know how you feel"

"Amy I don't know what to say to you" Jeff said

"Well can you at least try?" Amy asked "Because I'm putting everything out on the line here, the least you could do is give me a little back"

"I didn't know that you felt that way" Jeff said and he slightly smiled "Personally I think it's awesome"

Amy smiled and looked down

"But I mean, that being said, you belong to my brother" Jeff said shaking his head "And you always will"

"Jeff I belonged to him, I don't know, I'm my own person" Amy said "And I'll let you in on a little secret, You were the Hardy that caught my eye, you just wouldn't make a move and Matt did so I thought maybe I could have your brother instead of you and feel the exact same way, but I learnt the hard way that I didn't feel the same way about him"

Jeff just looked at Amy

"And I tried so hard to tell myself that I was so in love with Matt the whole time and that I belonged to him, but deep down I knew how it was going to end because he just wasn't you Jeff" Amy said "And that's the problem, I don't want anyone but you, but I don't know if you want me because you don't show it and you wont make a move"

"Amy, I like you, I do" Jeff said reassuring her "I didn't know you wanted me to make a move, I was going to today, but then I saw you talking with Matt and it just made me remember the history you had and what I'd been through seeing you together"

"Okay you can't just say that and stop" Amy said

"I suppose not" Jeff said

Jeff flopped back on her bed and she went and lay next to him, they both were looking up at the ceiling

"I…I left because I needed time by myself to think things through" Jeff said "I mean I left the company"

"Go on" Amy said

"I wasn't in love with the business anymore and I didn't see the point in staying, but there was another reason. Ames when I saw you with Matt when you guys were first together, it hurt me, it really did. I wanted to be with you so bad, but when I saw it wasn't going to happen, I forced myself to suck it up and I forgot those feelings, that is until you came back, then so did everything I felt for you" Jeff said

"You realize how much easier it would have been if we talked through this a while ago" Amy said

"I really think that if we didn't have that kiss, it would have taken us much longer to say all of this" Jeff said honestly

Amy simply nodded

"It feels good" Jeff said

"What does?" Amy asked

"Years of weight is off my chest" Jeff said "And I don't regret telling you that"

"Good" Amy said nodding

"And I know I'm not the same person as I used to be a few years ago but the feelings I have are exactly the same, if not stronger" Jeff said

Amy smiled

"So where do we go from here?" Amy asked

"Where do you want to go?" Jeff asked

"I want us to work" Amy said and she turned her head and looked at Jeff

"Then I guess that requires me to ask you out on our first date then" Jeff said

"I guess it does" Amy said nodding

"So do you maybe want to go out to dinner tomorrow night?" Jeff asked

"That would be nice" Amy said

Jeff grinned and he looked back at the ceiling

"Where did you go by the way?" Amy asked

"I was just walking around" Jeff said

"The whole day?" Amy asked

Jeff nodded

"And here I was being worried about you" Amy said shaking her head

Jeff smiled and he took her hand shyly and they interlaced their fingers

"So are you going home after tomorrow night?" Amy asked

"Well we have a few appearances but I think I want to go home for at least a day" Jeff said and Amy nodded

"Are you going to come back with me anytime soon again?" Amy asked

"I would love to go home with you again, it was heaps of fun" Jeff said

"It was" Jeff said

"Have you eaten?" Amy asked

"No, I was just literally walking around" Jeff said

"Is that what you were honestly doing?" Amy asked

"What else would I have been doing?" Jeff asked "Trying to pick up a woman for a date?"

Amy laughed and she paused

"You weren't were you" Amy said jokingly

Jeff shook his head and she smiled

"But to answer your question, no I haven't eaten" Jeff said

"Good" Amy said sitting up "Either have I"

"Awesome?" Jeff said looking at her weirdly then sitting up

"Jeff this is the part where you ask me if I want to go out to dinner" Amy said

"Like a date, except our date is tomorrow night" Jeff said

"We can have a date tomorrow as well" Amy said "We need to get to know each other"

"Ames, we already know each other" Jeff said

"As a couple" Amy replied

"Oh, right" Jeff said nodding "So where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere" Amy said "How about we go for a walk and see what we can find"

"I like how you think" Jeff said and Amy smiled

Amy let go of Jeff's hand and kissed him on the cheek, Jeff grinned and he stood

"I'm gonna go get changed" Jeff said

"Okay, I'll just stay here" Amy said

Jeff smiled and went to his bag when Amy's phone began to ring

Amy rolled over to the bedside table and grabbed her phone

"Hello" Amy said not looking at caller I.D

"Hey Ames" Trish said said

"Trish! Hey!" Amy replied "How are you?"

"Good thanks" Trish said "You?"

"Great" Amy said and she looked at Jeff "Better than great"

"That's good" Trish said "So how's Jeff?"

"He's good" Amy said nodding

"So you guys are talking again?" Trish asked

"Well we were never not talking, but we are talking like we used too before it all happened" Amy said

"So you sorted it out?" Trish asked

"Yeah" Amy said and she paused "Wait, how did you know about this?"

"Jeff called me" Trish said "He was really stressed"

"Oh" Amy said quietly

"So did you guys sort anything out?" Trish asked

"Yeah, we're together now" Amy said

"Really?!" Trish exclaimed

"Yeah" Amy said with a grin

"Well how?!" Trish asked

"Calm down" Amy said laughing "He just told me and it just kind of happened I guess"

"Oh I'm so excited!" Trish said

"To be honest so am I" Amy said

"So did he let the cat out the bag and tell you that he really liked the kiss you guys had?" Trish asked

"I don't think he did" Amy said "Everything was a blur because my heart was beating so fast and I felt like I was going to pass out"

"And plus he's probably too shy at this point to say anything" Trish said

"Yeah" Amy said nodding and Jeff came back out

"Who is it?" Jeff asked

"Trish" Amy replied and Jeff nodded

Amy said goodbye to Trish and she put her phone in her pocket then stood up and went to Jeff and hugged him. Amy could feel his smile as he rested his head on her shoulder and sighed

"What are you sighing about?" Amy asked

"Oh, It's a happy sigh" Jeff said "A very happy sigh"

"Come on" Amy said and she let go of Jeff and tugged him out of the door

They were walking down the street and Jeff took Amy's hand, she smiled and squeezed his hand gently

"So where do you want to go?" Jeff asked

"Well all of these places are good" Amy said

"You just don't want to answer do you?" Jeff asked

"Of course I do" Amy said nodding "But we both know that we aren't the best decision makers"

"True" Jeff replied

They soon found a place for dinner then went to a place for ice cream. They were walking along the street eating their ice cream and they saw Beth and Jillian approaching

"Jillian and Beth" Jeff said seeing them coming towards them

Amy groaned

"Why are you groaning?" Jeff asked raising his eyebrow "You're their friend"

"Yeah I am" Amy said "But they will be all 'I told you so' about us"

"Yeah they were pushing an answer out of me as to whether I liked you or not" Jeff said

"They talked to you about it?!" Amy asked

Jeff nodded as Beth smiled when she saw them

"Hey guys!" Beth said "What are you kids doing out here?"

"Eating ice cream" Jeff said eating

"We can see that" Jillian said "So everything is okay then?"

"You told them?" Jeff asked

"Of course I did" Amy said nodding

"So is this a date?" Beth asked jokingly

"Actually yeah" Jeff said nodding

"What?" Jillian asked with a blank face

"Jeff and I…well we're together" Amy said

Jillian and Beth smiled brightly

"Well our mission is complete" Jillian said

"In record time too" Beth said and Jillian nodded

"Mission?" Jeff asked

"Record time?" Amy asked

"Okay I'm pretty sure you guys both knew we were trying to get you together" Beth said

"Well that's true" Amy said

"This is so exciting!" Jillian said and Beth smiled "When did this happen?"

"Earlier" Jeff said "We just talked it all out"

"Oh wow, who would have guessed that communicating would solve a problem" Jillian said sarcastically

Beth nudged her but laughed

"And I don't want to be that person" Beth said "But, we totally told you so"

"I was waiting for that" Amy said "And you did though"

"We know, well we will let you go but we expect details tomorrow Ames" Jillian said

"I think you are meant to say that part quietly" Amy said and she smiled

"No, I don't care if Jeff hears" Jillian said shrugging "He knows I would ask anyway"

"That is true" Jeff said nodding

Beth grabbed Jillian by the arm and tugged her away and Amy was laughing.

She turned back to Jeff who was smiling at her

"What are you smiling at?" Amy asked

"Just you" Jeff replied

Amy blushed and Jeff laughed and put an arm around her waist and kissed her on the top of the head

"When are you and Ken going to work out the match for no way out?" Amy asked

"Well when are you and Jillian going to work out your match?" Jeff asked raising his eyebrow

"I asked first" Amy said "But before Raw we are going to talk about it"

"Well then so will I" Jeff replied mocking her

They decided to call it a night and walk back to the hotel, as they were walking in, they saw Adam walking out

"Oh" Amy said quietly as she saw Adam

"Ames!" Adam called out rushing to her

"Adam" Amy said with a polite smile

"What is going on with you and sprinkles here?" Adam asked

"That isn't even a nickname of mine" Jeff said raising an eyebrow and he began jokingly "Although maybe it should be"

"Why the hell are you with him?!" Adam asked

"Adam the time where I would have answered your really personal questions have passed, you have no right to ask me that" Amy said "And besides, Jeff and I realized that we were meant to be together"

"Amy no, we are meant to be together" Adam said

"Adam, you know at one point I did" Amy said "But that time as passed, and it passed a while ago"

Adam gave Jeff a glare and then he walked away

"Okay I think he is going to kill me in my sleep" Jeff said nodding

Amy looked at Jeff and laughed

"Well did you see the look he gave me?" Jeff asked

"Yeah but I don't think he will kill you" Amy said

"Can you read minds?" Jeff asked

"No" Amy said

"Well then you don't know he won't" Jeff said

Amy just laughed at him

"Come on" Amy said and she grabbed his hand and tugged him inside

"But seriously, he looked real mad" Jeff said

"And since when have you been scared of him?" Amy asked

"Since he just had that psychopathic look in his eyes" Jeff said

"Jeff, you'll be fine" Amy assured him

Jeff nodded and they walked back up to their room

They got changed and ready for bed and Amy went to bed first while Jeff watched a little T.V and then he decided he would go to bed as well.

He went to bed and he turned off Amy's lamp as she had fallen asleep with it on and he got into his bed and sighed in content

"Night Ames" Jeff said quietly and then he turned off his light and fell asleep

The next day Jeff woke up with a smile on his face and he rolled over and he saw Amy looking at him

"You realize if I was not here, you would have wasted a lot of electricity" Jeff said jokingly "Not a very good Environmentalist Amy"

"What are you so happy about?" Amy asked back with a grin

"Well I have a hot date tonight" Jeff said "Yep although I don't know where we are going yet, I need to figure that out"

"Well you would hope so" Amy said "Because I have a date tonight too and if we show up at the same place that may be a little embarrassing"

Jeff laughed

"You really have been around me for way too long" Jeff said

"Well I hope I can be around you for a lot longer" Amy said

"I hope you are as well" Jeff said "Infact I know you will be"

"Can I ask you a serious question though?" Amy asked

"Of course" Jeff replied

"What are you going to tell Matt when you tell him about us?" Amy asked

"I'm going to be honest and tell him that I've liked you for a while and that we really want to be together" Jeff said

"He is going to hate that" Amy said

"Then that is his fault because that is the truth" Jeff said simply and he sat up

"I think I'm going to go have a shower, did you want to go somewhere for breakfast?"

"Yeah if you want too" Amy replied

"Alright well I'll have a shower so you can soon and then we will go" Jeff said

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